Have You Tried Shapewear Yet?

I was a little late to hop on the shapewear bandwagon. I put off buying it for a few years just because I figured it would be horribly uncomfortable and add another layer that would defeat the purpose and make me sweat.†

Boy was I wrong.†

I bought my first piece of shapewear this past summer because I needed something to wear under a fitted linen dress I bought from Banana Republic. It was perfect for that dress and eliminated any chance for panty lines. I didn’t love the fabric, though, and I had trouble with silkier dresses riding up, since the fabric of the shapewear was not smooth.

Jockey recently sent me a few pieces of their shapewear collection that are also some of Rachel Zoe ‘s favorites.

First, you know Rachel Zoe, right? I discovered her when I stumbled across her TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, on Bravo a few years ago. She is a professional stylist (wardrobe, not hair) and is well-known for dressing major celebrities attending award shows. It’s interesting to watch the show and see all the work that goes into the look that celebrities wear at, say, the Oscars. It’s never as simple as picking out a dress. The outfits are oftentimes flown in from across the world because Rachel just knows what her clients will love.†

She really knows how to dress a woman in a feminine and flattering way.†

So when she and Jockey joined up to collaborate on the “Major Must Haves” shapewear and intimates collection, I knew she would pick the best pieces.†Jockey has been around for so many years and is†a leading manufacturer of apparel products sold in major department and specialty stores around the world, so I didn’t doubt that they would create a quality item that women would love.

I wore the Tummy Short under this dress to eliminate any chance of a panty line showing.†

It was so comfortable and not constraining, as I’d originally feared. And the fabric of the shapewear, which is a very smooth cotton-spandex mix, didn’t stick to the dress at all. The dress hung perfectly, and I couldn’t see a ridge, crease, or anything. It was breathable and much more comfortable than the other brand of shapewear I bought earlier this year.†

In addition to the Tummy Short, the other pieces I tried are also solution-based but still pretty.†The Strappy Tank is perfect for wearing under a low-cut or sheer top. I always wear a regular tank top under my shirts because I hate seeing bra lines, but I’m replacing my plain tank top with the Strappy Tank, since it’s much smoother and won’t ride up!†

I’ve learned that if you feel uncomfortable or constrained†underneath†your outfit, you won’t enjoy wearing it.†These pieces marry comfort and function perfectly.†

Rachel Zoeís ìMajor Must Havesî from Jockey are available now in major retailers, Jockey outlet stores, and on Jockey.com.

Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Jockey gift card! All you have to do is reply, in the comments below, to the following prompt:†Tell me about a time when you wish you had been wearing shapewear.

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  1. says

    kelly.olsakovsky (at) gmail (dot) com

    Mine is a jersey dress incident, after I’d lost a ton of weight and thought I was looking fabulous. I did not realize how clingy it was, and when I went to the ladies’ room later on in the day, I realized you could see VPL and bra straps, in addition to every remaining lump on my body.

    Embarrassing on a normal day, but my boss was leading a rather large meeting, and I was sitting up front, running the presentation slides and had to walk past everyone in the room when we needed something.

    So yes, firm believe in shapewear now (pardon the pun.)

  2. says

    I’m a yoyoer (really hate to say it!) In my best I was a size 6 (this was about 6 years ago) my worst I was a size 16 (this was well over 10 years ago) I seem to be somewhere between a size 10 to 12 lately more 12…. I’m startign to see the warning signs! So There are a ton of dresses that I have bought that just need me to “tuck” in a little. This would be pefect. I have tried shape wear in the past but it typicall rolls or bunches. And I noramlly buy it big.

    Would Love the help!!!

  3. says

    I have one but it bunches and rolls and just doesn’t fit me right. I would love to wear nice dresses but nothing fits right but I think with the right shapewear I might just be able to pull it off.

    ktbrause (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. says

    ba.antkowiak (at) gmail (dot) com

    I have a hard time with shapewear. I’m tall and not skinny (not big either, just in between) and have issues with it rolling and bunching. Now that I’m pregnant for the 3rd time, I’d love to try jockey’s shapewear after I have this baby! :)

  5. says

    I’ve never worn it because of your reason. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable or hot. I’m sure some dresses would have looked a lot better if I had though.

  6. says

    I would love to try a new type of shapewear. I tried a type from Target, but it is just so uncomfortable.

    The time I most wished I was wearing shapewear was at a baby shower right after I had my daughter. My dress was flattering enough, but right after having a baby, you just need a little help :)


  7. says

    I have wished I had something shapewear’ish’ everytime I wear a jersey dress or jersey type top. The viscose material is so comfortable but shows every bump and bulge, even on smaller framed women. I would love to try it, and especially if Rachel Zoe created it! Thanks!

  8. says

    I wish I had been wearing shapewear with my bridesmaids dress in my best friends wedding. The fabric was this jersey type fabric that just clung to you in the wrong places, and I should’ve had some sort of shapewear over my tummy area.

  9. says

    Are you kidding?! My whole adult life! I thought they were pointless, as well, until I invested in a pair and have loved how they smooth the bumps. I’m going to have to try the Jockey kind! Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    I have a little black dress that loves to ride up and cling to my undewear. Its such a cute dress, and I think I would enjoy wearing it more if I used shapewear.

  11. says

    maralwallace (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I wish I would have been wearing it at a wedding I attended 2 weeks after my son was born, some one asked me when I was due! I left that wedding in tears, no doubt lol!

  12. says

    I’ve been on the hunt for great shapewear for what seems like forever now. Everything I’ve tried hits in the wrong place or is terribly uncomfortable. So like others I went without in hopes it wouldn’t be noticed but always felt self conscious or avoided the cute outfits instead. After having a child and losing the weight there still seems to me a smoothing issue that needs taken care of and these products sound like the perfect solution.


  13. says

    I’ve never thought too much about shapewear, but I just had a baby and could use a little something to hold my stomach in until it returns back to normal. There are so many shape wear options out there, so I’ve been a little overwhelmed at choosing the right piece(s) and brand(s). I’ll definitely have to check out hockey’s collection.

  14. says

    There are many days I wish I had shapewear – most times when I see the “back fat” on the edges of my braline. Why can’t someone make a lineless bra?? :)

    Thanks for the giveaway opp! (you look great btw)

  15. says

    I have never been able to find decent shapewear. After 3 kids thing are a bit droopy and ugly. Form fitting are totally out of the picture for me, but I want to be able to wear them. It would be nice to find “miracle’ shapewear, especially since tummy tucks are so expensive!!!

  16. Anonymous says

    My fiancé and I recently got your Save the Date photos taken. We used the movie cover of Mr and Mrs Smith as the photo. It turned out super cool except the lower belly pudge that can be seen in my black dress with a white background. I am definitely interested in this shapewear for my wedding events and more!!

  17. katie says

    I have a skirt one that is ok but is so restricting, I can’t really dance in it. I would love to try the Jocky ones. Even if I don’t win I’m thinking it may be my next purchase!


  18. Anonymous says

    Ok, love ya Kate, but this is like two sponsored posts in two weeks. We come to this blog because we love you–not what companies are trying to sell via your awesome blog.

  19. Maria Johnson Hurt says

    I wish I’d had some just few weeks ago. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch – lumpy mummy tummy! My twins are two, and I just have a roll of loose skin

  20. says

    I would love to try these! I am 6wks postpartum and I probably need shapewear whenever I venture out of the house! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. ChrisE says

    Anytime I’ve worn a dress in the past 10 years… I haven’t tried shape wear yet, but would love the chance!!

    clemsley at yahoo dot com

  22. says

    I wish I would have been wearing shapewear at a wedding I attended this past May. I thought I looked fine in the mirror before I left the house, but seeing myself in pictures was mortifying!! I had VPL and that awesome back-fat that bulges out around your bra showing under my dress. Yeah, it was fantastic. I’ve put on about 40 lbs on my 5’4″ frame in the past year due to a bout of depression that I’m trying to overcome, and seeing myself like that makes me feel even worse about myself. Some new shapewear might just give me a little bit of confidence until I can get better and lose this weight.

  23. says

    Mine is this sweater dress I have that I love but it just had the “tight band” in a very odd spot! I absolutely need one that doesn’t show through tight clothing though- nothing more embarrassing than people realizing you have “shape wear’ on haha! Love this give-away!

  24. says

    I wish I had been wearing shapewear at the last wedding I went to. I bought special underwearthat wasn’t supposed to show pantylines, but was still self-conscious that maybe they were showing through my dress.
    lauraktarsi (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. says

    How ironic–I wish I were wearing some TODAY! I have a tight unforgiving skirt on–oops! Would love to try this brand!

    katealber (at) gmail (dot) com


  26. Teresa Strapp says

    Never tried shapewear, for the same reasons you list. Always think I need it every time I see a photo of myself. Love your recommendations and would love to try it!

  27. says

    sstepph (at) gmail (dot) com

    The last wedding I was at, I wish I would have worn shapewear! I had my bra lines showing and I hated it, that I kept my cardigan on the whole time!

  28. says

    I wear Spanx a lot and absolutely HATE them, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gottta do. The shapewear would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

  29. says

    I wish I had some shapewear when I was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding. Formal gowns can be so unforgiving. I think I’d wear Jockey shapewear all the time. Thanks!
    hsheree2012 at gmail dot com

  30. says

    I had my first baby 8 months ago and let’s just say…. my body is still adjusting to the change. I have been thinking I should invest in some shapewear but didn’t even know where to begin — I’d love to win this! And will definitely go out and try some Jockey now.

    kateklos (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. says

    Tell me about a time when you wish you had been wearing shapewear.
    I would’ve loved to have this shapewear at my friends wedding. Smooth lines that come from these pieces will always help a perfect dress look better!


  32. Anonymous says

    bsteward1231 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I recently had a baby so the last 7 months, I wish I would have invested in shapeware! Last weekend in particular though. We had family pictures for our Christmas card and I thought about buying some but didn’t have the funds to do.

  33. says

    Can I say everyday? I have two small children and a tummy to prove it. I’ve been eyeing this stuff for a while but I’ve been too afraid of spending the money on them.


  34. says

    I could have used some shapewear during the post-baby stage after each of my 3 kids were born…definitely not a fun stage. Maybe some shapewear would have helped my jeans fit sooner!

  35. Anonymous says

    I wish I was wearing shapewear at my sister in law’s graduation. So many pictures!

  36. says

    Until recently, the thought of shapewear made me feel old and matronly. But after feeling uncomfortable at an open house for my husband and I in a dress that I should have worn shapewear under, I bit the bullet and decided that the next time I wanted to wear that dress, I would try shapewear. Now, I love it!


  37. says

    I can never find good shapewear that doesn’t cut me off in a weird place or ride up. I’m anxious to try these! There are so many times I wish I had good shapewear. There are many dresses that I’ve loved but due to their thin material, I had to pass on purchasing them. Good shapewear would have made wearing those dresses possible. :)

    webberae02 (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. says

    I have shapewear that I never feel comfortable in. So, too many times I have opted not to wear it b/c it rolled down all the time. So, if it isn’t one thing it is another!

    amyallen76 at gmail dot com

  39. says

    I recently had my first baby, and I feel like I need shapewear everyday right now! Although, the shapewear I own is very uncomfortable! Thank you for this opportunity!


  40. Anonymous says

    I have had five children so shape wear is an everyday necessity for me so I don’t look like a bowl of jello all the time!

  41. says

    All through high school I had to dress up for work but also be completely appropriate and shapewear tank or the skimmies under a dress would have made work a lot easier by allowing me to work hard without having to worry about anything showing.

  42. says

    All through high school I had to dress up for work but also be completely appropriate and shapewear tank or the skimmies under a dress would have made work a lot easier by allowing me to work hard without having to worry about anything showing.


  43. says

    I got a really cute t-shirt jersey dress awhile back ago and it is super cute! But the jersey material sticks to the shapewear I have. So I am always tugging at my dress. Would love to see if the Jersey brand will help with my cute dress!

  44. says

    Whenever I wear shirts without tank tops underneath (like today, ironically), I always regret it! I can totally identify. Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)


  45. Anonymous says

    I am so excited about the Jockey shapewear! The shapewear I have still shows some bulges under my bra and the lovely muffin top :). I am attending my neice’s wedding soon and I have a terrific dress but I need to have something comfortable to look smooth and have a few curves. I love your blog for hairstyles and now I am excited to try this shapewear. Thank you sharing and trying it out! I would be thrilled to win a gift certificate!!

  46. Shay says

    I totally use shapewear, holds in the tummy :) Wearing a shapewear tank right now and would love the chance to try some new shapewear.

  47. Anonymous says

    I got into wearing sweater dresses last winter and when I tried on one of them for this fall, I realized I could have definitely used something underneath! I have a piece of shapewear that I’ve used before; however, the piece still leaves those bulges at the openings which really doesn’t help at all! I’d love to see if the Jockey brand works for me!

  48. Anonymous says

    I wish I was wearing some shape wear when we got our Christmas card pictures taken… Got our proofs yesterday and I really could’ve used some slimming help!

    ekornowski (at) yahoo (dot) com

  49. says

    jendeitz (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I think the one time I can remember recently that I wish I had good shapewear was in May when friends of mine got married. I loved my dress but I would have been much more comfortable if I was wearing shapewear under it! This would be great for me to win also since a dear friend of mine is getting married and I am a bridesmaid! :)

  50. says

    I don’t wear shapewear because it never fits right, and it’s hot! Plus, it just seems like such a hassle. However, I would love to have something that feels good underneath some of my dresses or skirts, or even when I’m wearing jeans and a cute top to make that “mommy middle” disappear a bit. I totally agree that when you feel comfortable underneath your clothes, you feel more confident and beautiful on the outside!! Thanks for sharing! Would love to win!

  51. Anonymous says

    I was in my cousin’s wedding after having my second baby in two years. I’d have felt much more confident with shapeware. I’d debated on purchasing some, but decided not to in order to save money. Wished I had!


  52. Anonymous says

    Well, I’m brazilian and as we all know brazilian women usually have large hips and big butts, and its sooo hard to find the perfect pair of jeans in the US.
    I wish I would have worn shapewear to a wedding I attended as a bridesmaid a few months ago… I wore another brand of shapewear and it was torture! It was an outside wedding in Florida, so imagine that! I needed shapewear because the fabric of the dress was really light and I hate panty/bra lines… I was HOT and extremely uncomfortable the entire ceremony. Thank God for AC at the reception because I was seriously considering going commando!!! That’s how miserable I was!



  53. says

    I was a bridesmaid a few months ago and our dresses were very fitted. Things started out OK but as the night went on and I got sick of sucking everything in I really wished I had gone with some spanx!

  54. says

    Cbeaver77 (at) gmail (dot) com

    After being a surrogate mom and carrying 2 sets of twins and 3 single babies (2 of those kiddos are my own!) I have what i call twin skin in my abdominal region. Clothes shopping isn’t very fun. I am 5’10” and weight about 150 but all of the lumps and bumps from babies are viable in tighter shirts and most skirts and dresses. I have tried shapewear and it rolls up and just isn’t comfortable. I would love to try some that works well!

  55. says

    I wore this dress that I loved (at the time) to church and the dress kept clinging to me and riding up my backside the whole time.. I could’ve used shapewear that day.
    I have several tops that I wear tanktops underneath because they hang too low and I dont like letting it all hang out.

  56. says

    With jersey so popular I wish I had bought shape wear this past summer. I have no doubt that my maxi dresses would have looked much better. Here’s to shape wear in the future!! Thanks for sharing this brand… it is much more affordable then many I have seen.


  57. says

    I have a knit dress that looked fabulous in the catalog. When I put it on, I look lumpy and awful, and I always thought I looked good! I need some shapewear so I can wear that dress!

  58. says

    My now husband and I took some pictures prior to getting engaged. I was so excited to get them back, but Lordy Pete I should have worn some shapewear. You could see every dimple and bump on my rear end. Not attractive at all. Needless to say, those pictures are nowhere in our house!

  59. Anonymous says

    I’d say, oh about the first 5 months after my baby was born…but I didn’t find nursing friendly shape wear… jenniekate(at)hotmail(dot)com

  60. Anonymous says

    I wish I had worn shapewear under a too-tight dress. I’ve put on a few extra pounds and they always seem to settle in my thighs. Hate that cellulite.

  61. says


    I would love to try these! I’ve tried other brands but hate how constricting they are. Seems like these are the perfect everyday solution!

  62. says

    I am still hanging on to my ‘baby weight’ 3.5 years after said baby has arrived…. so in order to fit in some of my post pregnancy clothes I need to cinch everything in (embarrassingly I weigh more now post baby than full-blown pregnant!)

    This past weekend I was at a wedding and was wearing a chiffon-y shift dress with my “sausage casings” as I like to call my current shapewear, and the rough exterior of the suck-it-in shorts did not agree with the chiffon-ish material and the whole time my dress was riding up… it was a total “hey girl, your spanx are showing” moment. As long as I was still it was fine (who needs circulation anyway) but lifting my son and just plain ole walking made it difficult to keep my shorts from showing.

    I am so excited to try out this Jockey stuff though!! Sounds super soft and I can’t wait to feel the blend!


  63. Anonymous says

    Allison.McEver (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Love shapewear and have been wanting to try a tank. Really could of used a tank shapewear in the dress I wore yesterday.

  64. says

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I wish I had worn shapewear and didn’t – I’m such a firm believer in it! However, I could really use some better stuff. The shorts I’ve been wearing I’ve had since I was in high school (so over 10 years)! :)

  65. jessica says

    Oh my goodness!!! If I had a dollar for every type of shapewear I’ve tried, it usually ends up being to tight or rolling down. I would love to try the new jockey shapewear! Kate you look great as usual, I look forward to starting my day by reading your blog!!!!!!! jessibordes@yahoo.com

  66. Anonymous says

    I wish I had worn shapewear under a dress I wore to a wedding. It would have made for a smoother line. vegee4ever(at)comcast(dot)net)

  67. Barbi says

    I have several “shapers” of various brands and all are miserable to wear. I usually wear them when I wear dresses, just to avoid the “vpl” (visible panty line). But more often then not I end up taking them off at lunch time and not caring about vpl anymore!! They are designed to come up under the “girls” so to flatten from bust down, but before I even get out of the closet, its already rolling down my stomach. Less then flattering and by no means comfortable.

    bscheel (at) yahoo (dot) com

  68. says

    I’m a huge fan of shapewear. I never wear a skirt without wearing something underneath and I could really use some new pieces.

  69. says

    I could really use this when I wear my more fitted shirts. The belly lumps could use some help! I had a horrible experience with shape wear years ago when I was in a wedding–ouch! So, would love to try these. :-) Kelly

  70. says

    I was a bridesmaid in an outdoor wedding in August. I was wearing a chiffon dress that was sort of flowy and at the last minute I ditched the shapewear because it was so damn hot. I took one look at the pictures from that wedding and wondered why no one told me that the rear view was awful! Ugh, never again.

  71. Anonymous says

    I would use shapewear the most with dresses/skirts. I used to have a pair similiar to the Tummy Shorts, but they were SO tight that they caused a bulge in my thighs–ugh! Not attractive and totally defeated the purpose of “smoothing”! Would love to try these! :) Thanks!


  72. says

    I love shapewear and have 1 piece. it covers the tummy and thigh area, but it is so high up on my torso that it makes it a bit difficult to take off to use the restroom. You have to hike the dress all the way up to your armpits to pull the shapewear down. I’d love a tank top. amied83(at)gmail(dot)com

  73. says

    I’ve never tried it, but I have a couple of dresses that I don’t wear because they are a tad clingy and I can’t stand a panty line. I hope I’ll get to try those of these out; I too, have been scared of shape wear. It seems so matronly.

  74. Krista J. says

    Pretty much any time I’ve worn a jersey/cotton type dress! They show every little bulge and line!


  75. Marina says

    I wish I was wearing it right now with my new pencil skirt that I threw on this morning in a rush!


  76. Anonymous says

    I wish I had some for our engagement pictures! I didn’t notice until our photographer sent them to us that I had a very visible line around my waist from the tanktop I was wearing under the dress.


  77. Kristina N says

    Pictures capture a moment in time… they also catch outfit blunders! I wish I could’ve had shapewear for my family photo. It would’ve helped to smooth out and lumps!

    cdedbdme [at] mchsi [dot] com

  78. says

    I would love to find functional- yet versatile- shapewear, that I can mix and match between every day dresses and formal dresses. For my husband’s work, we have several formals and more casual ceremonies that we attend… and it’d be great to find a piece that I can mix and match, instead of needing something new for each dress. I’m a curvy lady, and that makes it even worse to not get that sausage look- and still be comfortable while erasing those embarassing and nervous moments! jthompson0930(@)gmail(dot)com

  79. says

    I just had a baby in the middle of August, and the delivery and everything went great, and I felt pretty normal right away. Unfortunately, feeling normal does not equate to fitting into normal clothes. I would love something to help me feel a bit better about the post-baby chub.

  80. says

    All summer long I wish I had had some comfortable shape wear. I love wearing sun dresses but my legs rub and it hurts. I am still looking to find that perfect thing that makes dresses easier and is so very comfortable… sounds like Jockey may have the answer!

  81. says

    etodd472 at gmail dot com

    I would love a shapewear tank. my tanks always ride up under my shirt and i have quite a large chest so I often wear tanks under shirts to hold in the girls and to make them much more modest. Once I was wearing a wrap shirt and i didn’t realize how much it had “opened” up up top and i looked down and pretty much my entire bra was showing. EMBARASSING.

  82. Anonymous says

    I wish I had shapewear for my clingy sweater dresses. Nobody needs to see all those, ahem, lumps.

  83. says

    Yesterday! I wore tights for the first time as there was a chill in the air, and I wore one of my favorite skirts with them. It’s chino-like material, and it bunched HORRIBLY. I teach college, so it definitely made me self conscious. Yikes.

  84. says

    I ware another brand when I am wearing a tight dress to help flatten my tummy and to remember to suck in and sand tall when walking. I find it rolls down (from my ribs to my waist)and leaves a thick roll visible through my dress. It’s awful as every time I stand up I have to roll it back up, which is awkward. did you find that with Jockey? I would love to find a shape wear that was comfortable and breathable!!

  85. Melissa says

    I basically wear shapewear everyday, sigh, but the shapewear I own is getting worn out and I would love some updated and upgraded pieces! sunflower877(at)msn(dot)com

  86. Anonymous says

    I have an off name brand tank top that I wore under a couple of shirts but it is so tight and rolls up so that half way throughout the day I have a roll of fabric in the middle of the shirt…the complete opposite of what I was hoping for…


  87. says


    I wish I would have been wearing shapewear at my wedding rehearsal! My maid of honor had to pull me aside to let me know that my polka-dot panties were showing through the white linen dress I had been wearing; I had to run home and change before the rehearsal dinner!!!

  88. Marcela Jackson says

    Oh shapewear…my dear friend.

    There is only one time where I truly wished with all my being that I had been wearing shapewear, and that was when I was in my friends wedding on a HOT August day. I didn’t need shapewear to cover any lines, or keep things in place, I just needed it for my legs, to keep them from chafing. raw. skin. I didn’t think it would be as bad but the next day anything that touched my legs burned and I learned my lesson. Shapewear is my friend.

    marcesaid (at) gmail (dot) com

  89. says

    When I look back at pictures from certain events, I definitely wish I was wearing Shapewear. Especially in the more form fitting dress. Who doesn’t need a little more shaping here and there? I know my thighs would appreciate it.

  90. says

    Last week I bought a new dress from Wal Mart that happens to be one of my new staples. The only downside to this otherwise amazing dress is that because I am long wasted, the waist line comes up higher than I would want. Unfortunately, it frames my stomach when I sit down, and I wish I had shapewear for it!

    audreyjleach (at) gmail (dot) com

  91. says

    I wish I was wearing shape wear at all the weddings I went to this summer, I was always hot and sweaty which left my dress sticking to my butt and legs! Yuck! I will for sure buy those shorts for next summer!

  92. says

    I wish I had been wearing shapewear at my husband’s fancy work Christmas party. It’s a big corporate event and I had the chafing problem and a post baby belly problem. Oh how I wish I had shapewear.


  93. says

    I had a tight dress once that you could totally see my panty lines through and no matter what kind I wore you could still see them. Definitely could’ve used some shapewear lol.

  94. says

    I have yet to try shapewear….perhaps it’s time! Those comfy jersey dresses just really need some help to hide all the goods underneath! And anything that would help to smooth the baby pooch would be good :)


  95. says

    I used to wear shapewear when I did events for roller derby, it was mainly tank tops. During games I would wear the shorts under my compression pants, but that was a big mistake….silky shorts under lycra was not pretty. This past summer I tried a body slimmer for a dress and it just made me look worse in a dress. I figured I’m just not meant for a body shaper.


  96. Anonymous says

    I have never tried shapewear but I’m sure I should have many times in the past!


  97. says

    A agree with other posters. Since having a baby things spill over where they didn’t before. I’ve been searching for some shape wear to help smooth things out!

  98. says

    I had a black, silk top for presentation at work. I have also had the problem of silk tops riding up when I where a tank underneath, and because I didn’t want that to happen during this important meeting I left the undertank out. Everything looked fine at my house, but under the brigher office lights my top was see-through! Fail!

    I would love to try shapewear that solves all these issues.

  99. says

    I haven’t tried shapewear yet. I do have a lovely bamboo dress that I’d love to wear, but it isn’t very forgiving. I think shapewear may be the key.

    teresasreadingcorner at gmail dot com

  100. says

    i have a blush colored sheer collared shirt that i love but it looks weird with a shirt underneath it. some shapewear would be perfect for it! my email is barbara[dot]agricola[at]gmail[dot]com.

  101. Lyndsi_Lou says

    I wish I had shapewear at an outside wedding I went to during the HOT month of June! I was wearing thigh-slimmer shorts made out of the material control top panty hose is made out of and with it being so hot, I was sweating and they kept rolling up and sticking and it was not comfortable at all. I felt so self-conscious. :o( Guys just do not understand what us girls go through!!!


  102. Samantha R. says

    I so wish I would have had some for my 10 year reunion a few years ago! I look back on those pics after having 2 kids and cringe! I’ve had another baby since then and am down a lot more weight but you still always have that roll around the waist!

    ssjrunge (at) hotmail (dot) com

  103. says

    I purchased some shapewear for my tummy this past summer. I wore it under a navy dress at a wedding I was attending. Multiple times through the night I had to go into the bathroom and readjust it because it kept digging into me. I have to admit though, I really like how I looked in the pictures we took…It was painful but I didn’t have any bulges in the pictures.

    kellyeisele (at) gmail (dot) com

  104. says

    I have a few dresses that could definitely use some shapewear, and I’d love to own a sweater dress, but there is always an area or two when I try one on that could use some shaping!

  105. Monique N says

    I haven’t tried shapewear before but would love to try Rachel Zoe line. During the office christmas party, hadn’t realized the dress was quite that fitted. I was just very uncomfortable and self conscious and didn’t end up having as much fun as I could have.


  106. says

    I love that you’ve found us a good tank because I really trust your opinion! I need shape wear every time I grocery shop. Seriously! I have a long torso, so it’s hard to get stuff from top shelves without showing some skin. And then there’s the problem with the back side if I get things from the bottom shelf. So a nice, LONG, smoothing tank could really change my life… or at least my cooking. :)


  107. says

    My daughter graduated from college last year. I bought my dress several months ahead so as not to have to worry at the last minute. Guess I gained a few pounds in the months prior, and I was so uncomfortable, and felt really embarrassed at the ceremony, I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Last time that will happen!

  108. Kristin says

    My friend’s wedding. Nothing like having half your undergarmets sticking out for all to see. Lovely.


  109. says

    When have I NOT needed something like that is a better question?! These love handles/tummy just won’t go away but since I was pregnant I can’t stand tight/confining clothing. I hope these work bc i’m honestly ready to run right out and buy them all!

  110. says

    slhenningsen (at) gmail (dot) com

    I was in a wedding earlier this year with a very unflattering dress… lets just say it gave more away about my curves than I cared to admit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. says

    Anytime I wear something that’s a jersey fabric, I think shape wear is necessary! Also, bridesmaid dresses are usually begging for shape wear underneath!

  112. lizahones@yahoo.com says

    I wish I had one all the time! I’m sure it would be my go to piece for all events I go to. Everything would look so much more flattering! Especially when I had to get my picture taken for our local magazine!

  113. says

    I wear a cotton tank under almost everything – I’ve never considered that a shape wear product would be more comfortable. I may need to check out my options!

  114. says

    I do wear it occasionally but really wished I had something one when I realized I was walking back down the hallway to my office with my dress tucked into my tights. Ugh…

  115. says

    I prefer a shapewear bottom to a slip because a slip can ride up or down! But I’ve never found comfortable shapewear, so I’m forced to wear a slip that I’ve cut excess length off under many of my flowy skirts and dresses. Would love to try this Jockey brand!

  116. says

    I fondly refer to my shapewear as my gut sucker and if I take the time to get ready for something, I take the time to wear my gut sucker. I can’t imagine not having something to help smooth everything out! Love it!

  117. says

    I wore a butter-colored dress when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding about four years ago, and I had to go WITHOUT underwear, since everything either showed a line, or was completely visible. If I’d had shapewear, I am sure I could have found a comfortable solution!!

    missgayle319 (at) gamil (dot) com

  118. says

    A few months ago I was trying on a couple of jersey knit dresses, they showed everything! Panty lines, and every other thing you could be uncomfortable with. I would definitely need shape wear for them


  119. says

    I was in my friends wedding a few years ago and when I look back at the pictures, I wish I would have had shapewear on!

  120. Sherry says

    I was going to be investing in some Spanx pieces in the near future but would love to give Jockey a try! I wish I had this shapewear last summer to wear under all my cute dresses and even now under my dress clothes. :)


  121. says

    At my brothers wedding, I thought I could get away with my bridesmaid’s dress without shapewear. After seeing the pictures, I really wish I’d been wearing some!


  122. says

    I attended a wedding about 3 months after my second baby was born (and I only attended because my husband was a groomsman-because I certainly didn’t look cute in anything but sweat pants and a t-shirt). Anyhoo, I had to wear the only dress that would remotely fit me, and I thought I looked okay…until I saw the pictures a few weeks afterwards. I really, really needed some shape wear. It was just horrible. (thanks for a chance to win!)

    thebakers2 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  123. Anonymous says

    Always need it…especially when standing in lines. Feel like everyone sees my lines!


  124. says

    Not one time, but a whole year. I wish I was wearing shapewear the year after giving birth. I didn’t lose the weight very easily.

  125. says

    There have been several dresses that I have wished I had been wearing shapewear underneath!! I’ll have to check this line out. I have been looking for a good tank top to smooth the fluffy places out.


  126. says

    Since I’ve had kids, I could use shapewear just about all the time. Especially with some of my clothes that are tight fitting! lauradodd (at) comcast (dot) net)

  127. Amy Alyce says

    amyalyce (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I wish I had been wearing good shape wear in my best friend’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and my dress fit well when I purchased it, but unfortunately by the time the wedding rolled around that was not the case anymore. Nice shapewear would have made the bad fitting dress look so much better!

  128. Anonymous says

    I feel as though shape wear is almost always a problem, even if you buy it a size larger it always rides up.

    The time I wish I was wearing shape wear was when I was an alumni guest at a sorority banquet. Everyone thought I was pregnant and one person even congratulated me, needless to say, I was not.

    meredithkwhite(at)gmail(dot) com

  129. says

    I have a great dress that I wore to several events this past spring/summer. Wearing shapewear helped to keep things smooth and sleek. I’ve been slow to join in on the shapewear as well, as it is hard to find pieces that are comfortable.

  130. Anonymous says

    I haven’t worn shapewear because i often get hot and i was worried about that but i would like to give it a try, especially the strappy tank. I wear a tank top every day so this would be a great piece to try out. And, after having 3 kids, my body could use all the help i can get. :)


  131. Anonymous says

    Looking back at my son’s wedding pictures I wish I had worn one!
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  132. says

    I have a top that is SO pretty, but I have a hard time wearing it because the shoulder area is sheer– meaning I’d need to wear something strapless underneath it, that also leaves no lines since the shirt itself is very thin. Shapewear would be perfect! :)

  133. says

    Some of my favorite outfits don’t quite fit right yet post baby #2….
    I currently hate my stomach and so I find I wish a lot of times that I have something to just help me feel a little more comfortable while I work on getting this semi back to normal.

  134. says

    I might say that each time I wear shapewear it has been a bad experience. Maybe the wrong shapewear is the problem. Im going to go and find Jockey and see if it is any better. Two kids later I could use a little shape. Fingers crossed.

  135. says

    I wish I was wearing shape wear at a wedding my husband and I attended in early October! I often put an outfit back in my closet because I feel that I need better shapewear to go underneath them!

  136. says

    alie.jonesy @ gmail.com

    …and i wish i would have gotten shapewear when I was pregnant. there are so many panty lines I could have eliminated!

  137. says

    I wore a beautiful (but clingy) dress to a wedding last month and tried to wear another brand of shapewear and I couldn’t move. The shapewear pushed the girls up into my chin and it was definitely not flattering so I had to go without… I do not like pictures from that event, to say the least! Thanks for hosting!


  138. says

    I have been wondering about shapewear a lot recently too. Mostly for controlling the tummy bulge I am starting to see after hitting the big 37! But times when I wished I had shapewear other than this! Yes…when wearing really fitted tops, I wished the wire of my bra wldn’t show, and with dresses, even with thongs (nightmares!) the seams would be cause for concern with slinky, fitted clothes! Would definitely love to try these out!

  139. says

    I wish I was wearing shapewear I my very first high school dance. Satin dress and the wrong bra? Ugh, what a nightmare.

    to (dot) katefisher (at) gmail (dot) com

  140. Anonymous says

    I am pregnant with my first baby and this would be great to have for post partum!

  141. says

    Last year I was selected to read scripture at the Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church. It wasn’t until I was given a video of the service that I realized you could see straight down my blouse from the upper level of the sanctuary. Not a big deal since the people were so far away, but HUGE deal for the folks who watched online or got copies of the video. I was mortified and wishing I’d chosen to wear a cami under my blouse. Ooops! falco (dot) jenn (at) gmail (dot) com

  142. Paige says

    I have a gorgeous dress from Banana that I’m dying to wear for the holidays but it seriously needs some shape ware underneath because it shows every little bump! I have my fingers crossed that I’ll win- this may be just the solution I’m looking for!

    prebor (at) ufl (dot) edu

  143. says

    I started wearing shapewear a couple of years ago and boy does it make a difference! I love the stuff! :) I realized I needed it a year or so after turning 30 and realizing my dress shirts didn’t lay as flattering over my stomach as they used to! I tried to go up a size in the dress shirt but that wasn’t flattering either b/c then the shirt was too big! Enter shape wear! Love it!!!

    shondacrutchfield (at) hotmail (dot) com

  144. says

    jasonjen02(at)hotmail(dot)com I refer to mine as “my magic underwear” However, I have yet to find a pair I can stand to wear for very long so I usually go without. I do wish I would have had a good pair for family pictures when every fat rollover was visible!

  145. Leslie says

    I wish I had worn shapewear with a recent dressy dress. It would have looked so much better with a little nip/tuck.
    ldansby3 (at) charter (dot) net

  146. says

    I wear Spanx and love them. The only problem is their cost. They are comfortable, cool and I forget that I have them on. I will try the Jockey brand just because they are less expensive. Wish me luck!!!

  147. Anonymous says

    How about “Tell about a time when I wish I had been wearing GOOD shapewear!”

    I wore shapewear under a great purple dress that I wore to a good friend’s wedding. I wasn’t *ahem* the thinnest I had ever been, so I bought and wore some outrageous shapewear that did NOT “shape me” very well. I constantly adjusted it throughout the ceremony and the reception (re: yanking it up from my ribs, and even having to unhook and rehook the entire thing during one bathroom break). Needless to say, that article of clothing found its way to the back of my drawer!!

    Bring on the BETTER shapewear!

    andrealeighbrookhart (at) gmail (dot) com

  148. says

    The tank top sounds awesome. I work with high school kids and I am very careful how I dress. Do not want to lean over and show anything I shouldn’t. Unfortunately some of the tank tops I have tend to stretch as I wear them during the day. A nice fitting one would eliminate that I hope.

  149. says

    I could certainly use that tummy short for my panty lines. I have a huge J-Lo backside, so my lines show through pretty much any pant I wear, since everything is stretched across it so much – haha.

  150. says

    There is a dress I was going to wear to a wedding last weekend that looked slightly too tight on me. I decided to wear a different dress for that reason and I remember thinking that I wish I had some shapewear so I could have worn the other dress instead.

  151. jackieneedles says

    I always always always have a tank top on….wonder if Jockey shapewear tanks would be more comfortable?

    jrneedles (at) gmail (dot) come

  152. says

    I wish I would have worn it at a friend’s wedding a couple months after having my daughter. I can’t look at those pictures!


  153. says

    Anytime I’ve tried shapewear, I wished I’d been wearing a different brand. :( Seriously, the ones I’ve tried roll up on me or slide down. But I’ve not tried Jockey. Sounds like they stay put. I too like wearing camisoles under everything. I’ll have to check theirs out.

  154. says

    My husband always gets a kick when I’m getting dressed and hiking up my “suction underwear…” I really should wear shape wear daily, but sometimes do not do so…I usually often regret that decision!!!

  155. says

    I wish I was wearing shape wear when my children and I are playing or when I’m bending over. Nothing worse then underwear showing out of pants, especially when your at work or the park. Shape wear, tank and shorts would keep everything tucked away and not exposed.


  156. Anonymous says

    I have never owned shapewear. I got home from a funeral Sunday night wishing I did! I left the house in a cute dress and tights. When I got home everything was bunched in places it should have never been!

  157. says

    I was 11 weeks pregnant and we told our family that we were expecting. My father in law said, “I knew it! I was thinking you had a little pooch going on.” Talk about embarrasing…um I’m only 11 weeks. I could have used some shapewear then I guess. :)

  158. heather says

    At the last military ball I went to (my husband is army) my dress definitely could have used some shapewear under it. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until after the fact. Thank goodness my husband’s arms were placed right in the professional pictures we got done so the flaw was hidden…but he wasn’t there to hide me in every picture!


  159. says

    Several months ago, a good friend warned me that you could see pantie lines with several of my outfits… =( I’ve been super paranoid about it ever since!
    Alesha <3

  160. says

    I’d like shapewear to help smooth the line between slacks and thin sweaters…without rolling up!

  161. says

    I need to try shapewear under sheer tanks, I never thought to try that instead of a tank top! I’ve started wearing them under more body hugging dresses at fancy dinners. It helps to suck in the gut after a big meal! sabzevas(at)yahoo(dot)com

  162. says

    I, too, can’t stand to have a panty line!! Also, I hate the lines that a slip waistband might in some dresses because of the “bulk” that accumulates of everything coming together. I have tried shapewear before, but it always rolls down. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, it creates more bulk!! (what I was trying to avoid). So, I would love to be able to try this!


  163. says

    I have several dresses in my closet that I can’t wear due to not having the appropriate undergarments. I really need to just bite that bullet and go shop for it, but jeans and sweaters and boots and scarves are soooo much more fun that undergarments…until I get aggravated that I can wear X dress. 😉


  164. says

    I love shapewear! I tried it after noticing several unflatting pictures of me in a wrap dress that a friend posted online. How embarassing.


  165. says

    I have wished I had something like this when I wear half my dresses. I just accepted that I would either have to deal with the panty lines or buy some uncomfortable under garments. This shape wear sounds amazing!

  166. says

    nhaerjohnson (at) gmail (dot) com

    I wish I was wearing it during races….I always think I look and feel great until those post race pictures come in!

    I would love to try the Jockey brand!

  167. Anonymous says

    I wish I was wearing shapewear most days…I cannot stand the lumps and bumps from my bra!

    Fingers crossed!

    amberhedlund (at) comcast (dot) net

  168. says

    I took some professional photos for my work website, and I realized you could totally see VPL and bra straps when I got them back. Fail – would’ve been a lot cheaper in the long run to just buy some shape wear!

  169. Jenni D. says

    I wish I had worn shapewear when the shirt I was wearing was too tight on some not so flattering areas of my stomach.

  170. says

    I wish I had been wearing shapewear on a night out in the city I had with friends recently. It would have made my outfit more flattering.

  171. says

    Anytime I have jeans and a fitted top on, I wish I had decent shapewear. I have two kinds right now, but one rolls down on the tummy (like above belly button line, but rolls under the “under bra” fat rolls lol) and leaves underwear lines because it’s bikini-type bottom, then the other one I wear, I can only wear with a dress because it has shorts, but cuts into my legs! I wore it with jeans once but you could totally tell. And it’s uncomfortable because it has boning in it. :-( Would love something new!


  172. says

    I wish I was wearing shape wear now…I have some post partum weight to lose and its taking its time.
    Id like to be able to wear my fav jeans without the muffin top.


  173. says

    I wish I had worn shapewear at my friend’s graduation. It’s been 2 years, but whenever I see the photo of us, I cringe at the sight of my visible panty lines.


  174. says

    Definitely wish I had some on the one time I was wearing a tightly fitted skirt and was up in front of a group of people. It would be great to find something that would fix that!


  175. Jessica Luna says

    I was a last minute bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding so I had to wear the dress that was available and it was too tight to say the least. Looking back at the pictures, I wish I would have been wearing shapewear to conceal all of my lumps and bumps. :)

    Love your blog, wish I had your hair.


  176. says

    I was a stay-at-home mom for years and wore mostly jeans. No i am working in an office and its just not as easy to hide my ‘junk in the trunk’ while wearing slacks. I would love to try shapewear!!!

    meljoypip (at) gmail (dot) com

  177. amydeaton says

    I wish I wore shapewear every day but especially when I want to dress up in a neat little dress and really don’t
    want to have to hold it in the whole time. Lol. Then, I could kick myself for not getting some! Maybe this would help :). Thank you!

    amytbf30 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  178. says

    I remember the day I was the matron of honor at my friends’ very casual backyard vows. It was a beautiful day, but I felt very self-conscious of how I looked in my clothes. I picked something frumpy and too big because I didn’t think I looked good enough for my ‘nice’ clothes. I should give these shapers a try!

  179. says

    StephanieTrovato (at) gmail (dot) com

    Any time I wear a fitted dress or an outfit with leggings I wish for shapewear! I feel like I have that pouch that just wont go away!

  180. says

    I wish I had worn shapewear at my wedding! All the shapewear I had tried before was uncomfortable and made me sweaty, and I didn’t want that on my most important day. Maybe I’ll get to try some for my vow renewal this year!

  181. says

    Love the look of these! I was wearing a dress to a wedding that could have used some better shape wear. It was the kind that comes up to the bra line and it kept rolling down creating the look of a nice roll around my gut. That is anti-shapewear! haha

  182. says

    I wish I’d been wearing shapewear when I was wearing a body-conscious dress and had a picture taken of me and totally realized you could see my belly button/tummy in the picture! EMBARRASSING.

    Jennifer P

  183. says

    Being the busty gal I am every time I see my back in a mirror I wish I had shapewear on! I cannot find a bra that doesn’t dig in. I’ve never tried any shapewear, but would love the chance!

  184. says

    I was in a friend’s wedding this past summer. I had been fitted for my maid of honor dress while I was 8 months pregnant (something about the design being discontinued that next month). So needless to say, it needed some major alterations. Even after having it altered, I was still losing baby weight so it fit in all the wrong places. The pictures are awful and I am reminded of it every time I see them on her walls.

  185. says

    Now that I’m pregnant and about ready to pop I wish I had shape wear every day! In a month or two I cannot wait to try this line from Jockey. I have always worn another major brand and hate that in the Texas heat it always feels like I am wrapped for the sauna as the sweat drips down my rear end!

  186. says

    I went to a business dinner a few years back and the dress I wore, definitely needed shapewear. Didn’t look too bad, but I was not comfortable the entire night.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  187. says

    I wish I had found out about shapewear sooner! Looking at the differences it makes, there are so many times I should have worn it and didn’t – especially in jersey dresses!

  188. says

    Being an Army wife, there are countless times I wish I had been wearing shapewear! Under the perfect Ball gown would most likely be one of them! Email : Trisha(dot)Yanowski(at)gmail{dot}com

  189. says

    Girl I have been wearing shapewear forever!!! I gained a lot with the pregnancy of my son, so I started wearing them. I never leave the house with out it! It keeps EVERYTHING in place, no jiggling anywhere… I have now lost 15#, and I still like to wear it b/c I makes my clothes look better!!! I call mine my fat sucker! ^Shandi and Alex’s comment cracked me up!!!! You’re looking good girl, love that dress!

  190. says


    I student taught last year and it was the day of parent teacher conferences. I was wearing this really cute dress to school to look my best. I noticed that morning that you could see pantie lines and all sorts of a mess because of my undershirt and tights. It was a HUGE mess so I threw on a slip! I HATE SLIPS! I made it through most of the day without a hitch. It was the last half hour of the day and our first parent was scheduled to be there right at the bell. I felt a snap. This wasn’t a cheap slip (or tight for that matter) but apparently the elastic used in the band was cheap, and it broke. The slip decided to start sneaking down. I excused myself to the bathroom, took it off and threw it away after finding no other solution to save it. I spent the whole night of parent teacher conferences wondering if the parents could see all of my lines. I died a thousand deaths that day!

  191. says

    I’ve tried another brand of shapewear and it always makes me sweat. Would love to give this brand a try. Thanks for the giveaway!


  192. says

    I prefer to wear shapewear any time I go to a fancy function like a fundrsaiser or wedding to hide undergarment lines and to smooth out my shape. I’m inspired to go out and try this new line of shapewear! Thanks for the post.

    PS: I just saw this dress at Target and bought it because of you. I LOVE it. Thanks!! <3

  193. says

    I pretty much wish I was wearing shape wear all of the time!!! I think I will want to wear it on my first cruise this December. Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  194. says

    I went from being in great shape (running marathons) to being pregnant and on bed-rest. Luckily, baby went full term and was a big boy…. I’m only 5’3″. Trying to lose the weight and get my skin to shrink back it much easier than it sounds. I wore what used to be a loose and flowy top to look nice for a wedding almost 12 months later. Someone asked me if I was pregnant again. Really wish I had spent the money and bought something to hold it all in.

  195. says

    I have been out today trying on shapewear for the first time. Getting married in NINE DAYS! My dress shows the lumps and bumps on my thighs, so I am trying to smooth things out. I wish I had found shapewear today!

  196. says

    I have never been opposed to shapewear – even if it was just a little control top pantyhose. Because of this, I honestly can’t think of a time when I should have been (or wished I was) wearing it and I wasn’t. I try to be prepared! However, I’ve never worn shapewear on the top, and I always just thought bra lines for big-busted ladies was our lot to endure, so I like the idea of wearing a tank beneath that won’t ride up.

  197. Anonymous says


    I wish I had shape wear everyday. After having two kids in two years, everything has moved and nothing fits right or looks good! I call my midsection my “mommy extras”. Maybe shape wear would hold everything in place while I work on getting my body back?!

    Love your blog!

  198. Brenda says

    I wish I had known about Jockey’s shapewear sooner! I remember purchasing Spanx for a couple of Michael Kors pencil skirts I had bought, but the Spanx kept riding up and showing a crease in my thighs! I have put off wearing my skirts until I find good shapewear and I hope Jockey’s is it! :)

    bsouratha (at) yahoo (dot) com

  199. says

    I wish I had been wearing shapewear, post-baby at my son’s Kindergarten Graduation. I was wearing this really cute jersey wrap-dress, but when I passed a window at the school I realized that I looked like a Shar-pei in a dress.

  200. says

    You look gorgeous and perfect. I wish I wore shapeware to my highschool reunion party! That dress I had on was tight!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  201. Anonymous says

    So many times i thought i looked awesome in a cute cotton dress…and then once i was out the door i realized that was so not the case! Shapewear would have been the answer!

  202. says

    During my last menstral cycle… the bloating was so bad I looked pregnant!! I actually wondered what people were thinking at school when someone would hold the door open for me… haha

    kytah00 AT yahoo DOT com

  203. says

    i wish I was wearing shapewear when I was just getting to know my husband! Thanks for a super giveaway!
    My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  204. says

    Kate, I finally found the shape wear a couple of weeks ago at Kohls and bought the full slip. I can’t wait to go back and pick up a few more pieces. This product is amazing. I’m tossing every other brand that I own! Thank you for the recommendation!

  205. says

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    me, keep up posting such articles or reviews.

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