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As I write this, I’m looking out the window at frost on the ground. Nonetheless, I have spring on my mind, including fresh pastel colors and summery accessories. We’re always one step ahead of the seasons, aren’t we? I remember dying to wear a scarf in September while it was 80 degrees, and now it’s chilly but I’m craving peep-toes and fresh color.

1. I have really loved this illuminator by Bare Escentuals. It’s called “Love Affair” and adds the most beautiful rose glow to my face. It won’t give you quite the pearly reflecitve light as a highlighter, but instead adds warmth and the slightest bit of shimmer. Dust it in your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, across your forehead and a tiny bit on your chin.

2. The Maybelline Color Whispers have become a quick favorite of mine. It’s the kind of lip color you can apply without a mirror, which I love. It adds a hint of color with just enough shine.

3. I can’t get enough lavender, purple, violet, and raspberry lately, so this nail color in “French Affair” by Essie is perfect. It’s a great alternative to my typical Essie Chinchilly grey.

4. A mint scarf. Need I say more? Mint is the color of the season–along with practically ever other pastel.

5. Nude peep toes are going to take the place of my grey patent wedges that I wear constantly. These are from Target and are very comfortable!

6. Delicate and dainty studs from Anthropologie adds a touch of charm to your outfit. 


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    What gorgeous spring colours! That nail polish in particular is lovely.

    We actually have blue skies here in the south east UK today, so I’m definitely feeling spring-like.

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    Have you tried the “Flower” line by Drew Barrymore? Surprisingly enough, most of it is pretty good. The bronzer/blush duos are beyond pigmented. The nail polishes last and go on creamy. The eyeshadows are pretty good, & pretty colors. And the lipsticks with the colored caps are really moisturizing.. I almost prefer it to my Color Whisper ones! I was surprised as the line is only sold at Walmart, so I was skeptical.

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    just picked up a pair of nude heels on the weekend…yet to wear them but exctied about the addition to my “collection” 😉

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    Lipstick scares me, too. I am trying to get used to wearing it since I plan to use it for my wedding in May. I don’t know 1: how to apply it properly (do you blot? no? how do you stay in the lines??) and 2: how to pick appropriately!

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    I am loving pastels already for spring! I added a bunch of new tops to my Express Wish List… and noticed today they they were all a light green or coral. Ha! I have seen that scarf at Target and debate buying it each time I’m there. I have been buying the Revlon Lip Butters recently, but may have to check out the Maybelline kind to see which one I like better – I know you have used both! And as for the BE product, I have been debating a long time to get an illuminizer from their line, as by mid-day I just need a small amount of a “not so out there” bronzer to give my face a little pick me up. Love your spring suggestions!!

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    I’ve always been pretty devoted to MAC except for Revlon liquid liner and Maybelline mascara, but with all the insistence that there are some incredible drugstore products out there I’ve started trying some things out — looks like the Color Whispers will have to be next on my list! I always feel like drugstore can’t possibly be as good as the department store product, but I would love to be proven wrong!
    grey et al

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    I too am def. thinking of spring right now. hope it comes early this year. love the scarf and earings and can’t wait to try those maybelline color whispers! p.s. hope you will stop by my blog and join the awesome Smashbox Cosmetics giveaway I have going on right now! XX. Gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

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    I bought the whisper lip stick in “who wore it red-er” and it is HOT pink! NOT what I was hoping for. Maybe I will stick to a lighter shade next time!

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    I am soooo excited, we are going shopping in the States tomorrow…I had just told my husband I really didn’t need anything but now I have a wish list, hope I can find everything :) I need some Spring !

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    So glad to hear such good things about the Color Whispers lipstick! I’ve wanted to try it for a while and now I’ll have to! And that mint scarf, I love! I’m going to have to pick it up at Target ASAP!

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    Love the Maybelline Color Whispers too! They add just enough color and they are hydrating as well. I usually would have to put a lip balm underneath my lipstick but I don’t have to with those.

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    Love the Color Whispers colors and if you like Magenta….try #95. It is not a hint of color…it is very bright and FABULOUS!Love the smooth silky texture too.

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