accessorizing a little black dress

Do you have any fancy parties to go to this holiday season? For Christmas or New Years? If you are sticking to the classic “lbd” (little black dress), play around with some new jewelry to change up the look. Below are some suggestions of necklace/earring combinations, but keep in mind if the neckline of your dress is different, some of these combinations may not work.

Other ways to spice up your little black dress are with fun tights, a unique clutch, or colorful shoes

Most of all, wear something you are comfortable in so you can enjoy your evening!


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    this is so helpful! can you do more posts like this? i never know how to accessorize – i feel like i always have a necklace i want to wear, but can’t figure out which earrings would look good, what bracelet to wear with it, etc.

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    I like to pair simple black dresses in the wintertime with a colorful cardigan and a black belt around the waist. If i want it to be causal i wear flats, if i want it dressy i wear heels. So versatile! Thanks for this!

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    I have a royal blue v-neck (maternity) wrap dress to wear to a wedding this weekend and a holiday party in a couple weeks. I have no idea what jewelry to wear! Any tips for v-necks? All of your options look so cute!

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    So I came across your blog on pinterest -looking for hair updo ideas :), then I got sucked in and couldn’t stop reading! Then, I got even more excited because you are in Raleigh (I’m in Apex), then it got even better because you are a part of a great community of believers at the Summit – I’m at Salem Baptist (my husband is the youth pastor there and ps – his name is Justin). A lot of our college students who can’t get back to Apex will go to Summit and they love it so much. We are so thankful they have gotten connected somewhere. I love it when I find local bloggers – and bloggers that I can relate to! Your blog is awesome, I am enjoying it immensely. Just wanted to share :).

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    Thanks, Kate! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. Perfect timing on this post – I’m going to a cocktail party on Friday night and I wasn’t sure the how to accessorize my LBD in just the right amounts!

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    I love this post! I have big chunky necklaces and am never sure how to wear earrings that don’t take away from the necklace. Awesome!

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