Three Ruffled Aprons eCookbook

We wrote an e-cookbook! 

We dreamed up this idea while we were all sitting in an inflatable pool in the driveways of my parents house in july.

I know, don’t all great ideas come from inflatable pools that are placed on a driveway?

My sister and I flew home in October, and we spent an entire saturday cooking and photographing (and eating) every recipe you’ll find in this cookbook.

We wanted to start with some of our very favorites, so we chose 10 of our “go-to” meals and snacks.

My mom is a fantastic home cook, and my sister and I are very thankful to have been brought up in a household where our mom enjoyed cooking delicious food. A few of the recipes are passed down from our grandparents, a handful are my mom’s, and the rest are combined from other favorites we have. 

If you are hosting any holiday parties this season, we’re sure you’ll find a recipe or two that is a total crowd pleaser. 

My favorite? The avocado salsa. yum. 

The eCookbook goes on sale TOMORROW and I’ll be hosting a giveaway where you can enter to win a copy (along with some other kitchen essentials!). Be sure to check back tomorrow to enter the giveaway! 


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    So, when I checked facebook this morning, Kelly Tutas had posted about her aunt and cousin’s cookbook. My husband and I work at Redcloud with the Tutas family. I have been reading your blog for a while but had no idea there was a connection! Small world!

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