play dead

Well, I’m a little bit behind in my blog schedule for this week. I was hoping to post Part II of my blogging series today but it’s not quite ready.

I did a quick outfit shoot yesterday between clients. And it turns out 100% of the photos I shot are blurry, so that’s awesome.

And so, today, I will share a video that left me laughing so hard I cried.

*fast forward to 01:35 for the good part :)


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    Hilarious!! Have you seen the cat wearing the bunny hat? Search “cat wearing bunny hat” on YouTube and I promise you will die laughing. I really think you should teach Grits and Gravy to do it!!

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    I am so glad to know that not everyone has perfect photo days. So often I find that pictures I think went well… well, didn’t. Thank you so much for being honest and making me feel like everyone has days like that!

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    I just want to thank you for all the wonderful hair tutorials you post. I’ve never been able to manage my hair very well…especially since it has decided to transition on its own accord from curly hair to wavy hair to almost straight hair that still behaves a bit like unruly curly hair.
    You videos are tremendously helpful and I’ve gotten a little better at coaxing my hair into some semblance of a style :)

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    Oh my gosh, so funny! I especially love when Letterman tries to shake his hand at then end and the guy doesn’t get the memo…so he shakes the dogs. Bahaha!

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