Favorites Lately (video)

I love watching “monthly favorites” videos on YouTube, so I thought I’d jump on board and make my very first favorites video! These are products I’ve been loving lately from body wash to nail polish.

dress: J. Crew Factory (only $40! final sale)
necklace: Target (old)

 The products I mention in the video are:
1. C. Booth body wash in Pomogranate (in Rosemary Mint)
2. Philosophy body lotion in Mangos and Cream (out of stock)

If you have any questions about my hair style, see this tutorial. An updated “my haircut” w/ description and photos can be found here


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      Yes! I just spoke with my stylist today about trying to find the perfect balance between flat hair and “Texas” hair. I love the new straight style too!

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    Turns out CoverGirl only put the names of the Gloss Balms on the wrapper….. so when you remove the wrapper, you’ve lost the name! So strange that they would do something like that. Great video- love your hair and makeup!

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    Awesome video! I really enjoyed it and I love learning about new products so I would love to see you do this type of video more. :) Your hair looks awesome!!! I wish my hair would look that volumous when straight. And, I also call things flavored instead of scented so I got tickled when you said that! 😉

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    Well, this was really fun!

    Well done covering up the mirror in the blush compact. You are becoming an expert at the video thing! (beyond your awesome hair tutorials – duh) I would be so self-conscious, say ‘um’ all the time, and blink a lot.

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    Hi Kate I love all your favorites!! Especially the nail polishes, I have been looking for your video with all your hair products that you use for styling your hair. Do you have one? If so where can I find it. Thanks!!

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    Hi Kate, I’m a new follower. I, of course, know you from Pinterest. 😉 I follow Raechel Myers’ blog, Finding My Feet, and saw her photos from Blissdom. There you were! And I had no idea that you live in Raleigh. Me too! Sad to see that you don’t take new clients though.

    I love “favorites” videos. I never know what new things I will find that I didn’t know I needed. 😉 Making a trip to Ulta today to pick up Benefit’s Fake Up. I saw it on your list of things you were taking to Blissdom. I’ll pick up a Cover Girl Gloss Balm while I’m there. And take a whiff of C. Booth rosemary mint body wash. I love rosemary mint smell!

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      The makeup forever concealer that you used on your other video is way better than the fake up. Bought fake up recently but returned it because it didn’t provide the coverage I need. I bought the makeup forever after I saw your video and I LOVE it!! Best I have used so far. Thanks for the info :)

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    It would be great to see a nail polish tutorial sometime. Why to use base coats, top coats, etc… I have the worst time keeping polish on my nails for longer than a day so I must be doing something wrong….thanks for all the great tutorials!

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    I have a love/hate relationship with your videos.. I check your blog every morning when I get a break at work but I can’t watch the videos (well I can, but there is no sound) until I get home. UGH!!! I have to wait the entire day now!!! It kills me.

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    I keep buying things you recommend and was just thinkin this morning that I need to take a picture of everything I’ve bought because of you and tweet it to you. You’re a great source!

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    Hey I am getting a hair cut and need a change. I am loving the straight hair (love your blog by the way) and was wondering if your hair is shorter in the back like a swing bob or just layered nicely! Thanks!!

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    I absolutely love your hair! I follow your blog daily and have probably watched every tutorial at least twice. I am in the process of growing out my inverted bob and my ‘goal hair’ is exactly what you are wearing in this video! Thank you for giving me the boost I needed to keep it growing… Am currently in an ugly phase!
    Any suggestions for growing it out through this ugly phase?

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      It’s similar to Sephora, but they carry both drug and department store brands and products with a few variances. For instance, Ulta doesn’t carry Nars, Makeup Forever, or Dr. Jart but has most everything else such as Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Tarte, and TONS of professional hair care brands. Ulta is a great one stop beauty stop overall, and they run great specials.

      Bonus: Their return policy is AWESOME!

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    I too LOVE the Santiago Huckleberry candle! I started buying it a few years ago and now my sis-in-law buys me a giant one every year for Christmas. It is amazing!!! Definitely my favorite candle ever!

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    fellow hair stylist–turned stay at home mom..before i was pregnant/had long hair(past chest length) and dyed dark– curled it everyday no problem. a year and a half ago i went back to my natural blonde.. didnt dare curl it for awhile until it healed but its great now. ive been doing great deep conditions, products, etc. but all of a sudden it wont stay curled! do you have any suggestions? its about your length– i use aquage uplifter and some PM fast form but idk whats going on… any help would be great!

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    Love the straight look…but you look beautiful no matter how it’s styled. :) I wish I could come and get my hair done by you sometime…you should move to Idaho!

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    Fashionably great,my sister would be delighted to watch your video,she has been troubling by her damage hair,she recently buy some hair polish from Sedona stores ,it hadn’t cost too much and was hoping it’ll work on her.

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    Oh Kate – you must do a tutorial on how to achieve your straight but “large” hair style you were sporting when you made the Favorites vlog. I adore your hair and have been learning new techniques from your wonderful instructional tutorials (thank you). I would be immensely grateful. Thanking you in advance.

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    It would be awesome if you could do a tutorial that explains your hair color and style. I love the colors in your hair, your natural color and skin color is very similar to mine. I’m not even sure what to ask for when I go to a salon to get the hair color like you have in the video.

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    Hi Kate! I’m so in love with your blog.. especially your hair tutorials/advice! I have platinum blonde hair that I bleach and tone myself (hairdresser’s worst nightmare, I’m sure). My hair seems to be in fairly good condition, but I struggle with knowing when to use protein and when to use moisture, I live in fear of going overboard on protein – do you have a rule of thumb for how often to use protein on bleached hair? Thank you!

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    Hi Kate,

    Love the blog! I went to pick up the Cover Girl gloss balm in 235 and saw that the color is listed as “Coral Twist.” All of the names had the twist at the end because the product twists up but how funny that you chose the coral one :) Love this product as well.


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    Hey Kate. I want to get a coral nail color but I am torn between opi cajun coral or essie california coral. Since you have tried both, which do you like better? Thank you.

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