DIY gold foil moleskines

I can’t get enough lilac, lavender, violet, purple or gold these days. Am I alone? Is everyone else on the emerald train? Am I alone over here in purple valley?

I’ve been considering doing a gold foil craft for many months. I first saw The Nester do a project with gold foil and I thought, “cool!”, but I didn’t want to do plates so I wrote it off. And then it hit me. 

“Can I gold foil a journal? And not just any journal, a Moleskine journal?”

So I tried it. And it went “medium well”, like a perfect steak

Before you begin this craft, read the next paragraph.

Gold foil is lighter than air. If you even so much as breathe around it, it will fly everywhere. It’s delicate and thin. So, if you are heavy handed, impatient, detail oriented, or high strung, this is not the craft for you. If you don’t mind a little “creative detailing” aka mistakes, or messing with gold flecks while you craft, go ahead and try it.

I bought this kit at Michaels, along with adhesive and an aerosol sealing spray (cannot find online, ask at Michaels or a craft store near you).

First, prep your journals with the adhesive. Follow instructions on jar. 

Next, “pick up” the foil by pressing a piece of wax paper against in, and then place on the journal.

Use a soft brush to smooth the gold onto the journal. 
Once the gold is adheared, use the brush to smooth away the extra foil on the edges. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s okay.

Finish with a sealer, and enjoy your new journals! 


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    I have been loving purples lately too! I really haven’t been that in to the emerald, and haven’t found much that I like in the color. I don’t really see any…it’s mostly mint. Anyway, never really been a purple fan until this Spring!

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    I liked these on Twitter & Instagram, so it was only necessary I come over and see them live and in living color on the blog! As always Kate, LOVE IT!

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    You’re not alone! I’m on the lavender/lilac/pastel pinks train like nobody’s business! I don’t have one single thing in emerald this season. Hey, we like what we like!

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    I am also obcessed with lilac, lavender, purple….I have even been trying to convince my husband to let me add a little lavender to our navy and white bedroom. He’s almost on board. :)

    Thanks for the info on the gold foil. I tend to have perfectionist tendancies and it would likely make me crazy, but your journals look great.

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    I am totally not on the emerald train! I love purple! This is such a cute idea! I’ve used the gold foil on my nails before– it’s so fun, but same issues with the mistakes ha.

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    I might try this on another journal, but not a moleskine. The perfection that is moleskine lies in it’s simplicity. Now that they have become “big”, I find it difficult to even find the original little black book. Somehow, I can’t see Hemingway writing in a pink one, and it makes me sad.

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    Well, while I know they are very popular colors, they do not attract me I am afraid – I think our two daughters have done their fair share for our family in upholding the use of pink,lilac,purple color.

    But hey, I can still appreciate the delicateness and charm of what has been created!

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    Kudos for giving this a try! My husband is a custom furniture maker, usually for churches. One day I watched him gold leaf part of a statue using this method, and I was amazed to see how much patience and talent he had for it! (Of course, since it was for work, his had to be perfect, so it took a few days.) Sooooo since he’s already got this down, I’ll just buy the journal and sweet-talk him into doing the gold leaf part 😉

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