what to bring to a blogging conference

Blissdom is rapidly approaching and I’ve started to really think through what I’m going to bring this year. 

Besides your a-game, there are a few other things you’ll want with you at a blog conference. I’ve rounded up a few of what I think are essentials, some things that you may want to consider adding, what’s not necessary to bring, and –of course– beauty essentials! 

1. An extension cord. I think hotels hate wall outlets since there are only about 4 in one room, and usually they are hidden behind the bed. And how are you supposed to curl your hair when you can’t plug your curling iron in? I mean, c’mon!

2. A power strip — to make outlets accessible.

3. A laptop or ipad — for “taking notes” or tweeting, blogging, emailing, searching, pinteresting, instagraming, etc. 

4. A notepad. sometimes it’s easier to write things down.

5. A pen or two.

6. Business cards! (aren’t these beautiful!?)you’ll hand these out to just about everyone you meet. I ordered mine through Minted and absolutely love them. 

7. A bag for carrying your laptop/notepad, biz cards, swag you will acquire throughout the day, and other “purse-type” essentials you want with you. *BetterLifeBags will BE at Blissdom!
1. Last year I brought my DSLR and didn’t even touch it. So, if you are debating between bringing it, or just using your phone, I’d suggest sticking with your phone. It’s easier to manage.

2. Unedited blog posts that you think you are going to finish while you are there. It was difficult to find time to work on my blog, but if you need to, the evening is probably the most likely time you’ll have to blog.

3. Leave your books at home. Roommate chats can run late into the night. 

1. Find a small pouch to stash all the business cards you will gather during the conference.

2. Hand cream will keep your hands in tip top shape during all the meeting and greeting.

3. A few snacks are good to throw in your bag. Typically the food is just fine, but it’s good to have something to grab.

4. I prefer to start fueling up with coffee while I’m getting ready for the day, so bring something you can start in your room. 

5. Consider a small roommate gift, like a candle.

6. Cute notecards are great to have on hand for writing little notes to friends you meet.

7. The more bags to organize your things, the better.
1. While I felt like I got enough sleep at Blissom last year, the nights still ran late. So grab some good under eye concealer for the trip!

2. A flattering shade of lipstick is never a bad idea.

3. Stash some bobby pins in your bag in case of a hair emergency (or just come find me. I’ll help a sister out)

4. A scarf for the chilly conference rooms. (sold out)

5. A variety of hair accessories can save a not so great hair day from potential disaster.

6. I love these hair bands for “crease-less” ponytails. 

Did I miss anything? What are your *essentials* for a blog conference? 


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    Must say if anyone follows this they would be well prepared. You seem to have blogging down just right as you are very good at it! (you even keep this Nana looking for more) Great job Kate!
    God Bless,

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    This is a great list. I’d be a complete newbie at a blogging conference, and I think I would totally underestimate the importance of some of these things and over pack some of the things you suggested not to bring! Thanks for the tips.

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    Thanks for posting this!! Unfortunately, I won’t beat blissdom, but I will be attending BBC in North Carolina in may, so this list will definitely come in handy for my 1st conference! :)

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    I think the power strip is a great idea! When I went to bloggy bootcamp last year everyone was sharing two outlets during the sessions. Great list. Saving for the future if I am ever brave enough to go to another blogging conference.

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    Kate this is just an amazing list!

    Quick question: How do you make these jpg collages? I think you may have mentioned it before, but I’m just curious. <3

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    Great lists!! The power cord is genius even for any trip where you will be staying in a hotel as there is never enough outlets, I can’t believe I never though of it before!
    Maybe someday I will get to go to a blogging conference, they sound like a blast.
    ~ Kimberley

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    Great idea with the extension cord!!

    I attended a conference in 2010-ish and one of the roommates snored SO BAD, it was horrible, I got hardly any sleep that night!

    Now I always bring earphones and my shuffle/iPod!!

    Happy Friday!

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    good list! i always have a notebook. and i agree with you, even though I’m a photographer bringing your DSLR is so hard and iphones are much quicker and instagram is more fun!

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    You are like a blogger of all bloggers! Glad I stumbled upon your blog and now am a new follower :) Never been to a blog conference since I am a new blogger in this blogging world, but can’t wait until I do go to one :)

    Beauty to Sparkle

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    Just warning you: if I see you at Blissdom, I’m totally going to run up and get a picture with you! This will be my first time going so this was a great post. Thanks so much!

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    Thanks so much for this post! It was so extremely helpful! I am planning to go to my first blogger conference in July, I will make sure to revisit this post again. Totally took your advice about the Minted cards and ordered some of my own! They have a great selection.

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    I am going to be heading to my first multi-day conference in September (Type A Conference) and this list is great and definitely mentioned some things that I would not have considered! Awesome post!

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