two brights

coral top // purple sweater // jeans // wedges (Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx)

I wasn’t sure how these two tops would go together, but I tried them on and thought it worked. I didn’t buy them with the intention of wearing them together, but as I was wearing the coral top and looking for a sweater to wear over it, my eye kept going to this purple sweater. 

This coral top is the kind of shirt that can be worn year-round. It will be simple to wear in the spring and summer, since it’s a bright color and a lightweight fabric, but I’ve also found ways to incorporate it into my winter wardrobe. Pairing it with darker colors, from heather grey to navy, it can act as a subtle addition to a mostly “dark” outfit.

Do you store away all your summer clothes in the winter? Think twice before you pack everything away. . . you may be surprised how a blouse or shirt can be paired with a sweater for winter! 


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    Love the bold colors Kate, you look great! I am wearing the headband from Ulta you showed in your blog and have got some many complements already today. You have such great style :-)

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    This combo looks great together. I’m actually wearing the same purple sweater today :) Have you noticed that when you’ve washed this it shrank? My blue one seemed to a bit, even though I laid it flat to dry :(

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    I opened this post, saw the photos, thought “oh, summer colours in winter! Nice!” Then I scrolled down and that was exactly what you were talking about! Great ideas thanks :)

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    Cute outfit, Kate! I love the pop of coral from underneath the sweater. I bet that is a super versatile top. I’ve started working at Hot Mama, training be the manager of the Naperville, IL store, and we’re all about fun layering options like that!


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      small world: my dad is on the board of Hot Mama! Whenever my sister and I fly home, we always stop by the Hot Mama in Naperville to shop! Maybe I’ll see you there next time we’re home! :)

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    That’s really pretty! I have never stored my seasonal clothes away before, but I’ve actually been considering it lately. Our closet is kind of small, and I feel like I could do more with my wardrobe if it wasn’t so cluttered. Does that make sense? But, then again, I would “miss out” on cool color combinations like this one.

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    One, I have polka dot pants just like those, and I was at a loss for a color to wear with them. I have a coral top like this one, so thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, it is very wonderfully bizarre that this sweater (in two other colors) is sitting in my online shopping basket at this exact moment. I was wondering whether or not you felt it was true to size? I was thinking an XS, but I don’t know if I should go looser with a S. Just wanted your input! Now that I see the purple, I’m rethinking my color choice, haha.


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    I’ve got a similar-ish purple sheath top from Loft, and you’re so right – it’s mad versatile!

    With the exception of snowboard/snow wear, I’ve never been one to stow away seasonal clothes. I assume this is because my mom never did when I was younger? Now my theory is that if I do, I’ll think I have more space and should buy more clothes, and I need to do all I can to discourage my shopping!

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