Oscar Hair Recap

Overall, I was underwhelmed by the hair at the Oscars. 
It was a lot of the same looks, and things we’ve seen before. 
I guess the good thing about playing it safe is that you are sure to make the “win” list instead of the “hair disaster” list! 
1. Amy Adams looked beautiful, but colorless. The look worked for her, but it was forgettable. I liked her hair, but it was a little too messy for my taste.

2. Jennifer Garner, sweetest wife in history. Did you see her tear up talking about Ben? She looked stunning in purple, and I loved her hair. It looked easy and comfortable to wear.

3. Stacy Keibler’s “fob” (faux bob) looked pretty good. It was a little wide on the bottom, but that may have been somewhat unavoidable depending on how long her hair actually is.

4. Reese. Classic. I’ve seen this before, but she killed it in the “shine” department. I also love her lip color.

5. Maria Menounos looked beautfiul. Her hair was extra large, but it looked soft and touchable.

6. Naomi Watt’s was my favorite. She looked beautiful. I did not enjoy her dress, but her hair and makeup was flawless.

7. Amanda Seyfried looked fantastic with her hair up and away from her face. Her eyes looked a little tired/red, but other that that she nailed it.

8. Jessica Chastain looked great. Her hair was predictable, but it does look good on her. 

1. Melissa. WHAT IS THAT. As a fellow lover of huge hair, this is shaped wrong, looks stiff, and isn’t doing a thing for you.

2. Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful, like usual, but I wish she would have changed it up. Her hair is always the same. 

3. Kristen Chenoweth was giving me heart palpitations through the tv screen due to her high energy on the carpet. And her bun was too tight. I think she’s cute, but she would have looked less severe with softer hair. But—I rarely like a tight bun/top knot, so I’m not surprised that her hair wasn’t a favorite of mine. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence looked happy to be there. Her makeup looked great, but her hair was boring. The top was stiff looking from some angles, and the back was too “done”. In other words, it looked a little over-thought.

Who were your favorites? 


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    I actually love Jennifer Lawrence’s hair. I think it’s really classy without looking old. Personally, I don’t understand why some stars for for a more messy/casual look. I mean, they’re wearing hundreds of diamonds and these fancy dresses. If there ever was a reason to have elegant hair, wouldn’t the oscars be one of them?

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    I know she is in the losers category but uhm her name is Melissa not Megan :) Her dress was kind of bad too. but she is super funny & awesome :)


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    Knowing she’s human and not perfect, I think Jennifer Garner is the definition of classy. She is graceful, loving and her commitment to her husband is evident, all things that make her beautiful in my opinion. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston’s (fashion-wise) but I totally agree, I would love to see her do something else with her hair, even though it’s been her trademark for.ever.

    Can I just say, I was definitely not a fan of Anne Hathaway’s pointy breast dress? It just didn’t seem ‘Hollywood Glam’ in my opinion :)

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      Yeah, Anne either didn’t look in the mirror or didn’t care but that dress was AWKWARD on so many levels. I just appreciate that there is already a twitter account created for her, ahem, lady parts.

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      Anne’s dress was definitely strange. My husband wondered if something was specifically sown in to make it appear that she had more there than she actually had for the dress. On the subject of dresses, I thought Octavia Spencer had a pretty dress on last night. Flattered a fuller figure.

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    Poor Jennifer;s hair had about 34 baby hsirs sticking up when she was being interviewed. I agee, always loved her hair but it’s always the same. I would’ve loved to see it in a messy fishtail braid…just my 2 cents.


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    I have to agree about Melissa Mccarthy. I love her, but when I saw her hair, I cringed.

    And I agree with Brenna above. Hair doesn’t have to be stiff, but it shouldn’t be messy.

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    This is the first time I’ve watched in a few years and I feel like it was rather casual this year. From what I remember this was the it award show and the whole feel was rather relaxed for me. I feel like I remember it being almost taboo to wear your hair down to a show of this caliber, but I guess they were spot on as far as trends go. Still not enough glitz for me. A huge lack of bling in my opinion!

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    I agree with you on Reese and Naomi Watts- two of my faves!!! I thought Salma Hayak’s hair looked pretty awful. I posted a fashion recap on my blog today as well, if you would like to check it out! :) http://mommyholly.blogspot.com LOVE your blog, by the way! I am a new reader of yours and am just loving it!
    xoxox Holly

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    I really loved Jennifer Lawrence’s hair along with Jessica Chastain. Both of them were just absolutely beautiful. And I agree with Jennifer Aniston…her hair was just blah.

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    I actually really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s updo. I also loved Jennifer Garner’s look. And I totally agree that Jennifer Aniston needs to stop only wearing her hair down. It would be nice to see a new style on her every so often.

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    Totally agree with all your comments. You put words to my thoughts, though.

    Kristin is so teeny tiny, she needs volume and a little softness around the botox – not a slam on her. I really like her a lot but that look was severe and she’s not.

    You didn’t comment on Helena Bonham Carter.

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    Charlize Theron! Love her. And the worst – Definitely Melissa. I actually said out loud, “What in the WORLD!?” But her dress was really good!!!

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    I, too, agree with most of your choices, but loved Jennifer Lawrence all the way around last night. She looked flawless. Felt AWFUL for her when she fell, but thought she recovered nicely and just sucked it up! Wearing their hair down worked for Reese and Jessica – old Hollywood glamour – but Jennifer Aniston definitely needs to do something more for the Oscars. Maria’s hair was way too big and “fun” for the Oscars in my opinion. And Melissa’s hairdo was a hair DON’T. Would’ve loved to see her wear her hair like it was in Identity Thief after her makeover. And, as usual, Kristen Stewart was a hotttttt messsss, as was Helene Bonham Carter…aye yey yey…

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    I agree with evrything you said. as for another one that I loved — ADELE!!!! It wasn’t really styled, but holy hannah, her hair ITSELF is so friggin’ thick and healthy and gorgeous I can’t stand it! I guess thats’ what eating meals of actual food + fat + protein will getcha. 😉

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    I agree totally with all of your comments. I know Anne’s dress was a mess but I do have to say that her hair is growing in really cute. If I had to cut my hair off to win an Oscar…I’d do it and I’d get a hair dresser that knew how to make my short hair cute. Good for you Anne!

    Ashely Rane Sparks

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    I have to disagree with JLaw – I thought the clean-swept hair was a good compliment to her bold, voluminous dress. But I could just be biased because I think she’s freaking adorable and love her style.

    Totally agree about Jennifer Aniston, though. I think she leaves her hair down & careless too much. She isn’t in her 20s anymore; she needs to DO something with that ‘do!

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    I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s hair. I thought Charlize should have been on your list for great hair. I also liked
    Anne Hatheway’s hair.
    and Jennifer Aniston should have been done something with her hair, put it up! And KStew, omgosh! Horrible! Brush, Style, get over the whole vampire mysterious look! !

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    I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I��ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

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