in which I hug the coconut tree

You know what? Even professional hairstylists can have the same issues as our clients. 

cue gasp.

Dryness, dull and lifeless hair, split ends, etc. And even though we know about all the best deep conditioners, leave-in treatments and other products to spruce up our locks, sometimes it helps to just get back to basics, nature style. 

I was mentioning my dry hair woes to my colorist Kelli, and she told me to try coconut oil.

“One of my clients came in and her hair was the softest it has ever been. I asked her what she’s been using, and she said coconut oil. Like, ‘on the shelf in the grocery store next to the olive oil’ coconut oil.”

So I ran out that evening and picked up a jar of coconut oil to deep condition my locks. 
The oil comes in solid form, but as soon as it warms up, either from the warmth of your hand or the warm steam in the shower, it liquifies and becomes spreadable.

My greatest fear in trying this natural conditioner is that it would make my hair greasy and heavy.

Childhood memories began to surface, and I recalled a time when my mom did a hot oil treatment on my hair.

It was soft, yes, but it was also extremely oily. YES I KNOW. Oily hair from an oil treatment—surprising. At this point you may be thinking,”so Kate. Are hot oil treatments good for your hair?”

I’d answer with a simple “meh.” Hot oil treatments aren’t bad for your hair, but they don’t add much other than, that’s right, oil and weight. Instead, consider coconut oil since it’s lighter, and just as conditioning.

Anyway, back to reality: I tried the coconut oil by scooping out about 1 tablespoon, emulsifying it in my hands, and rubbing it from mid-shaft to ends on my wet, freshly shampoo’d hair. I let it sit for about 6 minutes. Then I rinsed, and followed up with my normal conditioner.

And man was I impressed. It filled in all the holes of dryness and left me with stronger-feeling, softer hair. And absolutely no oily residue. And since then, my hair has been in fantastic shape.

It’s a subtle deep conditioner. You may not feel an extreme difference between the before and after, but I noticed the integrity of my hair was restored especially as I styled it.

Join me in the coconut oil tree hugging, would you? Maybe split a can with your neighbor since it seems you can only buy it in one size. Or, maybe you could begin cooking with it as well, who knows.

I’ve found a few other articles on the many wonderful uses of coconut oil too:

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    TY! I have been having winter hair issues ( dry, almost light feeling, lifeless but shiny) and was pondering this remedy I’ve heard so much about online (pinterest,blogs,ect). Now that you put your stamp of approval on it, I’m going to get it! I also heard it helps hair grow more and faster, which would be a Godsend since I’ve lost about 30% of my hair due to cancer pills ( im fine now, but it’s been 4 months and hair still gone). Cannot wait to try!

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    There is a very cheap brand of coconut oil also found in the grocers cooking oil section…LouAna brand. Under $6 for a good sized jar.
    I use it for soap making, but it can be used for a myriad of other things.
    Try it as an eye makeup remover. Works wonders!

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      I bought the same brand of coconut oil with the intentions of using it on my hair, but found it does not do the job and leaves my hair a greasy mess for days. After doing some online reading, I found that it is strongly not recommended due to it being refined and not organic! Better to spend a little more money on the good stuff than deal with such a hassle!

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    I love coconut oil. The unrefined is a bit healthier to cook with and eat, but it does have more of a coconut taste and smell. It is much cheaper for me to buy it on amazon as well. So anyone scared of the price, you might want to check there.

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    My mom uses coconut oil for lots of things, including cooking and washing her face. I haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet but this might help me get there!

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      I just started using coconut oil in my hair 3 weeks ago. Amazing results. I feel like coconut oil is the new ‘it’ thing. But I have found it to work wonders. I even dab a little bit on my fingers and smooth over my dried hair to tame frizzies.

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    Coconut is a beauty star! You can wash your face w/ lemon & honey and moisturize w/ coconut oil. I prefer to use organic refined and raw for a myriad of things. The healthy saturated fats are great for your brain and mood. I rub it into my hands before bed and sometimes my legs during winter. You can add it to your foods, especially if you are low carbing or paleo eating. You can even rub it on scars to help soften them and reduce the appearance of it. Coconut oil is a God gift for sure. Since you’ve been this brave, let me introduce you to chia gel :)

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    I love coconut oil! Trader Joe’s has some fabulous (and cheap to boot!) jars of coconut oil.Also, the unrefined type has a higher smoke point than olive oil, so it’s supposed to be safer for cooking at high temperatures with.

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    I love coconut oil! I have allergies to a lot of chemicals, so I use it for moisturizer, making my own deodorant which works better than any store bought I’ve ever tried, conditioning my hair, and cooking. It’s awesome!

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    Wow!! Good to know! I’ve been hearing this from a few people but they didnt divulge any further than just saying to try it. Glad I actually heard that it doesnt make hair greasy and it works right away. I have thick, coarse hair so I need something like that!

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    I have thick, naturally curly, hair that I blow dry straight (wavy….never straight). I have been on the coconut oil bandwagon for about 3 years now and wouldn’t change it for the world. I use it and only it in my hair. No gels, no sprays no nothing. I use it as a deep conditioner every once in a while, but also I use it before blow drying, just on the ends. Just a small amount or it can look greasy. If I get the fly away bits, I just rub a bit in my hands and smooth it over my hair. Works like a charm! It’s a GREAT make up remover too!!! Amazing stuff!!

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      I also have curly hair that I blow dry and then flat iron or use a curling iron. It gets pretty smooth and straight, I think because it’s fairly fine. I very rarely wear it curly, but when I do, I have a “halo” of random fuzzy hairs all around my head. Perhaps the coconut oil will remedy this??

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      Hi Teresa, I never wear my hair curly either. I just rub a little (pea size) of the oil between my palms and lightly (barely touching) smooth your hair…if you press too hard I am afraid that it will look greasy. Just lightly smooth down the fly aways. I think you will like it! Good luck.

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    I feel like I get split ends way too quickly after a hair cut. I do use a lot of heat. I have fine naturally curly hair that I blow dry and flat iron or use a curling iron. I almost never wear it curly – it’s just not me.
    Do you think this could help keep my ends from splitting so quickly? How often would you recommend using as a “deep conditioner”?

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    I’m going to have to try this out! I havce massive afro hair that I have to tame with the straightener over and over and it ultimately looks dull. How often would you recommend using this?! Thanks!


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    I have been reading about coconut oil lately as well! I have wanted to try it and how you described sounds so simple. I already do this with a hair mask, etc… but I never quite see the results I ‘think’ I should get. Thanks for posting about this!

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    I just bought some coconut oil from Trader Joe’s (for cooking – my doctor told me to try going dairy-free) but it is the perfect item! You can literally use it for cooking, on your skin, in your hair! It’s AWESOME!

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    I LOVE coconut oil! I sometimes put it in the ends of my hair and clip it up on the top of my head and let it on overnight. By morning most of it is absorbed (& you look greasy) but wash it and dry it, Silky smooth shiny goodness!!

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      Thanks for the info. I used it tonight for the first time. I forgot how much you said you use, so I kept slapping more on because it didn’t feel like it was doing much as I was putting it on in the shower. What a mistake! My hair was a GREASE PIT when I attempted to blow dry it. It was disgusting. I immediately jumped right back in the shower and gave it a good shampoo. That, luckily, did the trick. My hair feels super soft and not greasy at all :) Learned my lesson!

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    Kate I LOVE coconut oil!! I haven’t tried it for my hair. I do use it as…diaper rash cream. We (the kiddos) are out of the diaper stage, but when they were in diapers we used cloth not disposables. My little ones never got diaper rash!

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    Popcorn! Melt a couple tbsp of coconut oil in a saucepan over low/medium heat (I put it on 4 – out of 10), throw in about 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, cover (important!) and you’ll have a delish, low guilt snack!

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    I love using coconut oil in my hair! I typically put it in when it is dry, sleep with it over night or just sit around with it in for like an hour then shower and rinse out. But I like your idea of using it on wet hair.

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    I am so excited to try this!!!!! Luckily its my day off, and I plan on heading out to the grocery store and pick up some coconut oil. I have been big on trying new, more natural, things in life, and this is one I can’t wait to try.

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    I love it for so many things! I like smothering my wet hair in it, putting a grocery bag on my head, and letting it sit while I soak in the tub.

    I also love it for cleaning my makeup off and for shaving!

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    As a dietician, a Word of caution to using coconut oil to cook with. This oil has the highest saturated fat content of all oil, higher than even lard or palm oil. The effects of saturated fats are that they raise cholesterol levels; LDL, the bad kind. Eventually this puts you at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases, such as, strokes and heart attacks. So coconut oil for you hair, not on your plate!

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    Don’t keep it in the shower! I learned this the hard way…it will get icky and gross and you will end up throwing half the jar away because it smells funky. Cool, dry place for storage! 😉

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    I’m a health not freak and coconut oil is one of the best products to have around. It’s great for aiding weight loss, natural healing, beauty care and more! The best prices I’ve found are at Costco (one gallon bucket) and online at Mountain Rose Herbs. Glad you found the world’s best product!

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    I love coconut oil for my hair! My hair is dry, frizzy, and not-as-curly-as-it-was-before-kids… so pregnancy does change your hair! My stylist could even tell it was way healthier than when I first started going to her!

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    I’ve been using coconut oil for my face mixed with baking soda and have like it so far, but was scared to use in my hair for the exact same reason, too greasy! Glad its not and I’m def going to use it in my hair tomorrow!

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    I have combination skin, with occasional break outs. So when I heard that people were having success controlling acne with using coconut oil, I was skeptical. I finely tried it, when I ran out of my regular Cleanser. Let me tell you I will never go back! My skin has never felt softer, looked more even toned, and no acne, or dryness. I wet my face with warm water, rub a little coconut oil in my hands, rub it on my face from the neck up, wet a wash cloth with warm/hot water, hold cloth on face as it cools, and then rinse face while gently patting face with cloth. That’s it! My face is cleansed, and moistureized.

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    I have combination skin, with occasional break outs. So when I heard that people were having success controlling acne with using coconut oil, I was skeptical. I finely tried it, when I ran out of my regular Cleanser. Let me tell you I will never go back! My skin has never felt softer, looked more even toned, and no acne, or dryness. I wet my face with warm water, rub a little coconut oil in my hands, rub it on my face from the neck up, wet a wash cloth with warm/hot water, hold cloth on face as it cools, and then rinse face while gently patting face with cloth. That’s it! My face is cleansed, and moistureized.

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    I have combination skin, with occasional break outs. So when I heard that people were having success controlling acne with using coconut oil, I was skeptical. I finely tried it, when I ran out of my regular Cleanser. Let me tell you I will never go back! My skin has never felt softer, looked more even toned, and no acne, or dryness. I wet my face with warm water, rub a little coconut oil in my hands, rub it on my face from the neck up, wet a wash cloth with warm/hot water, hold cloth on face as it cools, and then rinse face while gently patting face with cloth. That’s it! My face is cleansed, and moistureized.

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    My son gets very dry patches on his skin, and coconut oil clears them up overnight! We cook with it, use it for moisturizer, and keep it on hand for first aid – it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal!

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    I actually use it as a facial moisturizer! My skin has never looked better :) I put it in my hair and then don a shower cap while I do housework and let it work it’s magic 😉

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    Coconut oil is amazing! We started giving a spoonful to our dog with his food last summer to help with skin allergies (seasonal flank alopecia); since we already had it; I started using it as a hair mask and I now I use it once a week, overnight on my hair. The results are amazing!


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    I have been reading up on coconut oil & have just recently started using it. I have & have always had, crazy insanely dry hair. I normally shampoo every other day, sometimes every 3 days depending on how much product I’ve used. So now on the nights before I shampoo, I will massage coconut oil from my scalp to my ends, saturating the ends, heat slightly w/ my blow dryer, wrap my hair up in a warm towel & then sleep in it. Next morning I shampoo (usually twice to make certain there isn’t heavy residue) condition & then style as usual. My hair feels amazing! I have also rubbed just a little bit in my hands & then scrunched into my ends on days when it has been especially cold & blustery outside. Just started using it this week as a nightly moisturizer on my face & it feels so soft! And cooking with it really adds a lot of flavor. So far I am loving it & just found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade body scrub using it, can’t wait to try that!

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    Coconut oil really does the trick. It’s quite awesome actually. *It also rocks as an eye make up remover. I deep condition with coconut oil, but I leave it on overnight and wash in the morning. I don’t put enough on so it’s dripping, just to coat the hair and ends. Another fantastic product is Jojoba oil. A ‘small’ amount (a drop or two for medium hair) is a wonderful daily conditioner on damp hair before drying and styling. As long as you don’t use too much, it’s not greasy at all.

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    Hi Kate! I am also a hairstylist (P.S. I LOVE love love your blog) and I have been a HUGE fan of extra virgin olive oil (evoo) on damp towel dried hair, wrap evoo covered hair with plastic wrap (or use a plastic cap) and leave on 1 hour or more, shampoo out 2 times and condition as normal. I’ve been doing evoo treatments on my wavy/curly hair for over 7 years now and my hair is in fantastic shape, I always recommend evoo to my curly hair clients/friends. I will have to try coconut oil as a comparison! Thank you Kate!! Keep up the awesome work!

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    So interesting that this can be used for hair treatment too. I use coconut oil for face moisturizer. I love it, it makes my skin super soft & smooth. The only down side is that there is no SPF in it, so I have to make sure I either put that on separate before going outside, or that I find a makeup that has it in it. Coconut oil is also great for cooking with, it doesn’t taste anything like coconut and works great in stir-fry or basically anything that EVOO is used.

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    I’m obsessed with coconut oil! I use it on my hair about twice a week and I use it as a facial moisturizer. It has helped tremendously with my acne and my hair is super soft and manageable. That stuff is truly amazing! I’ve been using it for about 9 months now. Best beauty secret out there!

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    I loe using it on my hair as well. I usually put it on and then cover it with a shower cap and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes and then wash it and condition it as normal. It feels incredible after and is so soft and manageable plus it is shinier and healthier looking than before. Love that stuff!

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    I’m also obsessed with coconut oil, and use it mostly as a facial moisturizer but also as an overall lotion. I can’t recommend it enough!! I’m glad to see there are so many other people out there who also love it. :-)

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    Haha my sister and I have joked that according to Pinterest all of our beauty problems can be solved either with coconut oil or baking soda. I have been wondering if the pins about using it as a conditioner were true or not but hadn’t gotten around to actually trying it. I usually keep it around to make my own body scrubs so I even have some on hand. I LOVE the way it smells, if I can have my hair smell like coconut I might have to really fight to keep myself from using it EVERY day.

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    I use coconut oil for everything. Moisturizer for my newborn (his skin is gorgeous as a result), diaper creme, moisturizer for my entire body, cleanser, makeup remover, cooking, deep conditioner for hair, and lube! I LOOOOOOOVE it. I’ve had dry hair and acne my entire life. Coconut oil has totally improved both problems.

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    This is great to know! And as a hair stylist I’m happy to see you taking a natural approach just to test it out. All too often I feel like I have to buy the MOST expensive thing to make my hair pretty. I like a double duty product like this!

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    I bought that exact jar of it today. Thanks for the tip. I’m sitting here massaging a little into my dry hands and nails. Can’t wait to try it on my hair in the shower tonight!

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    My mom actually gives me a coconut oil head massage whenever she visits. We actually warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds and it feels so amazing when she massages it in. Leaving it on overnight is the way to go. After I wash my hair the next day, it feels so silky smooth.

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    I’ve just started using coconut oil as well! I made lotion bars (next time I’ll scent them with essential oils) and chapstick. Will be trying this soon! and the sugar scrub from the link :)

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    i wish i could buy it here in spain! my hair is on the oily side so i definitely dont need it for my hair but i would love to cook w/ it. i asked for it and was told it didnt exist :)

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    I learned how to use Coconut Oil from my daughter
    when she lived in Guam 5 years ago.
    all the Asian women use
    it for their hair and all over their bodies..
    Get organic it’s great!

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    Here’s what to do with all the extra coconut oil:
    Chocolate Almond Butter Cups:
    1/2 c. coconut oil (soften to liquid)
    1/2 c. almond butter (or peanut butter if you prefer)
    1/2 c. cocoa powder (good quality!)
    1/4 c. honey (or agave nectar)
    1/2 t. vanilla
    Mix it all together. Pour into 12 cupcake liners and refrigerate. They will be about the size of a Reese’s peanut butter cup and are delicious! I like to sprinkle a bit of sea salt on top while they are still “wet.” Mmmm. Sugar-free, gluten-free.

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    You can get a big organic, container about 5-6 times the size of that one at Costco for about $14. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with and has a million and one uses. It’s the best greaser for baking pans when baking anything.

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    I have a big tub of coconut oil so I am going to try this tomorrow! I recently made cornmeal pancakes with coconut oil(instead of vegetable oil) and they were slap-yo-mamma good!

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    i’ve been doing this lately too, and LOVE it. i’ve also been washing my face at night with coconut oil and really am a huge fan. (which makes me feel like a super hippie..ha!)

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    Does it effect how well your hair holds style? I’ve noticed that after a deep condition my hair is softer and slicker and won’t get as volumized or curl as easily.

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    Wow, this got one hell of a response!

    I feel inclined to point out that unrefined, raw, cold pressed coconut oil is basically the bees knees (do bed REALLY have knees? I digress) and the quality difference is pretty amazing. I love that stuff…use it for a bajillion things.
    I also feel inclined to point out that, though FABULOUS for your skin, it will have a tendency to open your pores quite a bit over time…so using it as a facial moisturizer is the one thing I don’t do.
    I second the chia gel suggestion as well….chia is another god send!

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    my hair has been really dry this past winter so i’ll have to try this!
    i was recently reading on another blog that the reason that coconut oil is so moisturizing compared to other oils is because it has the smallest molecule structure, so it can be more readily absorbed.
    i’ve heard lots of rave reviews about using it to shave your legs too-no need for lotion after the shower!

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    1-LOVE your Blog
    2-You do NOT shampoo again after the coconut oil but you actually use conditioner after you rinse it out?
    3-is it safe for your plumbing/septic system to wash this down the drain?

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    Hi Kate! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now(though I never comment,not sure why??) and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m a fellow hairstylist of 18 years that struggles with blonde, dry, lifeless hair. I can’t wait to give this a try!!! Thanks for the wonderful blog and keep up the fabulous work!!! =)

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    I tried this last night and it failed horribly. I thought I was doing ok until I got to blow drying my hair. I found some wet looking sections and realized it was actually greasy rather than wet. I had to get back into shower and re-wash hair to get it all out.

    I use the biologe smoothing line so maybe too many oils all at once, any suggestions?

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    Hi Kate. I absolutely love your blog and have tried out many of your hair tutorials and your suggestions. When I read this post, I immediately went to the store and purchased the coconut oil. I’m anxious to try it, but won’t until the weekend. In case it doesn’t work for me or I do something wrong, I’ll need the weekend to fix it. ;P Thanks for your blog!!!

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    Ok trying again to leave a comment. Great post Kate. I had heard about this from a friend and after reading this I am really eager to try this myself. Thanks for sharing.

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    I am going to try this! I am a swimmer and the chlorine just kills my hair. I have been doing some research to try and find remedies to cure my ever drying hair. We shall see how this works for me! Thanks for the post!

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    I tried it this morning and followed your directions…..and my hair came out a greasy mess. Maybe it’s because I live above 7000ft (we blame everything on altitude up here)? But I had to shampoo it a few times to finally get the greasiness to go away. I suppose it’s a little softer now…

    I have a lot of dark thick hair so maybe my hair type isn’t right for this treatment? I rinsed it really good after I left it in but no matter what I did it still didn’t feel right. Dried it and realized I had to get back in the shower :( But it’s better now. I was starting to panic a bit at first!

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      I JUST got out of the shower and (sorta) finished blowdrying my hair…It never got fully dry, and while it does feel incredibly soft, it does feel kind of greasy as well. I’m going to see how it looks in the morning, if it’s still greasy, thank goodness for ponytail holders!

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      I just shampoo’d once in the morning, no conditioner, and it was all out and my hair was really soft! I think next time, I’m going to put it in mostly on the ends, let it sit for 30 min or so, then shampoo & condition as usual!

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    My MIL bought a jar of coconut oil from Trader Joe’s for a recipe she made for a vegan tea party. I haven’t tried using it for anything yet, as I have no clue what to use it for. My sister uses it for cooking, but I don’t know how to do that (I’m a big EVOO fan).

    I’m glad you posted on this because I was thinking about using it for my hair, but didn’t really know how it would turn out.. I’m also going to use it for face wash. I hear it’s great with a little baking soda mixed in.

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    Ok girl… I love your blog! I keep hearing how everyone loves Coconut oil in thair hair, however I tried it – same as you describe here – and it left my hair a sticky, greasy mess! It took 2 tries with Redken hair cleansing cream and 5 (yes 5!) tries with straight up Dawn dish soap over 2 days to get it all out. I was so sad…

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    Disaster! I tried this before work and ended up an hour late and stressed for the rest of the day. I used the same coconut oil you show in the picture, the same amount, and followed your shower instructions step-by-step. I ended up with greasy, sticky globs of hair that even a pony tail wouldn’t save.

    I stay away from Pinterest or blog inspired hair treatments- especially those that use oil. But because you are a hair stylist, I tried yours, and unfortunately, was very disappointed.

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    So happy you posted this as I am also a hair stylist and have had a lot of clients ask about coconut oil. I ran right out and purchased some and tried it out. Unfortunately it left my hair greasy. Not sure what I did different, maybe used too much? Have any suggestions that would make a difference? The only thing I can come up with is that maybe my hair wasn’t quite as dry as I thought. I’m
    Valerie @

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    I tried this this morning (brought the iPad into the bathroom to double check the steps before I did it) but OMG it’s left my hair greasy and stringy. I didn’t condition afterwards becasue I was worried about build up, but what should I do now? No time at the moment to re-wash, it will have to wait for this evening, but do you think just keep shampooing it, or is there something that will work better to remove the grease? Also, should I be worried about build up? Oh no!!!

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      Family Stew- baby powder, corn starch or flour. Put it in a little at a time and brush through it. It doesn’t totally remove the grease, but it helped enough me for to look decent and go to work. Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the tips, Brooke. A pony-tail didn’t help me today either (it was a slick tail!) I had to wear a hat and a tight nape of the neck bun – LOL! I have recovered now though I bought Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo and washed it a few times when I got back home and it seems to have recovered!

      Kate, when you said “rinse and condition” did you mean “shampoo and condition”? That’s the only thing I could think of that I did wrong, was I just rinsed the coconut oil as best I could (didn’t use shampoo) and didn’t condition because it seemed so slick already. I might try this again one day and just shampoo after the coconut oil treatment.

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    Please use caution before putting CO on your face! I love it for cooking and a ton of other things (makes a great all-natural…ahem…lubricant) but made the mistake of slathering it on my face before bed for a few weeks and am suffering dearly! My skin broke out in places I had NEVER broken out and now I’ve turned to Retin-A to try to clear it up. Not to mention the scarring. So, not a great facial moisturizer for sure!

  66. says

    What a disaster! I followed the directions as written, but my hair ended up an oil slick that would not dry. I’ve washed it several times over the last few days and it’s still not fixed. I’m headed out now in a hat to buy a stronger shampoo.
    Kate please warn your readers this may not be for everyone and publish a fix if you can think one up.

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    I am not a hair stylist, but a solution for those with really greasy hair could be washing with dawn. The original blue dawn. I have also read it could be used to get rid of residue. I think I read the original is the safest.

    Of course, be cautious with this remedy as well in case of reaction.

    Hope this helps some of you.

  68. says

    I saw all these posts before I decided to use the CO – and here is what I did….I don’t know if this will work for some of you but for me it worked:

    I used a small amount of the coconut oil as soon as I got in the shower – before I shampoo’d or conditioned. I have hair that is about 2-3 inches below my shoulders. Rubbed in a small quarter or less sized amount from chin length down. Showered as normal (washed my face, body, etc) then I shampoo’d really well and made sure to lather really well. Then I conditioned my hair after washing out my shampoo (I honestly use just a basic Aveeno shampoo because I have sensitive skin) and it seemed to work really really well for me.

    My only thought was maybe the amounts were off because everyone’s hair is different in length, thickness.

    I used the coconut oil for my dog’s coat and realized this initially when bathing him – a little bit goes a loooooong way – he turned into a greasy mess while trying to help his dry skin and his doggie shampoo helped him but by the time I got around to showering – I realized using a teensy amount was probably better for me.

    Hope this helps some of you.

    ps. Neutrogena’s anti-residue shampoo works wonders – smells terrible but works fantastic – used it several times when I’ve had to get out mass amounts of hair spray after prom, etc.

    • says

      I think what people forget is this is like lard! But as soon as you grab a lump of it it begins to melt. The melt point is 76 degree’s. As long as you wash or rinse your your hair with very hot water it should desolve quite readily! But if you use cold water then you may be in trouble because it will stiffen back up! Then you may have problems because you didn’t rinse it thoroughly enough with hot water only.

      I don’t use it in my hair I use it for cooking and eating to lose weight 3-4 tbsp per day! And i am diabetic so it does wonders for my blood sugar level as well. I also use it on my skin sores ordry spots or on my legs or feet this stuff is too simple for most people to believe but it has been like a miracle to me. There is a book called the coconut oil miracle but there is free info too just google it!

  69. says

    I’m a fellow stylist and coconut hippie as well. I put a teeny tiny bit in my hair after styling, and use it in replacement of my Moroccan Oil. My hair is super fine, and a little bit goes a looooong way!

  70. says

    Ladies, here is what I do when I give my hair a coconut oil treatment. I have no issues at all when using this method, and I highly recommend it!

    First, start with organic unrefined coconut oil, I use Trader Joe’s brand as of right now. You only need enough to cover the hair, it doesn’t need to be soaked down or dripping. It will warm with the heat of your hands, so you don’t have to heat it up unless you want to. Once applied, I usually clip it up and cover with a plastic cap if available, if not you can wrap in a towel if you wish or just leave as is. I prefer to cover it, as I am quite clumsy and would probably have oil everywhere if I don’t. :)

    Next, you can heat with a blowdryer or just let the heat from your scalp do the work, it’s completely optional. You can leave it on for anywhere from 20-30 mins as a quick treatment, to a few hours or even overnight to really let it sink in. If you prefer to leave it overnight, you may want to place a towel over your pillow to avoid a big mess.

    Now here is the most important part of the whole deal: *DO NOT WET YOUR HAIR BEFORE SHAMPOOING!!!!* If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.. oil and water do not mix! Apply shampoo to your hair before you wet it, work it in the best you can, then you can wet it and lather it. If needed after rinsing, you may shampoo once more. Then, you can condition as normal, if you wish.

    This is an amazing treatment, I highly recommend it. Following this method, I’ve never had a problem with leftover oil or residue, or greasy hair after drying. Give it a shot, I hope you all love it too! :)

  71. says

    K so I used coconut oil on my hair and got good results. So, I decided to put some on my dry legs.
    That was a mistake, not because it was bad… Because my cats won’t stop trying to eat me!

    Hope they don’t get sick! *sigh*

  72. says

    Definitely should’ve looked at the comments before trying it. Same disaster as every one else. My hair won’t dry and is very greasy. Yikes.

  73. says

    Kate, I am a total advocate of coconut oil, both on the outside and the inside of the body. First, coconut oil isn’t fully legit unless is actually smells like coconuts. Organic and virgin it should be. Any other kind like refined has been modified and lacks it’s beneficial nutrients. Do you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you? They have the best kind, Nutiva, and have all different sizes. When my hair was long last year, I used the coconut oil on my hair while it was dry and only on my ends. Since coconut oil is an oil, I found that the water and oil did not mix well. My thought was that since the hair was already wet, the strands weren’t absorbing the oil. So I put it on my ends for about 20 mins, sometimes longer and tied it in a bun on the back of my hair. Then I shampooed and conditioned like normal. I did that about once or twice a week. You definitely don’t need a ton, it depends on your hair type and length. Lastly, use it as a body moisturizer just like lotion and add some to your morning smoothie. Also you can cook with it since it can heat to a higher temp. Olive oil shouldn’t be used as a cooking oil when heated to high temps because it omits some toxins. Anyway, i hope you find this helpful since I’m always finding your tips helpful! For once, I can contribute :)
    Oh one more thing….when you have an oily scalp, use half water and half Apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on just your scalp and leave for 20 mins. Takes away all the gunk in no time and doesn’t mess with color or the rest of your hair! Do try :)

  74. says

    Mine wouldn’t dry and was very greasy, so I jumped back in the shower and shampoo’d it again with no conditioner and it dried like normal and was super soft!!!! Next time, I will put coconut oil on my hair first , then shampoo & condition.

  75. says

    Like some of the others, my hair was quite greasy and stringy after using the coconut oil. I had to jump right back into the shower. To get it out, I highly recommend using Dawn dish soap as some of you suggested. I’ve been using it for over 10 years and it’s always been my go-to product to get out all the build-up and hair spray from my hair. (It definitely came in handy after prom and the weddings I’ve been in). I only put it in my hair once every 2-3 weeks.

    After I used the dish soap to get out the coconut oil, I shampooed and conditioned like usual. When I went to blow-dry, my hair was a little softer, but I don’t know if that’s from the coconut oil or my new conditioner.

    I’m not giving up on coconut oil just yet. Perhaps if I melt it in the microwave then leave it in my hair wrapped in a towel for an hour, maybe that will work. But we’ll see. That jar of coconut oil cost me five bucks, I’m not letting it go to waste. 😛

  76. says

    I tried this morning and am having some minor issues as well. I think I’ll be putting the mane into a ponytail before lunch. BUT my ends do feel softer!!

    I have thick brunette hair, so I used a smidge more than the tablespoon Kate mentioned. I shampoo’d and left it on for 5 or so minutes in the shower while I shaved. I rinsed as best as I could and then conditioned as normal.

    I think next time I’ll try to do the coconut oil after I wet my hair…before shampooing. That way I can give my scalp a good suds & rub down. The area right at the back of my head is where i’m having “oily” feelings. Also, since I have layered long hair, I applied from the chin down. Maybe next time i’ll try to concentrate more on just just ends as best as possible. We all know it wicks up a bit anyway.

    Overall, i’m not giving up on it. My ends do feel softer. I think everyone might just need to tweak it for themselves. Worse case scenario, make it a messy bun day!!!

  77. says

    I use this too! You can add it to about anything from lip scrubs to hair masks. I also enjoy camellia oil, which removes make-up even better and washes off without residue.I always avoid any type of oil for my skin and hair as I worry it will make me either break out or look like I washed my hair in chip fat! I might have to give this a try though, I like the sound of it for hair!

    Ethnic Hair

  78. says

    Coconut oil is AMAZING! I am just getting hooked on it. Works wonders for my mild eczema (mix with some lavender essential oil). Used it in my hair just two nights ago and my hair still feels amazing! :)

  79. says

    coconut oil is good for the inside and outside of you body just like olive oil,but olive oil causes some people scalp to itch, you can use both to remove makeup and use as a face moisturizer, just rinse with warm water.. coconut oil is especially good for people over 40 for scalp problems, it has so many benefits..

  80. says

    Coconut oil in a huge jar is now sold at Costco(in the cooking section) It’s about $22.. I cook with it and put some in a smaller container that I keep in the bath for my face, skin and hair. It’s also essential for dogs, They get some to lick up everyday..they fight over who gets to lick first.

  81. says

    I use Coconut oil daily and it is very beneficial for my hair and skin. It really works. It made my hair more thick and shiny. Thanks for sharing your valuable post. Your writing style is impressive.

    • says

      Acne is a skin Acne treatment disease that involves the oil glands found at the base of hair follicles. These glands come to life during puberty due to both male and female hormones produced at that time. Because of these hormones, this is the time acne usually occurs.

      Acne occurs when the oil glands at the base of hair follicles get blocked and oil accumulates under the skin. Acne isn’t medically dangerous, but it can be frustrating and embarrassing, especially for teens. It is estimated that nearly ¾ of the population between 11 and 30 will get acne. When acne flares up, it usually occurs on the face, but often can be found on the back, chest, shoulders and neck.

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