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It was raining last night. A steady consistent fall, that left my wipers operating at the perfect speed.

Just when I needed the windshield to be wiped, they swiped. As if they knew. Smarties.

But it got me thinking. I do all my thinking in the car. Keeps me from texting–although now that Siri is around she gets used like a can of hairspray <—see what I did there.

Anyway. . .

One of the luxuries of my job behind the chair is getting to talk with my clients. Not chit-chat about the weather or the Kardashians, but real talk. All of my clients are regulars, and have been coming to me anywhere from 1-5 years.

I know them. Some of them I knew very deeply. Which I love.

And one thing that is overwhelmingly consistent among a lot of the people in my life, from clients to friends to new friends at church and so on, is the similarities we share. We may struggle with different things, or celebrate different things, but there is a level of sameness among us.

That never really registered until I allowed myself to open up more. The more I opened up, the more I saw these similarities in my friends. Notice I’m not using the word “identical”. We’re all different, but we’ve walked down similar roads, maybe at the same time, or maybe not.

And we’ve found things that bring us peace and contentment. And joy!

I tend to be pretty introspective. I blame it partially on my philosophy degree, partially on my sensitive nature, and partially ( I hope ) on a willingness to better myself. To improve the parts that I want to improve. Like organization. And my sense of humor. I kid. (obviously don’t need improvement there)

Do you focus too much on things you want to change about yourself, that you miss the good things?

Do you think about the things you like about yourself? Not in a narsissistic or vain way, but in a “I like that part of my personality” way. Do you like that you are funny? Thoughtful? Emotional? Calm? Spontaneous?

Can you think of three things you like about yourself? Not accomplishments or achievements, but deep personality type of things.

Mine are listed in the photo above.

Maybe it’s the end of the year (or the WORLD!!!! kidding.) that’s got me thinking about this. I’m not a resolution kind of girl, but I do like to reflect, and try to grow from experiences.

So, if you are willing, share those three things in the comments below. And remember those in the times you are struggling.

And as you enter into 2013 soon, and set goals or make resolutions, don’t forget your great parts.


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    Calm, easy going, kind. Thanks for the great post this morning. It made me think about the things I like about myself as we often think too much about the things that we want to change.

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    I like how I have grown into becoming more mature as a person after I got married, how my faith grew in God and how I have become a good cook :).

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    Great post! Thanks… I’ve been focusing on what I need to do better lately. Which isn’t bad, but its great to highlight what I’m doing right and love about ME too!
    Do you know of any hair stylist just like you in Houston,TX?

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    I asked my son what he thought my three traits are.. He stated “you play with me, we snuggle and we love each other.” :) I would have to say mine would be: sensitive, caring, and courteous

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    I loved reading this post. It is sometimes difficult to focus on all the good things about myself, so it’s nice to take a moment and call them out.
    Sensitive, compassionate, positive. :)

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      Mine too Kate! I even posted it on my FB status this morning. Mine had to do a funeral graveside service…it was so cold and windy and even snowing a little (not very common here in East TN)…I commented that I felt bad he had to be out in the “elements” on a day like today…his response was that he was glad he was able to wear his winter coat that doesn’t get much use. Oh my! I strive to be more positive — it is just not my nature. (I call myself a “realist” but that often brings about the negative side more than the positive!)

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    My comment went through before I was ready…

    Great post, Kate! I think it’s so important for us to always remember what we like about ourselves… Id have to say thoughtful, kind and funny.

    Merry christmas!

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    What an inspirational post. I think it’s a great time to reflect. I know I am very hard on myself, so it’s a great exercise to practice on a regular basis.

    I’d have to say I’m courageous, compassionate and sensitive.

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    It’s difficult to narrow down the list to just 3 (thanks, thoughtful brain!), but I think the legacy I’d like to leave is that I was loving, loyal, and a good friend.

    Also , I’ve found that a lot of people view sensitivity as a negative character trait, but I think it equips us to respond better to the needs of others! You should check out The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron 😉

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    I try to be good to everyone, even when they are not so great to me. I aspire to be compassionate, even when I feel down. I hope to treat everyone with respect, even when they are unkind to me.

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    I’m empathetic, creative, & loyal. I completely agree with Daisy Tails — it’s nice to think about the good inside of ourselves instead of areas needing improvement (particularly on the outside).

    Great post, Kate!

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    That was fun to read what other people “are”. I would say giving, creative, and faithful. I love seeing these traits in my parents and relatives (“oh, that’s where I got it from”), but also knowing God put His own twist on things to make me me!

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    Great post Kate! I think the 3 that come to mind for myself are giving, funny and honest. Funny you do your best thinking in the car, I think mine is done in the shower.

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    I struggle a lot with feeling “good enough”. So, thank you for putting it in perspective this morning. Here goes: put others before myself, kind, understanding, humorous, determined. God Bless you Kate. Merry Christmas!!!<3

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    Honest, loyal, and caring.

    I too struggle with the humble….. I think I am, but then I am afraid that saying it makes me proud….

    I am fairly new to your blog and I love it! Thanks!

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    I love this post. I tend to think like this quite frequently and it’s always helpful for my mental clarity. Perhaps our brains work somewhat similarly. Three things I like about myself are my optimism, creativity, and compassion.

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    This isinteresting-the words I think of that describe myself are, superficially, not nice words-type a, passionate (ok that’s ok, but I wanted to first say aggressive, but it stems from passion) and stubborn. But all those somewhat negative qualities are really what make me who I am. I will fight for something I believe in, and being anal helps me run a great household….I guess it’s all how you look at it

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    Passionate about being a mommy, creative , kind hearted. I love this post. Thankyou for being so personal. It made me sit back and think. I am new to your blog. and it has become my favorite. Thank you so much for all you do and share.

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    positive, hopeful, open-minded, highly supportive, passionate, frugal, driven, kind, forgiving.

    haven’t done a list like that in some time, thank you!

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    Thanks for the great post. I’d have to say I’m intuitive, faith-full (as in full of faith, not faithful. Not that I’m not faithful…you get it, right?), and reflective.

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    Sometimes God puts things in our face when we need to see them the most. Today, I needed this, thank you for this post. Kind, generous, and open-minded

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    This is such a hard one for me. I had to think a long time. It is a good reminder to have self-acceptance. I am empathetic, passionate, and blunt.

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    Thank you for the refreshing words this morning. Just what I needed to hear during this time of year’s resolution craze.

    And for myself, I would say

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