Pretty Calendars

One of the best things about discovering blogs, and bloggers, these past few years is coming across beautiful graphic design. It is truly an art form that I wish I had even the slightest bit of talent with. Here are few of my favorite monthly desktop calendars and an iPhone lock screen.

Smashing Magazine has a handful of artists creating new (and free!) desktop calendars monthly. Click here to check out November options.

Oh Hello Friend blog, a collector of all things vintage, created a beauty this month! Click here to download for free! 

I just discovered The Pretty Blog today, and immediately downloaded the November calendar for my lock screen on my phone. Click here for the free downloads! 

Ruche makes a beautiful monthly calendar for free too! Click here.

I love the simplicity of this one from Going Home To Roost. Click here.

This one is so cute from Happy Serendipity! Click here.

We’ll finish with this one from Caroline Johansson. If those birds were cats, I’d be in heaven. Click here.

Go crazy this weekend and liven up your desktop! 


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    If you are in market for super cute iPhone wallpapers/lock screens, search for Cuptakes in the App Store. It costs $.99, but they are all I use, and the designer posts new themed and month wallpapers each month!

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    I love these. I have never thought of the idea of using a calendar as my desktop image :) I don’t know why because I am always “clicking” on my iCal icon. I am going to download one right now!! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.

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    I have a great friend who used to create beautiful and cute desktop calendars and I have been missing them so much since she went back to nursing. Be still my heart, I can have a cute desktop on my PC, again. YAY!! I didn’t realize there were bloggers offering them. I know how to make them, but really didn’t know there was a “market”, maybe it’ll inspire me to get back into it. You are just a wonderful treasure chest of wonderful things!

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