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I am so excited to finally reveal this huge decal I added to a wall in my office! I considered hanging it above my desk, but I was worried it would be too busy. So, I placed it behind the desk where I make jewelry. 

I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It’s on the wall directly across from the door, so you can see the decal when you are walking in the hallway, and I love that.

Michele, who is also the mastermind behind Diesel + Juice, runs Wallums, an online decal store with her boyfriend Steve. I’ve used four Wallums decals (this one, this one, this one and this one) and they are very easy to apply. My mom helped my hang this one, and she told me she’s had trouble in the past with decals from other stores not sticking as well, OR sticking too well to the backing. She was impressed with the quality of this decal as much as I was.

Each decal comes with application instructions as well as a tool to rub it onto the wall. It’s my favorite way to change up a room, especially since we are renters.

Some of my other favorites are. . .
Caffeine & Pastries

Browse the site here if you are interested!

Have a great weekend!  

*I recieved the decal as a gift, all opinions are mine.


  1. says

    This is so great! I’ve always been hesitant to try wall decals since our whole house has textured plaster walls and I wasn’t sure how well that would go, but if I ever move or decide to try them anyway, I’ll totally be checking out Wallums! That coffee one is adorable too.

  2. says

    So do you have to put each letter or word on individually or is it truly one big piece? I have had one before that we had to do invidually and it was hard to keep it straight.

    • says

      It came in 3 sheets, and each sheet had diamond shapes (about 1×1 inches) to line up to make sure everything was straight.

  3. says

    Totally thought all your pictures were from a magazine until I saw your cat (who matches the room so well btw)! Beautiful! Going to have to get the coffee decal we have the perfect spot in our kitchen and the hubby is a coffee nut!


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  6. Jess Golden says

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  8. DecalsTree says

    Great stuff! I bought a wall decal for nursery from wallums and have to say they’re awesome. But now when I redecor living room and bedroom, I order a few decals from http://www.decalstree.com because their products are low price and free shipping, more importantly the quality also excellent.

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