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Did you know I refuse to watch the first 10-20 videos that are published on the blog? It’s literally painful to see how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera.

I never inteneded on being the girl styling the hair. When the idea of hair tutorials came to me, I searched and searched on youtube so I wouldn’t have to make them myself.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I filmed a few.

People kind of like them.

So I kept filming.

And here I am, a year and a half later, still filming.

but still needing a LOT of editing. . .

this video features many blank stares, a Grits cameo, and the voice of my sister. And lots of awkwardness.


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    Thanks for sharing this! I loved it and it shows the “realness” of putting yourself out there. I have been putting off vlogging for a long time. I just can’t get up enough courage to put myself out there. 😉

  2. says I love the part where his tail goes back up and swoops over your face lol!! that was so funny!! You’re so cute, “Kate From my gray desk!” haha!

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    This made my day. Hilarious! I’m sitting here, wishing it were longer. Also, I watched the Grits scene twice – mostly because of your hilarious sentences. Thank you for the morning laugh!

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    Oh my gosh, I watched the Grits part at least 5 times just now! And I love how he randomly flicks his tail up to hit you in the face one last time! I almost died at the end at the pasty comment! Please post these more often!


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    Super cute. I still can’t believe that it’s only been a year. I am thinking I must have discovered you when you were just a rookie. Ironic because I thought you had been vlogging for years! Keep posting! I love it. I just did the latest big hair (Reese) with head band and received literally 10 or more comments. I always reply with “Thanks, check out Kate @thesmallthingsblog and you can do it too” :)
    Rock on!!

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    Grits is a real star on film haha! So funny!!! Love the “I’m so pasty” comment because its such a natural girl comment lol. Too too funny! Thanks for sharing!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this. You are just to cute for words. I have two cats and can totally relate! I absolutely love your blog and have tried a few of your hairstyles. Thank YOU and Merry Christmas!

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    hahah so funny! I hate leaving voicemails because I tend to say something dumb and then stop and then I have to hold myself back from commenting on what I just said haha totally relatable video!

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    This just made me so happy! It was cute and funny all at the same time. It’s nice to see the person behind the camera and how they react to silly things like a tail in the face haha. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I’m so glad you’ve been around for a year and a half already and I hope you have many many years to come!

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    You looked ridiculously pretty in the cat tail invasion section. And that clip was hilarious. You should include funny blooper intros in your videos. Always lots of fun. :)

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    I just laughed so hard I woke my husband. And then I watched it again!! :-). Love your videos! (Not to mention your stinkin’ cute cat!!).

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    THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! Everyone needs a good laugh and its good to know you’re just as normal (or not normal!) as the rest of us!! I agree that you should show more bloopers :)

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    This was a cute, treat to start my day. Thanks for making me laugh…but seriously, even though there are moments of bloopers with making videos…you still rock!! Keep up the good work:) E:)

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    Thanks for sharing! And your still super cute even in bloppers! The cat tail was hilarious also!! My dog tends to interrupt me/family when we are doing things also…

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    I am at my desk at work with headphones in. It took everything I had not to audibly crack up. I was shaking because I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud. When Grits hit you in the face with his tail–oh, man. I need to get myself together here.

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    I love, love, LOVE your videos! Thanks for being brave and showing the awesome blooper reel. I would love to have a “how to video yourself” tutorial, if you’re ever in the mood…I just started to try doing some videos, and I’m finding it so hard to get the lighting right. Yours are so nicely done. Thanks again.

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