Triple Topsy Tail Pony Tutorial

 Today’s tutorial is quick, simple, and casual. It’s a fresh way to change up a typical ponytail, without adding to much time or effort!

All you need is a few clear elastics and a bit of hairspray. Optional: texturizing spray/dry shampoo


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    Ahhh! I love it. A lot. Harlow and I just watched it, and now she’s pining for more hair- I know it.

    Also- we called them “waterfalls” growing up- and side pony tails were “a Nicole pony”- of course names after the girl in my sister’s class who ALWAYS wore a side pony.

    I’m kind of thinking those names might not be used very widely…. 😉 but it’s what my kids will know them as!!

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    This is super cute and I so want to try it!!! :) Do the clear elastics come in different sizes? I bought a pack of Conair clear elastics at my local CVS and they are so tight! I can get them in my hair but when I take them out, it pulls alot of hair out with them. So I wasn’t sure if I could buy some looser ones or not??!!

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    This is so cute and looks super easy! I love your tutorials + will definately be trying this out one day this week :)

    Lindsey @

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    I have short hair,but love to watch anyway! p.s. love the earrings in this tutorial..can you tell us where they might be found? thanks!

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    This is so precious! My teenager has naturally thick, wavy hair (lucky girl!) about an inch shorter than yours and loves side pony’s but likes to change it up. I will be doing this to her hair tomorrow, thank you so much for sharing this adorable tutorial!

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    I LOVE this hairstyle. My hair is long, and I have a hard time doing the other tutorials. I just can’t make it do what I want it to. I can totally do this one! I curled my hair yesterday, wearing it down today, and will do this cute side poney tale tomorrow! YEAH!

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    Hi Kate,
    Absolutely love your blog. Another question about the clear elastics; I bought Conair in the largest size available and they always snap after a few hours. I don’t have thick hair at all and only wrap it twice. Do you have a brand that you recommend?

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    that is such a cute way to fix a pony tail! You make it look so easy… sadly I can never get my hair to look quite like yours does in the pictures. You must have a gift for fixing hair or something :)

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    I tried this on Tuesday, with disastrous results! The smaller piggie flips didn’t lay right & my hair lost all texture after I had put the elastics in. It just went all slippery & flat as I was trying to work with it.

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