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I picked up this lace top from Loft and want to wear it everyday but it’s still winter and there are holes in it.
It’s pretty much the perfect lace shirt. I bought one from Madewell last year, but I haven’t been totally happy with the “cropped” feature. I’m just not sure it’s flattering on me!

So, to my sister it goes!

What I love about this lace top is you can layer almost any pattern or texture underneath it without it being over powering. The sequins on the tank top are a subtle color, and really only peek out near the bottom or when light hits through one of the lace holes. 
I wore it with a navy blue polka dot tank for the Loft event, and loved that look too.

So break out of that comfortzone girl! Layer some of the most unusual patterns or textures, and see what you think.

You might surprise yourself. 


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    That is a super cute outfit!!! I have never shopped loft. Are the clothes true to size or would you suggest sizing up or down?? I don’t have one nearby so I would have to order online!

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    Love the mix of textures! I’ve been eyeing that top at Loft, too, and they just emailed me a 25% coupon. I think it’s time to pull the trigger on that! How did you do your hair? Is this from the softly curled tutorial?

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    I’m ashamed to admit this on your blog because I know how you feel about Loft, but I’ve never been inside of one and wasn’t even aware we had one close by [embarrassed face], but I must go and try on this shirt! I love it!

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    I got this shirt after seeing it on your blog last week :) I never would have picked it out myself but I really love it. So thank you because I so am not brave lol!

    I did get it in the petites size (even though I never shop in that section) because it was pretty boxy. Just a tip if anyone else had the same problem 😉

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    I have never shopped at the loft! Apparently I need to!!! I love this!!! I’m a bit wide framed so shopping at new stores really intimidates me!!! Looking beautiful as always!

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    I just stumbled upon your blog a day or two ago and I’ve already fallen in love rather quickly. I went out and bought that Maybelline Whispers “Pin Up Peach” and LOVE it.. and now I see this outfit that you’re wearing today and wish it was mine! You look so beautiful! Very delicate and classy but also young and fresh! Can’t wait to continue to follow along!

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