to the dentist she goes

I went to the dentist on Monday.

For the first time in 4 years.

Actually, that’s a lie. I haven’t been to the dentist in about 6 years. 

Math is tough for me.

Also, I have that syndrome where when I look back in time, I always think it’s not as far away as it really is. For example, when people talk about the 90’s, I imagine them being only 10 years ago.

However it’s more like 15 years ago (for the mid 90’s).

So when I confessed to you on Facebook that I haven’t been to the dentist in 4 years, I was suffering a minor “can’t do backwards math and I can’t be this old” attack.

Forgive me.

Anyway, I strongly considered lying about my flossing habits (which consist of not flossing) to both the hygenist and the dentist.

I mean, if there are two people who are okay to lie to, it’s them, right? You see them, what, once a year? Or in my case, once a decade?

So as I was lying there, the hygienist is holding my mouth open with the stick-mirror and a machete (or wait, it’s not a massive knife made to slice up your gums?) she asked if I floss.

::let’s enter Kate’s thoughts for a minute::


:::Just pretend you didn’t hear the question. Pretend you’re asleep. You should have checked narolepsy on your paperwork. They’ll never know.:::

:::Grunt. mmhhhhmmmm. It’s not like you can actually reply when their hands are in your mouth.:::

::back to reality::

So, as I sat there, suffering with the decision of whether or not I should lie, my heart started beating faster. I began to sweat. I was nauseated (possibly from the machete slices and the blood loss). 

She pulled her hands out, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Do you floss?” 

Shamefully, I replied simply, “No.” 

None of this, “I KNOW I should, but I don’t.” 
“I’m too tired at night.” 
“I can’t find floss in the store.”
“It’s too expensive.”
“My cats are too cute and distract me from dental hygiene.”

Just, “No.”  

No I don’t floss. I’m deeply sorry to break this news. I am ashamed. It’s an emotional subject. 

She replied, “You really should.”


“Like, really.”

“I know”, my head hung in despair.

She continued her work, removing all of my gums, scratching my teeth with blades, and occasionally spraying my mouth with freezing cold water (which felt awesome on my sensitive teeth).

After what felt like a lifetime of mutilation, I realized my hands were numb from grasping the chair so hard.

“Just put me out of my misery. Lord, take me now.” I thought. 

I also thought, “I should have freaking flossed. What is my problem.”

Lesson learned.

The dentist arrived and was making small talk. He was very nice, and probably thought I was a perfectly normal person. Little did he know, I take poor care of my teeth.

Meanwhile, I’m panicking that I have at least 15-18 cavities, and he’s about to go in there and find them. 

I’ll have to have all of my teeth extracted. Maybe I could get a denture company to sponsor the blog and send me free teeth.

He lays me back, turns on the blinding light, and takes a peek.

To my shock and dismay, he tells me, “Everything looks good. No cativites.”

What? Is this a joke? Am I being Punk’d? Justin, are you here? God? Am I in heaven?

“Really? I thought for sure I had at least 18.”

He and the hygienist laugh. 

“I was preparing myself for the worst, you know? So if you said I had 9, I would think ‘oh, pssshhh, that’s nothing!”

They continue to laugh.

And now I’m laughing, from pure hysterical joy that 1. No cativies.  2. No dentures. 3. The pain and suffering has ended!

The dentist leaves and the hygenist hands me a goodie bag with 56 containers of floss.

Just kidding, she wishes.

She did give me one. Travel size. It’s cute, I might try it out.

I walked out the door, beaming with pride about my apparently super strong teeth. 

I got to the car, snapped this photo, and drove off into the sunset. 
(my hair is not darker, it’s the lighting + filer)


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    I had a similarly painful experience back in the early ’90s (so maybe 10 years ago?). The dentist told me about Glide dental floss and I have used that brand every day ever since.

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    OH MY WORD, this is hilarious. I went to the dentist for the first time since 2007 just yesterday. I was terrified my teeth would liquefy in the chair. To my surprise the hygienist praised my teeth and oral hygiene (um, flossing once a year here)and I had zero cavities. The dentist did recommend I get a crown on a tooth that I broke like 6 years ago (nothing new) and BRACES! I almost died laughing thinking about my 15 year old self in braces. I don’t think I’m going for it.

    Aren’t we so grown up going to the dentist on our own? Except my husband had to make my appointment or else I probably never would have gone!

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      Get the water pik that hooks up to your shower, then you don’t have the mess in the bathroom. Also, about flossing, I keep floss ~everywhere~ (handbag, end table, night stand, etc.). You don’t have to floss when you brush, you can do it when You’re watching TV or you tube, someone else is driving, etc. you get the picture.

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      It does spray back, but only if you watch yourself in the mirror. Flossing scares me, sometimes it gets stuck, and well, some places are hard to floss!

      Get the waterpik and use it over the sink, with your mouth open and head tipped downward, for drainage. Make sense? Hopefully. :)

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    This is hilarious! I’m the complete opposite.. I thought for YEARS I wanted to do dental hygiene until I went and observed & a lady comes in who hadn’t been to the dentist in quite a few years. Her gums were bleeding so bad I was completely grossed out and hung that dream up real quick! Side note: I am a stickler with brushing, flossing, and mouth washing. lol. Just get in a routine at night and it is MUCH easier. It literally takes me 5 mins and now if I don’t do floss and mouthwash my mouth does not feel clean. ha! Glad you survived! :)

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    I went for the first time in years on Tuesday. I thought the same exact thing, that I would have a mouth full of cavities. And I myself don’t floss ever except the day of my appointment to try to fool the hygienist. Apparently it worked this time because she praised me on how well my teeth looked.

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    Don’t judge me here… But I LOVE going to the dentist. I that clean feeling that lasts for a few days afterward. I would go once a month if insurance would allow.

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    Story of my life, Kate! I haven’t been to the dentist in that long too (probably longer) ever since I was told I needed my wisdom teeth out. Nope. Not going to the dentist again. Well, I had my wisdom teeth removed last year (piece of cake). A few weeks ago, I had throbbing pain in my mouth, well what do you know? Root canal time. Joy! Note to self: just. go. to. the. dentist.

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    Confession…I have not been to the dentist in oh, say 30 years. However, for the past 10 years or so I have flossed religiously. Every.Single.Night.
    Cause about 10 years ago i was saying to my husband…”No matter that I brush my teeth at least 2x a day, my breath stinks!”
    He responded…”Start flossing.”
    I did right then and there.
    Within 10 days…no more stink breath.
    Now…if I could only get up enough nerve to get to a dentist.

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    hehe! I love this! Sooo my thoughts when I finally went to the dentist last year for the first time in probably 4 years. I think I stretched the truth on my paperwork and said it’d only been about a year and a half. My hygienist….is my former college roommate. I can’t lie and tell her I floss because she knows full well that I do not. She tells me I need to and lets it go, and gives me a cute goody bag of tooth swag. She is very gentle but it does feel like there is a razor in my mouth sometimes. Probably because I’m terrible.

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    I floss twice a day! The thing that made me do it is the Reach Flosser. It’s really a lot easier than regular floss. And my gums feel really good now!

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    This is hilarious! If I had cats I would use that excuse! Think I’ll go floss now. Haven’t beento the dentist in almost 4 years and have been meaning to make an appointment.

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    I have very sensitive teeth, too. My hygienist talked me into an electric toothbrush, that with Sensodine changed my mouth’s life. I can now drink cold water and enjoy icecream! I, too, find it hard to floss, but the electric toothbrush helps! Good luck!

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    I totally go for the lie! I always say I floss, when in reality I only floss maybe once every few weeks. Then I always get the response of “yep, I can tell”. What?

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    So, I’ve had issues too. But when I went to the dentist six months ago, my gums were bleeding so badly they told me I may need to come back every three months. Up until this time, I brushed in the morning, brushed in the evening, and flossed if I really felt it was necessary, or I was going to the dentist the next day. They were willing to give me one more chance, and here’s what they told me to do:

    1. Brush with my electric toothbrush. We’ve had the Oral B toothbrushes for a long time. I just didn’t use it much. With the Oral B, it times your brushing for you so that you know your brush a full two minutes.
    2. Floss with Glide. Others have said, and I would agree, it makes all the difference.
    3. Rinse with Listerine mouthwash. This was the new thing for me. So, it has to be Listerine because of the anti-microbial kill everything quality of it. Swish a little bit in your mouth for 30 seconds, if you can. It kills. But, it’s a good kind of kill because you know it’s killing stuff that you want to be killed. Then spit it out. But here’s the really new part. Don’t rinse. This helps keep killing stuff all night long.

    So, I went back to the dentist last week. I cannot tell you the amount of praise I got from the hygienist, the dentist, the receptionist. No bleeding. No scraping. I’m sold.

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    You are incredibly lucky you didn’t have any cavities. When I didn’t go to the dentist for 2 years (during grad school), I had 3 I think. Totally sucks. You’re a lucky lucky girl!
    And definitely floss! It takes no time and is so good for those gums!

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    Flossing becomes totally worthwhile when you see all the particles that come out!

    The whole routine is made much easier with those disposable floss picks.

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    Hi, I am a Hygienist nd I have people come in all the time in your boat! You’re lucky that you didn’t have decay. :) The one point I try to tell my patients is that the first time after so many years is the hardest but if you go back every 6 months or at least once a year then it’s easy and you’ll actually enjoy going. Try the reach flossed, stay away from listerine (high alcohol content dries the gums out) and don’t bother buying a waterpik unless you have periodontal disease which I’m sure you don’t or they would have told you. Traditional flossing once a day should be enough. Good Luck and be proud of yourself! That first appointment is always the hardest.

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    I can also relate to your dentist story! I have had horrible experiences going to the dentist since I was young. I had a lot of teeth surgeries (implants, bone grafts, tmj surgery) and after all that it was about 5-6 yrs before I started to go regularly again.
    I get such bad anxiety, I have the “death grip” on the chair arms, and I do tend to stop breathing when the hygienist starts with that awful gum scraping (then I get scolded that my gums bleed… Hmmmmm). But I prepare for the worst too, like having to have teeth pulled, millions of cavities filled… I just dread the day I need to go in for a filling.

    But, I’m glad I’m not the only one with fears and issues when it comes to dentists!

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    You are lucky like my hubby. He never goes to the dentist and when he does, he never has a single cavity. I have at least one cavity every year and dread going. I’m actually overdue for an appointment……

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    This made me laugh so hard but I am the EXACT same way. My sister and I both have major issues with the dentist. I hate going and I really should since I have the dental benefits at work so it won’t be too costly…I just can’t bring myself to do it

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    Ok, Seriously you have had me belly laughing the whole time while reading this. This story is so me. I am so afraid to go to the dentist so I all together just don’t go and then when they ask me questions about my dental habits it is a constant back and forth in my mind on what to say. I so afraid of what they will do to me. Bahahaha…Thanks for the laugh this morning.

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    As a hygienist I can tell you flossing is very important. And nothing can quite replace it. Water picks don’t reach where the floss can an neither can a toothbrush. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the dentist, Kate. :( I don’t really either but what we do for you on cleaning your teeth aids in your entire body staying healthy! Keep going It will be worth it, I promise!!!!

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    Ugh, flossing. My hygienist asks me every time, and I always laugh and say “nope.”

    I refrain from adding the ‘and I ain’t gonna ever.’

    But, it’s the truth. I hate flossing.

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    Kate, you are so funny! You crack me up! I was 24 the first time I went to the dentist. The second time…I was pregnant with my third child and when she laid me back in the chair, I passed out because the baby was on my main blood vessel. I left there that day with no cleaning and chocolate in one hand and chex mix in the other. LOL! Congrats on not having 19 cavities..or any for that matter! Have an awesome day! Julia

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    I love that you shared this. Watching your videos and reading about your outfits and makeup and crafts, I always feel like you have it all together. Not that you are perfect, just seems very detailed in all things and able to do it all. This makes you even more relatable.

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    OMgoodness! Your poor teeth!!! I am def not the world’s best flosser, but I brush my teeth twice a day (most of the time). I don’t mind going to the dentist much. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look forward to it either…but I am very fond of my teeth and would like to keep them until I die :) My lack of “angst” could also have to do with being 31 and only having one cavity…ever. Thanks Mom&Dad for taking me to the dentist twice a year and giving me lots of milk :)

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    As a non-flosser for most of my adult life, I bought a bag of these:

    …and have now become a flossing addict!
    AND, the pre-gingivitis I was having has now disappeared completely.

    You can find them at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Keep stashes of them in your glove box, purse, jeans pockets, eew! and use as bookmarks so you can floss while you read.
    Sounds gross I know, but try them! You’ll find your own flossing patterns and will soon develop a habit. It’s totally worth the feeling of accomplishment the next time you lie in the chair with the bright light.

    Kate, your hilarious, gushing, confessional might be your best blog post yet.

    Happy Flossing!
    {{* *}}

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    Oh I hate the dentist… and always lie about flossing (oopps!) I get nervous of the judgy hygentist eyes, like they spend their lunch breaks discussing how gross my non-flossed teeth are!! haha

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    You’re so lucky! I’ve had cavaties early on in childhood, had all of them replaced with new (and what I thought was a good idea) porcelain. Now, come to find out years later, they all have to be replaced AGAIN because the porcelain didn’t hold up. Awesome.

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    i also haven’t been to the dentist in 6 years (though i purposefully tell people it’s only 4) BECAUSE i dread the flossing question. and i do floss sometimes, but not nearly enough to make a difference over the last 6 years. maybe i don’t have any cavities either and should just bite the bullet (carefully) and go? thanks for the push.

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    Haha! I LOVED this! The last time I went to the dentist (which was already a year ago)I hadn’t been in about 6 or so years either…it’s true, you just look back and you’re like, Oh my it’s been THAT long! *mouth dropping open* LOL! I was also afraid of having a zillion cavities, but I didn’t have any either! But I didn’t have to get my wisdom teeth out…but I knew that going in…they were really a “pain”! haha get it?

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    I’m good about going to the dentist twice per year, I actually love the feeling of leaving with a super clean smile. They always ask whether I floss. And I always say no, I’m really bad at it. I think that makes them floss extra hard when I’m in the chair! And then they always tell me I have beautiful teeth. I know it’s important, but I think it will probably take some major damage to happen first before I actually find a way to commit to flossing!

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    You make me giggle so much! I’m the same darn way! I’m getting better (at making appointments and sticking to them). Flossing: No. I don’t know why!

    BTW, your teeth are like PERFECT! 😉

    P.S. I love your scarf… And your eyes 😉

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    This is me. Every time I go to the dentist – errr like once every four years – I go through all these emotions. This reminds me that I really have to get my butt to the dentist. UGH UGH UGH. I better start flossing for a week.

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    February is national children’s dental health month and also PET dental health month! Make sure your kitties’ are getting proper oral hygiene, too! (yes, I do work in the dental field…is it too obvious?)

    Glad you went to the dentist – I hope many of your readers are encouraged to go as well! A lot of dental issues can be prevented with regular check-ups and proper home care.

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    Great post! I hate going to the dentist too (even though I worked for one for 10yrs!) but I do go every 6 months as recommended so I figure my teeth get flossed at leat twice a year :-) And, I do try to get a few extra flossings in between appointments, but I can never find a good time to do it…. don’t want to smear lipstick all over my face during the day and the bathroom is so far away from the couch in the evening.
    Your picture is super adorable…..maybe I need to start taking my own photos in the car…great lighting!

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    Ack! I love my dentist and my hygienist (I see the same one every time because until I found this dentist I had severe anxiety attacks about the dentist due to a bad experience) but I don’t like GOING to the dentist.

    So I floss every night before bed because I have experienced having a cavity between my teeth filled. It was not pleasant AT ALL as they had to nudge my teeth apart to fill it. So I do highly encourage flossing. Find one that you luuuuuuuuv (I like kids’ floss and minty glide floss) and make bed a reward for flossing 😉

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    As a hygienist, I need to respond to the Glide comments. While it is a great product if you aren’t going to use anything else, I want to point out how to use it to be effective. Glide is made to slide OVER the teeth to get into tight contacts. it take over 10 strokes with Glide to clean the same stuff off a tooth that 3-4 strokes from unwaxed or 5-8 strokes from waxed floss would. So if you can’t get anything else between your teeth, make sure you scrub at least 10 times per tooth (thats a LOT!).
    I see lots of people that don’t tell me the truth about how much they floss and we know ( :-) ). Nagging does no good, nor does judging. Teaching does! The swelling after that cleaning comes form additional red and white blood cells helping to fight the infection that has been brewing from bacteria that we disrupted for you to give healing a jump start. If you keep up with flossing after the cleaning, the swelling will go down faster and stay away (good news!)
    So after all that, your post still cracks me up. Before being a hygienist, I was in the same place, thinking the same thing and then feeling the same thing after. I found flossing IN the shower the only place I remember to floss daily. Good luck in your recovery! And don’t stay a stranger from your dentist!!

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    I’m so glad it’s not just me! I have this defiant dislike of going to the dentist because it’s the one doctor I don’t need to see to get a prescription renewal every year. It’s a bad habit and I’m working on it!

    *also very bad at flossing :)

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    I honestly would rather visit the dentist every six months for cleanings then go to the salon for a hair cut! Way less anxiety! My hygienist is friendly and has a great “bedside manner” In my opinion this is hard to find. My first visit with him, he asked if I drink soda and floss. Yes and No, respectively. Ugh! The horror! But to my surprise he was like “floss, but they are your teeth not mine”. He told me about (and gave me a sample) of these flossers by G.U.M that look like little trees. :) I LOVE them and they are easier than actual floss. Here’s a link to see what they look like.

    Happy Flossing!

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    Both my dad and my husband are dentists and although I have had awesome and loving dentists in my life, I absolutely HATE going to the dentist. And I never floss. But I have had a cavity (or two), so you got pretty lucky!

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    You are so funny to share this story, Kate! I’m glad your check up went well. I have always been afraid of the dentist (full death grip to the chair throughout any procedure, even a cleaning). I’ve always been a good brusher, but not a flosser. Until I got married, and now my mother-in-law is my hygienist! I can’t lie about flossing to her! So I bit the bullet and started flossing immediately after she first cleaned my teeth. I hated it at first (it seemed like such a time-consuming hassle), but after a while it just turned into habit and now I can’t go to sleep without flossing. So push through it, and keep it up for your pearly whites!
    (P.S.> there are often coupons for $1.00 off Reach floss, and you can pick up the plain floss for free! I’ve found for myself that the fancier floss isn’t worth it. Flossing hurts at first because your gums aren’t used to it. They will eventually settle down.)

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    My dental hygienist has been after me to floss for YEARS. She even threatened me with a three month appointment and the possibility of losing my teeth down the road. Never fazed me. I’m even allergic to some of the anesthetics they use; they mess with my blood pressure and wear off quickly, so when I get those 18 cavities you were worried about (I actually had 4 they filled at once), it’s just awful. Still didn’t floss.

    This last time, though, I don’t know, it just clicked. I’ve been brushing with my sonic toothbrush and flossing every day for a month now. These chompers are going to be in tip top shape come my next appointment.

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    That was hilarious. Especially since I can relate a little. I recently went to the dentist for the first time in over two years. I knew they would ask how long it has been and I knew they weren’t going to like my answer. No dental insurance was not a good excuse for him and he gave me the talk about how it is important even if I don’t have the insurance, etc, etc. Can we say uncomfortable? No cavities for me either, so that helped me hold my head a little higher. I floss fairly regularly, but I started because I have an implant (was born without a permanent k9 tooth)and my dentist put the fear in me explaining usually the only way they don’t last is because of decay caused by not flossing. :) I still hate it because it makes my cringe the have that stuff rubbing in between my teeth. It’s like nails on a chalk board. yuck. Good luck with the flossing :)

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    I laughed as I read this because I usually think the same thing. I have finally gotten to a point where I don’t squeeze the arms on the chair or my own hands anymore (thank heavens, I was getting out of control). I do go every 6 months and I dread it but it is much less time with the scrapy thing (my technical name). I also try to make sure I floss at least a few weeks to a month ahead of time to avoid the blood and pain.

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    Sadly your nightmare is my reality….only I visit the dentist very often, always have. I had infections in my sinuses that affected the roots in molars on either side of my mouth. The infection in my sinuses spread to the roots of these molars and killed the teeth. Two surgeries, bone grafts, implants and money that would have been more happily spent on things like clothes or shoes later, if you looked in my mouth you’d never know! Very jealous of your super strong teeth! -Katie

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    Girl, you need to floss! My friend’s family goes to a really good dentist whose practices are much more thorough. My friend’s husband didn’t have any cavities, but… he had some live… stuff in his mouth. I’m talkin’ amoebas. They put it under a microscope for him and everything! My friend refused to kiss him until his mouth was actually clean. Yikes!

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    I have not been to the dentist since I was 15 and had my braces taken off… I’m 28. So, you’re not doing too bad. I have never had a cavity… (that I know of…) but I DO floss… so… maybe that makes my lack of dental visits okay…? I’m not quite sure how that works.

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    I HATE flossing. I was honest with my dentist (finally) and told him I hate the way it feels on my fingers or in my mouth. It give me goosebumps (I’m weird). So (like another person said) I use the WaterPik! I TRY and use it twice a day but usually I use it twice a week. The trick is to have the water hit perpendicular to your gums (so not straight down into them). If you have the water going straight down then bacteria can be forced into your gums and you could cause your gums to receed. Anyway, start at a low strength then work your gums up to the highest setting. Good luck!

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    I love this post! So Funny. I go today for my cleaning, my hygenist and I have an “understanding”. That understanding is that I don’t floss, she doesn’t bug me about it, and as my penance, I get cleanings every three months. I love her!

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    Kate! If the cold water bothers you (as it does me) just tell the hygienist you have sensitive teeth and ask them to warm up the water. It’s just a regular faucet, so they can turn on the warm water, too!

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    I have put off the dentist for WAY to long as well. I think it’s probably been 6-8 years since I’ve been. A good friend of mine was in the same boat, except that she went and then needed about $6,000 worth of dental work (think root canals, wisdom teeth removal, and more).

    Now I’m thinking I should make a trip too….

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    OMG! I am so glad I am not the only person who does not floss. My mom still hounds me about flossing and my friends all look at me like a weirdo when they visit and ask for floss and I have to dig through tons of baskets of stuff to find my one lil container from my yearly dentist visit.

    I am not opposed to flossing or anything….I just always forget about it. Somehow I will take time to paint my nails, do face masks, etc. but flossing is beyond me!

    Your teeth look great though and I am glad you didn’t have any cavities!

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    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets the same dentist report! I must say, ever since I got those little disposable flossing sticks, I am hooked! It starts out as a murder scene in your mouth, but after a week of just using those sticks it doesn’t hurt and I don’t bleed. I’m actualyl excited to see my dentist again so they can see the difference!

    Best $3 you’ll even spend! :)

  54. says

    Aw Kate….I think I’m going to cry..sniff, sniff! I’m so sad you don’t like seeing us hygienists…you would be one of my favorite patients too!!! I gotta just put in one plug for flossing…did you know that breaking up the bacteria between your teeth can actually add years (Dr Oz says 5) to your life because that plaque contributes to heart disease and other inflammatory diseases in your body? It doesn’t just help prevent cavities and heart disease…it actually makes our immune systems stronger! :-) I know…we are a different bunch…but what would the world do without us???

  55. says

    I am cracking up! This was totally me a couple weeks ago. I do go every 6 months, but I have total & complete fear of the dentist and I go through everything you just explained twice a year when I go for cleanings. Why do they feel the need to ask if you floss? They can obviously tell! It’s like they want to humilate you while you cannot speak! Craziness!!!! At any rate, glad you didn’t have any cavities and survived! :)

  56. says

    I am laughing soo hard. I think we share a brain. I used to work for a dentist and I would be the same way…um really with the cold water? So…I discovered…they give happy gas even for just cleanings. Suddenly….my bad flossing habits and clenched arms and fear of dentures in the future just fade…away. Try it next time. Its a legal-knock-you-out-so-you-don’t-care way of dental visits. Its awesome. haha. Now I totally sound like a druggy. I’m totally not. Oy…let me go focus on my cats.

  57. says

    I use a Sonic care toothbrush and the Sensodyne foaming tooth paste. I can’t recommend enough. There’s very little scraping at the dentist now. No bleeding. (and i don’t floss…..shhhhhh… I never remember).

  58. says

    Lucky girl. I floss, use a sonicare toothbrush and have the worst cavities. It sucks. Everytime I go to the dentist I have a new cavity. Its so embarrassing. And every time the hygenist asks if I floss and I say yes and she always looks at me like I lie. LOL My teeth are just very close…like difficult to get the floss between them close. But they are perfectly straight and white…they just lack the ability to not get holey! LOL

  59. says

    Ha! this post is so timely, I just had my teeth cleaned this week ; ) i totally did the ob/gyn know when you go for your “girl” visit and after the exam the Dr. says “ok you can put your bottom back on the table now” (am I the only one who tenses up so bad that this happens?) At the dentist I didn’t even realize I had clenched/curled up my toes so tight in my uggs that my feet were all pins & needles and I literally almost fell on the floor haha!Oh the anxiety! I should probably learn to meditate or drink less coffee…

  60. says

    Funny, I went to the dentist yesterday as well! I was told the same thing, you need to floss. She said that an electric toothbrush can’t replace flossing, but it does help if you don’t floss, thinking that might be my answer 😉

  61. says

    Oh my, thank you so much for sharing this. I just scheduled my first dentist appt in 2 years yesterday. (switching dentists requires quite the hoop jumping).

    I always try to floss but never make it past 3 days in a row. At that point, the throbbing gums keeping me from chewing food during the day and sleeping at night is so not worth it. I think the 2 years of painful braces is finally backfiring. I have [zero] tolerance for eternal pain in my gums.

  62. says

    Lucky you! I went to the dentist after a long hiatus and wasn’t so lucky. I now floss (use floss picks, the silky kind) and brush with Sonicare toothbrush daily. Every once in awhile I use Crest Pro Health mouthrinse. I have gotten great check ups since. My hubby flosses daily and got me into the routine. The floss picks instead of regular floss make all the difference for me, especially the silky kind. THey just glide through my teeth. Good luck!

  63. says

    I think this is my favorite blog post. I scaled back to flossing every other day because I got tired of doing it daily, and the dentist doesn’t seem to notice. Maybe you can cheat, too. :) That’s good life advice, right?

  64. says

    Two thoughts and i hope you read this. First Congrats for no cavities!!! I was SO happy the last time I went and only have ONE! (after 4 years of avoidance). Second, FLOSS GIRL. FLOSS LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Trust me, I never flossed and I had some serious gum damage – reseeding gums, at a young age. TERRIFYING! They talk about exactly what you feared… no teeth dentures unless I turned my shizz around. After getting a serious deep tissue cleaning around my teeth and gums, I was fixed and good as new but the stipulation was I HAD TO FLOSS. HAD TO. EVERYDAY! NO IF, ANDS or BUTS!

    I’ve haven’t looked back. If you make it a habit it’s quick and easy. Seriously, I floss every morning. I get out of the shower, clean off any left over make-up, put on face lotion, and then floss, then brush and rinse my mouth. It literally takes 2 minutes maybe 3 to floss. Or you could do it before bed. I just like to get it over with so I don’t forget.

    Congrats again on the great check-up!!! AND remember if you floss everyday, dentists appointments become LESS and LESS painful and you have LESS blood loss. Trust me, it’s amazingly different when taking care of your gums. :)

  65. says

    I just got back from my cleaning – my hygienist said “looking good” when she saw my teeth. Me – “I haven’t been taking care of them, I just jacked up my sonicare to high speed this morning”. (a trick that works every time). At the end, she asked if I needed floss. I said no, I’m not going to use it anyway, and I have a stockpile at home. She said “ok, see you in 3 months”. Perfect visit to the dentist LOL

  66. says

    This may have already been said, but I’m going to just post it because I don’t want to read all 100some comments lol.

    Get those plastic flossers in the bag, rather than the big string. You know what I’m talking about? Where there’s about a one inch string of floss on a plastic handle. Way less awkward, way quicker, way more likely to actually do it. I’m terrible about flossing, but I’ve been trying. I’m finally to the point where I’ll do it AT LEAST once per week. And it’s only because those things are so convenient lol. I shoot for more often, but hey progress not perfection right?

  67. says

    I had my teeth cleaned last week. No cavities for me either! They kept gushing over how great my home care routine must be because everything looked great. Confession: I rarely floss. Like I only floss when I actually feel something stuck in my teeth, not just to get out the everyday gunk that gets up in there. I don’t even use mouthwash all that often (which they said is what saves my husband. He’s religious about his Listerine rinse). I did have to have a bunch of dental work done over the past few years, though. I had a lot of cavities after getting my braces removed and some were bad enough to need root canals (fun!). Now I’m all healthy and sparkly and have them thinking I floss when I really don’t. Like everyone else, I know that I should. Gum health is important, but apparently I’m getting away with not flossing for now. I feel like an evil genius or something!

  68. says

    Ok, congratulations to you and all that, but things like this actually annoy me. I faithfully brush my teeth morning and night, floss daily, and use mouthwash… And I just found out that I have to have one of my teeth pulled (the same one I had to have a root canal and crown on) and two teeth filled again, simply because my old dentist didn’t listen to me when I said something didn’t feel right with it. I now have a new dentist (who unfortunately had to break the news to me), and definitely learned to not let your dentist ignore you. Just thought I’d share that with you because really it has to do with the amount of a type of bacteria in your mouth that also determines how prone you are to cavities, and that NEVER let your dentist ignore your concerns.

  69. says

    I was cracking up at this! Because this is so me when I go and haven’t been flossing! I felt like crying when she was digging in my teeth with that water pick thing! Man those hygienist are not nice peeps!

  70. says

    I’m shocked that you didn’t have some kind of gum disease – you must be one really healthy lady! I never floss & went to the dentist (for a regular 6 month checkup) and had the beginning of some form of gum disease and was so mad! I had to get them deep cleaned which means they numbed me (so not fun!) and dug around to clean them (even more not fun!). You are so lucky that you came out alive – I loathe the dentist! I don’t blame you for avoiding them for 6 years, it’s awful!!

  71. says

    Kate, I love this! I, too, hate to floss and just don’t take the time to do it. I get jittery ever time I have to go to the dentist, and I go every 6 months. And every 6 months there is massive blood loss and reprimand by my dentist. I am praised, however, on how healthy my teeth are…never a cavity. I just don’t know how to bring myself to floss!!

  72. says

    1) you have a beautiful smile
    2) I am a hygienist and it’s so funny when we ask people if they floss… because we can tell. We already know the answer. The only reason we ask is so you know we know! haha
    3) Flossing more often will make your whole experience at the dentist a lot less uncomfortable
    3) I personally like using floss picks. It’s much easier to reach the back teeth and you don’t have to to stick your whole hand in your mouth.

    Soooooo Funny! :)

  73. says

    I hate the dentist too!
    Back in the day when I had braces and refused to wear my elastics my dentist put on bright pink braces just to make me mad.. Needless to say it worked and I started wearing them soon after.

  74. says

    Hi Kate! I’m not in the dental industry but one of my good friends is a dentist. Like Lauren said 2 comments above, don’t bother lying because they can tell just by looking! At my last cleaning the hygienist could even tell where I started brushing my teeth because the gums are slightly receding there. Crazy that she knew that!
    I never started flossing regularly until a different hygienist told me that flossing helps to get rid of bacterial secretions that will erode the enamel. If someone would have told me that years ago I would have been a flosser so much sooner!

  75. says

    You’re so lucky! (Yes, I’m serious)

    I went for the first time in October after at least 10 years of not going to the dentist. I’m terrified of the dentist! (His profession… and what he was going to do to me… not him personally). Come to find out, it had been so long that they wanted to do a root/deep cleaning. I’m not going to lie… I cried.

    But I just finished my second of two appointments yesterday… and I survived! Needless to say, I’m going to the dentist more regularly from now on.

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  76. says

    You are so VERY lucky! I didn’t have a dentist growing up and when I went for the ‘first’ time (in about 6 years) I had 15 cavities. It has now been 5 years and two weeks ago I finally got the “you should be good for the future now”. I still have a hard time flossing but at least I try!

    Good luck at the next appointment!

  77. says

    Good job, Kate! I took my son to a new dentist today…only 6 months after his last appointment…because the old dentist had such a heavy accent I couldn’t understand him and my son has a gum degeneration issue…yada, yada, yada. I was convinced we were going to have to drop massive cash to fix it, I would be told I was a horrible mother for having a child with such rotten hygiene, etc. Turns out, he had almost no plaque (glory be!) and the gum problem is genetic (thanks, hubby!). So it was all good. But my son needs to floss, too. I’m sure he got the flossing habits from me. I only floss the week before my appointment… 😉

  78. says

    I feel the SAME WAY. And I do floss…ha! I grip the handles so hard that you’d think it was about to launch me into space. Really dread the dentist. Maybe I’ll adopt your once-every-six-year plan. Nah, but I totally feel you. And congrats on no cavities!

  79. says

    I have the opposite floss issue, I can’t stop flossing! I floss no less than 10 times a day. I love the way it feels. I’m a weirdo.

  80. says

    Wish me luck! I have my appt. with Mr. Dentist today at 3pm. And I haven’t flossed regularly either. But I do go to him 2x a year. This is my first time this year. Yayyyyy! no…the guilt trip about not flossing lasts … until I leave his office. Then I tell myself I have 6 months of flossing until the next appt.

  81. says

    I totally started freaking out when I started reading this post! I haven’t been to the dentist in four and a half years either (so not quite as bad as you, but still ;))!! I know I need to go but I’m really scared I’m going to have 19 cavities too. Thanks for the inspiration, I really need to bite the bullet and just go.

  82. says

    This is so funny to me! I’m a hygienist & I’ve heard every excuse under the sun as to why patients don’t floss! What always gets me is the people who lie and tell me they floss when it’s obvious that they don’t. I’m not blind! If your gums are sore, rinsing with warm salt water rinse will help to heal the tissue. And if you get in the habit of going every 6 months, the cleaning will be quicker and your gums won’t be as sore after! Flossing really is important! Once get in the habit of doing it, you cannot go to bed without. It feels so nasty to have that funk between your teeth.

  83. says

    Kate, you are really cute. I hate going to the dentist too. But I do want to share something with you that might make flossing/going to the dentist/dental hygiene just a tad easier for you. Women with gum disease take an average of 2 months longer to conceive. Also, pregnant women with gum disease have a significantly higher risk of miscarriage and premature birth. It sounds weird but it’s true. So you did good by going to the dentist but keep it up. It’s worth it!

  84. says

    Too funny – I just went to the dentist yesterday myself after a 4 year hiatus and I got the flossing lecture. My end results weren’t as favorable as yours though (6 small cavities found), so I’m a little bit jealous…

  85. says

    Oh my goodness! I felt the SAME way a couple weeks ago and no joke, I hadn’t been to the dentist in like 6 or so year either. Too funny! You were wonderfully lucky, I on the other hand, had 8 cavities…gross, got them all filled in now. Ugh the dentist!

  86. says

    Great post!! I am a hygienist and I don’t know what was more entertaining: your post or some of these comments!! Note to everyone: Hygienists are not the enemy!! We didn’t put that stuff on your teeth, but it’s our job to get it off!! lol

  87. says

    I am one of those who goes to the Dentist religiously. My parents didn’t go much as kids (parents couldn’t afford to) and they have bad teeth. So, my Mom ingrained in us from a very young age that going to the Dentist is very important. I’m lucky in that I have a fantastic Dentist right now and going is something I honestly look forward to. Oh, my. I know that sounded insane, but, I promise, it’s true!!!! Every.single.person that works in the office is gold. Seriously. I mean it!

  88. says

    I am the WORST dental patient in the world. I have true anxiety about going in for a cleaning, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. The irony for me is that my mom was a hygenist, and I grew up and married a dentist! Ha! My husband’s advice about flossing, which, by the way, I hate to do, is “Floss the teeth you want to keep!” Thinking about it on those terms helps motivate me to floss.

  89. says

    Haha I love it! I’m in the same boat with the lack of flossing and no dental visits..I just went myself..but unfortunately for me, I’m getting the joy of having a root canal on Monday. Yay!!! Aren’t you jealous you’re not me?!

  90. says

    So glad I have company in how many people haven’t been to the dentist. It had been 5 yrs for me until last year. The problem was I had the same hygienist for 14 yrs and then we moved 500 miles away. To far to drive for an appt! I will definitely get better at flossing. I like the glide and use the little disposable flossers, but only abut 2x week.

    Thanks for your wonderful post!

  91. says

    Hi Kate! I’m a dental hygiene student and I tell my patients to floss BEFORE brushing because it helps get you into the habit of flossing. When you floss before you brush, your teeth still feel dirty and flossing allows for the bristles of your brush to reach where they need to better! Just a little tip that lots of my patients say have helped them floss on a regular basis. Also, if you only want to floss once a day, do it at night before bed! :)

  92. says

    So glad you overcame your fears! :) I work at a dental office and never realized before I started in the field how important flossing is. It’s not just to keep your teeth clean – it really affects your over all health. More and more things are being proved or at least linked to oral health, including alzheimer’s!

  93. says

    I am also a hygienist. We know people lie to us.I always double the amount of time someone tells me it’s been since their last dental visit. I usually cut in half the amount they say they floss. Consider yourself lucky to have no decay-2 thumbs up! But more common is tooth loss due to periodontal disease. It is a disease that has no cure, only prevention, treatment, and maintenance. So floss and brush as babysteps…..go crazy and add some Listerine (there is a non alcohol version) . I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I wish I took better care of my teeth “……….

  94. says

    I am also a hygienist. We know people lie to us.I always double the amount of time someone tells me it’s been since their last dental visit. I usually cut in half the amount they say they floss. Consider yourself lucky to have no decay-2 thumbs up! But more common is tooth loss due to periodontal disease. It is a disease that has no cure, only prevention, treatment, and maintenance. So floss and brush as babysteps…..go crazy and add some Listerine (there is a non alcohol version) . I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I wish I took better care of my teeth “……….

  95. says

    This is completely true. Everyone is having the same experience as you were having near the dentist. Enjoyed on reading your experience with the dentist. Thanks for sharing this. Miami Dentists

  96. says

    Argh. I think I might have you all beat. I changed jobs 9.5 years ago and lost my dental insurance. I haven’t been back to a dentist since. Now I’m scared to go. The last time I went to the dentist, they were trying to think of things to do, like cap molars that had the old silver fillings, since I had no other issues but I had the insurance money. So, I could luck out this time, also. I haven’t had any bad experiences at the dentist, but the one dentist I absolutely loved, moved his practice — which makes for even more of an excuse, I think. (sigh)

  97. says

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  98. says

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this specific matter plus it really does offer me a lot of fodder for thought. On the other hand, coming from everything that I have experienced, I only hope when other reviews pack on that people today continue to be on issue and not embark on a tirade involving some other news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional piece and though I do not concur with the idea in totality, I respect your standpoint.


  99. says

    Susan Horby
    Shame on you for avoiding the dentist for as long as you did, and not flossing regularly. I think you must have great teeth genes and fluoride must be in your water system. I am not as fortunate as you and go regularly. There was a time I missed for 1.5 to 2 years and my luck a nasity cavity was created. I am very apprehensive and extremely nervous going to the dentist, but it is one of those things I know I have to do – reluctantly.

  100. says

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    This in fact is as important if not more important than the toothpaste itself.

  101. says

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  102. says

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  103. says

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  104. Liz says

    I know this is an old post, but I can so relate. I have to make an appointment to see a dentist and I am dreading going.
    Your teeth look great by the way!

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