Staying Warm

If I could snatch one part of my sisters’ wardrobe up, it would be her comfy/casual wear. Girlfriend has nailed it. She always looks cute in her comfortable clothes.

So, this outfit is partially inspired by her, but I kept it real with the wedges and flare jeans on bottom. 

Another reason why this outfit is inspired by her is than amazing infinity scarf I’m wearing. She bought one last year at World Market (I know!) and I fell in love, but I couldn’t find it again. She picked one up for me this year when she came across it again. What a doll.

Jeans: Loft
Sweatshirt: Loft (can’t find it online! sorry!)
Ankle Boots: Target


  1. says

    Love your outfit! I always struggle with my “comfy/casual” look because I don’t want to look sloppy. Usually it is my shoes that ruin the outfit for me! ha 😛

  2. Anonymous says

    Very pretty. When you take off your nail polish, how long do you let your nails rest before putting polish on again? It looks like 2-3 days from the pictures.

  3. Anonymous says

    Loft is back up but I can’t find the shirt, can you help? I am headed to the local loft to see if they have it. I NEED it. :)

  4. holly says

    your clothes are always so cute. because of you ive started branching out into more girly printed clothes. keep sharing and giving all us ladies great ideas. 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    MUST have that sweater!!!! Hope you can find it online and update! You always cost me money when I read your posts….I’m off to World Market now to buy that scarf 😉

  6. says

    Cute outfit! I have to say…I often see you mention Home Goods and World Market and since I have neither where I live I decided to sneak over to World Market to find that scarf. HELLO! I’m officially hooked! A skeleton cookie jar for $3.99 right now on sale?? Great place for unique gifts and great clearance items for next year! THANK YOU as always for great info!

    • says

      Kate – had to tell you…I HAD to go check out World Market in person. So my sister and I took a trip to the Cleveland area yesterday to see for ourselves the cool things the store offers. Not only do they have great stuff at great prices, they have really unique things that kept my sister and I entertained for nearly TWO HOURS! Thanks!

  7. says

    i’ve been dying for an infinity scarf for over a year now, and this one is PERFECT! thanks for letting me know what i’ll be searching for tomorrow before work starts… LOL!

  8. says

    So cute! I struggle with comfy outfits. I’ve always been into just throwing on a pair of well-worn jeans & a smart-alecked T-shirt & call it done. But since I met my husband, he gripes about that. (He haaaaaaaaates jeans. I find them a staple of life!)

    Any tips for how to look adorable while still feeling super comfy & laid back? That may or may not involve jeans. ^_~

  9. Anonymous says


    I work part time at a loft and that sweatshirt has definitely been popular! you might want to try checking your loft stores for it!

    such a cute outfit!

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