a local cat masquerade ball

If you live in the area, love cats, and want to attend a Masquerade ball, I’ve got just the event for you! 

The Tuxedo Cat Ball is on Friday, April 19 at North Ridge Country Club.

Saving Lives    ●    Saving Lives    ●    Saving Lives

Here are some of Safe Haven’s accomplishments/goals: 

-Adopting 500 stray cats into great homes.  We only have to adopt 133 more

to reach our goal of 500 in 12 months.

-Sterilizing 800 more cats in the SAFE Care Clinic for a 45% increase saving

an additional 2,400 lives.

-Bringing 51 cats to SAFE Haven from euthanizing shelters, hoarders and

other dangerous situations.

-Vaccinating another 300 cats and dogs for rabies for only $5 each.

-Giving out 3 tons of food to support 70 animals and their families with

free pet food this quarter.

-Providing free spay/neuter to 110 more cats in Zebulon to meet our goal for

410 this year.

There will be an auction with over 125 items! Plus a raffle for an iPad mini!

Would you like to win 2 tickets to attend? All you have to do is leave a comment below! I’ll pick the winners on Monday!

(this event is only in Raleigh, and the prize is only two tickets to the ball)


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    That’s where I had my wedding reception! The food at North Ridge is great & they have a beautiful ballroom! Whoever wins will have a great time :)

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    I am unable to attend so I am not entering the contest… But, I just wanted to say what a great place Safe Haven is! We adopted our kitty from there two months ago, and they are awesome!!! :-)

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    I would love to win these tickets! My mother rescues cats – some of them feral. She doesn’t have much luck adopting them out, but she lives on a farm so she’s got plenty of room for felines! All 3 of the cats at my house were rescues, as well. (:

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    I would LOVE to win these tickets! I would actually give them to my best friend. She started a volunteer project in Edenton, NC her senior year of high school (2007). She received donations from community members so she could trap feral cats and then have them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. She actually won an award from the NC Board of Education for her efforts. She LOVES cats of all shapes and sizes!!

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    My rescue kitty Tai Tai’s 16th birthday was yesterday. This would be a fun way of celebrating it. More kitties should be able to celebrate their 16th birthday!

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    I am close to Raleigh and do what I can to help out the Humane Society of Alamance County – they are such a great group and they are always taking in other animals, even though they are a “cat only” no-kill shelter!

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