Neutral (but not nude) Lips

I’ve heard from so many of your that you are trying to find (or have found) your “your lips but better” shade for the perfect neutral lip color. I’ve discovered a few of my favorites, varying from a mauve tone to a pink tone.

Of all of these, Syrup (by Mac) is probably my favorite. I like Pink in the Afternoon (by Revlon) for more of a pink shade. Coquette and Pink Quartz are darker/mauve-ier than I typically wear, so it’s a little bit of a stretch for me to wear those. But I’ve found I’m drawn to those shades for the fall.
And now begins the “how do you pose your lips for a lipstick focused photo” photos. Probably my best looks of all time. Just focus on the lips, ok? 

Are you a wearer of bold colors? Or do you stick to the neutrals? 


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    I am a bold lip wearer, but I love lip stains. I think that Revlon Just Bitten lip stains are my favorite. For a my lips but better product, I am a fan of Red Dalia by Burts Bees. I love MAC, but it always seems to dry my lips out.

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    I found my natural-but-not in a lipstick compact I got from a friend many moons ago. It’s a MAC Viva Glam color that I love and goes so far toward keeping me from looking super pale.

    I need to replace it!

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    Thanks so much for sharing your neutral lipstick fav’s!!! I love to find out what other people are wearing! The colors you have shown are very pretty…..I’m going shopping!! Hope you have a great day!

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    I haven’t seen anything on this blog that you DON’T look good in…whether it be colors of lip stick to the stylish outfits you post. I love it all! Thanks for sharing! :)

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    I finally had a Mac rep that picked out the perfect neutral for me – Syrup. I have honestly never had any lipstick that looked right on me. There is something about my colouring that is just….odd with lipstick. But Syrup is perfect! Neutral but better, as you say.

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    What blush are you wearing?? I am going to go get some new pink lipstick today but need some help in the blush department. Thanks!!!

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    I usually don’t wear lipstick and if I do, I put it on once in the a.m. and that’s it. But reading your blogs and seeing how pretty it looks, I am going to try and wear it more often. Really does change your look.

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    Thanks for this post. I was inspired by your post on how to wear red lipsticks, but never took the plunge. I feel like I look like a clown in bold colors, so I tend to stick to more neutral lip colors. My faves are Clinique’s Baby Baby and my very favorite is Clinique’s Bamboo Pink. I love the light brownish-pink colors, that they are sheer, go on smooth and feel silky on my lips.

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    These are so pretty! I have a question though, my natural lip color is pretty red/dark, so anything but clear lip gloss looks DARK on me! And I’m not a huge lipstick person… I like doing more with eye shadow ;o) Any suggestions on how to neutralize my natural lip color so I can wear the pretty neutral lipsticks?! :o) Thanks!

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      Have you tried applying foundation and very light powder to your lips first? I do this every day as part of my makeup routine (I just do my entire face, lips included) and I find it gives my lips a neutral base to start from plus it holds my lip color in place because it gets rid of any oils or moisture that may make my lip color come off quickly. Good luck!

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    I looked up “Sugar” on MAC’s website and can’t find it. Is it a limited edition or is the name wrong? I love the color on you and would go pick it up today if I had more info….

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    Have you looked into the Nyx brand at all? They have FANTASTIC colors (pale neutrals to dark plums to bright pinks) and are really affordable ($4-5). You can find them at Ulta. To answer your question though, I like experimenting. I have punchy pinks to barely there nudes. What I haven’t been able to pull off yet are straight reds…

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    I think I’m allergic to lip products. It seems that when I wear most lipsticks/glosses/and even some chapsticks, my lips get a swollen feeling and are really dry/chapish for a day or two after wearing the product. I can’t even tell you how many I’ve tried. I don’t know what exactly I could be allergic to in there, but do you have any recommendations of brands that don’t have as many ingredients?

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      Have you tried burts bees? They have some very pretty neutral shades in various formulas (from gloss to tinted balm etc…) I actually use this brands baby line on my eczema/allergy prone toddler & have had great luck ; )

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      @amber…omg i have the same problem and thought i was the only one! its so weird…mine get swollen and then almost like broken out sores if i dont get hydrocortisone cream on soon enough. the only things im able to use is aquaphor healing ointment (love it but its not a lip color obviously lol) and ive been able to wear the maybelline brand lipstain as long as i dont wear it for more than a couple days in a row. but i recently found “pure illumination” lip gloss…it only has like 4 natural ingredients and so far ive been wearing it everyday with no trouble. i sell it in my salon but im sure its online too. good luck! hope this helps… ive wasted so much $ on stuff that doesnt work but i just want to have color on my lips lol :)

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    These colors are so pretty on your skin tone! I have similar skin tone to you so I’m thankful for your sharing :) Do you line your lips for these colors? Also, do you feel like some colors make your teeth look yellower than others? I don’t think yours do in your pictures, but I always feel like mine do so I am afraid of lip color!

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    I generally like more neutral lip colors, although I tend to wear bolder, darker neutral colors in the fall/winter (like Mary Kay Creme lipstick in Shell or Maple). It helps to give my complexion a little more color in the winter months.

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    I just bought MAC Syrup, and I love it but I don’t usually wear lipstick because it tends to bleed outside the lines of my lips (even light colors.) Your lipstick always looks so perfect, and you said you don’t even wear lipliner. Any tips or suggestions to keep it in place?

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      have you ever heard of the make up line called mirabella? they sell a lipliner that, for lack of better word, is “clear”. it looks white in the stick but it smooths over lines around the lips and just makes lipcolor look nicer. plus goes with all colors then. i dont know if other brands have something similar but im just familiar with that one. :)

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      have you ever heard of the make up line called mirabella? they sell a lipliner that, for lack of better word, is “clear”. it looks white in the stick but it smooths over lines around the lips and just makes lipcolor look nicer. plus goes with all colors then. i dont know if other brands have something similar but im just familiar with that one. :)

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    You look amazing Kate. That’s for sure…
    I have a question – hopefully you will answer it. What kind of camera do you use ? I have noticed that all your photos for your blog is amazing, clear, bright and so on.
    Is it just the camera or do you perhaps also photo edit it before posting on the blog ? If so which program can you recommend?
    I’m sorry that this comments is not more specific for your post, but I hope it’s okay that I ask you these questions.
    Please keep on blogging. I love reading them :-)
    Best regards Miranda

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    I have two go to lipsticks that I wear that are “my lips but better” shade. The first is one several ladies have already mentioned above in the MAC Viva Glam line; mine is Viva Glam V (love the lipstick in this AND lipglass). The second go to lipstick I wear is Nars Dolce Vida which is a creamy darker pink color that makes my lips pop. So fun!

  18. Gigisez says

    These pink toned colors look so pretty and natural on you! I am a redhead w/green eyes & have peaches and cream toned skin (golden undertone) and pinks just clash! Any suggestions for a “warmer” nude lip that isn’t beige or putty colors? That Walking Dead pale brown is not a good look on me!

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    Going to have to buy the pink in the afternoon now! Thanks for this post it’s exactly what I needed! I’ve recently been using Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus and its great!

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