December Q&A Video

It’s time for another monthly FAQ video, where I answer a handful of questions having to do with anything related to hair.

A lot of the questions this month had to do with winter-related issues or concerns.

In this video I’ll cover : static electricity, dry scalp (and I’ll talk about my skin condition on my scalp), preventing your hair from knotting up while wearing a scarf, and how to prevent exessive dryness or dull hair all winter.

I also noticed, when scanning through the questions from you all, a lot of you are asking things that are already answered. Check out my FAQ page, or previous FAQ videos, if you have a question!


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    Hello Kate!
    I´m a big fan of all your tutorials and your FAQ videos! I love them because they are all very useful and I´ve tried most of your hair styles even though I have long hair. My only regret is that since I´m not in the U.S. I can´t find some of the products you talk about or use. But oh well, I think I´m doing pretty good with what we have here in Spain :)
    Thank you for your time, and keep posting tutorials please! :)

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    I love using a dryer sheet over my hair when it is full of static, it really helps and smells good too! Also, not sure if you have heard of or tried Levia for your scalp psoriasis (A former co-worker of mine had great results!) a special phototherapy brush that is available from your dermatologist (I promise I’m in no way affiliated lol!) I know it can be very expensive depeding upon insurance coverage…just wanted to pass it along incase it may be helpful ; )

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    Hi Kate! My mom is a hairstylist and she has suffered with psoriasis for many many years. She has found the best thing for her scalp is Nioxin products. Also, Nioxin makes a leave in conditioner called Bliss that is truly amazing, and not quite as expensive as It’s a 10. Not sure if you’ve heard about this line or have tried them, but thought I would throw it out there!

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    Can you tell us what color your nail polish is in this video? I love how festive it is for the holidays! Thank you for your videos – I love them all!

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    I never thought to put conditioner on my scalp – duh!! I have extremely dry skin everywhere, all the time, but especially in the winter. My scalp itches constantly because its so dry! I “learned” years ago to never put conditioner on my scalp cause it would make my hair oily. Well, I don’t think I HAVE any oil in my body (haha), so I have no idea why I never thought to put conditioner there. Thanks for the video!!

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    I am so going to try your tip – I have psoraisis of the scalp too and it’s driving me crazy. The stuff the dermatologist gave me makes my hair super greasy – so I only use it when I know I am going to wash my hair. I might also look into some of these other products mentioned in the comments.

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    Hi Kate!

    Thanks for your information here. Do you have a recommendation for leave in conditioner that is available at Target or Walmart? I was interested in something a bit more reasonably priced. However, if you think that the It’s a Ten is the best, let me know and I’ll go with that.


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    Thank you SO very much for making these videos. I think this is the best one yet! For the It’s a 10 leave in conditioner, how much of that do you use? I have a bottle of it, but it’s near the bottom so it doesn’t spray anymore. I’ve been putting it in the palm of my hand and then running it through my hair, but I didn’t know if it was a product that you shouldn’t use too much of since it has the keratin in it. Thanks!

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    I just found this video and I have to say thanks! I’ve suffered from psoriasis of the scalp for a year, and have never met anyone else who has it. Glad to know I am not alone!

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