A Madewell Styling Event

Back in September my sister and I attended a styling event at Madewell. It was a casual evening of shopping and being styled by the employees of the store. They helped you put new outfits together, or accessorize. They gave you advice, size and fit recommendations, and made you feel like you were the only customer in the store they cared about.

The employees at this Madewell are absolteuly phenomonal.

So after that fun night, we had established a bit of a friendship with a few of the girls and they asked Lauren and I if we wanted to host our own styling event.

Um, yep. Yep, we sure do.

For these “customer” hosted events, they are typically smaller and more intimate, so we invited a few of our friends to come out for an evening of shopping & dessert.

It was a really great group of girls and I only wish I would have had more time to stand outside of each fitting room and check out their looks! (wow, that’s a creeper statement if I ever heard one. lets keep that in context.)

About an hour into the event I remembered that I had my phone on me and began snapping pics. I missed a few girls who had finished up shopping, but here are a few I grabbed from my phone.

Some cute shoppers!

Carrie and Molly both out of their comfort zones. ALSO caught mid-laugh. 

The last ones out the door! Lindsey, in the center, was one of the immensely helpful stylists at Madewell that evening!

A lot of my find’s were on sale + an additional 30% off. I looked up some links to share on the blog but I noticed something in my search. The sale prices online are wildly different than the sale prices in store. Soooo, keep that in mind as you shop. If you live near a Madewell, stop in the store for the better deal

1 / 2 / 3 (similar) / 4

Have you shopped at Madewell yet? It’s a good mix of preppy and hipster w/ a dash of Urban Outfitters mixed in. 

Here are a few of my other favorites:

If you haven’t checked out Madewell yet, you should. And if you are unsure how to work some of their pieces into your wardrobe, be sure to ask the employees as they are there to help–and great at it! 


  1. says

    Hilary and I had so much fun. I’m wearing my black polka dot today. Thank you again for inviting us to the event. There are so many cute things that I wish I could have purchased. You are absolutely right, their stylists are incredible! H and I went to JCrew after we left Madewell and it was a totally different experience. You know I love me some JCrew, but Madewell customer service is superior to any other store I’ve been to in a while.

  2. says

    That is way funny, I check your blog every few days and love your hair tutorials. But today I saw this post and realized that Lindsey from the store looked really familiar. I used to be her counselor in a group called Student Venture in Orlando, FL. Had no idea she had moved. Crazy. Love the post and the stylish outfits!

  3. Jamie says

    Since I’ve never heard of this store, I wanted to ask you a question. I may have the opportunity to visit a store in a couple months. The website makes a lot of the clothes look boxy and shapeless. (Of course that may just be due to their way way way too skinny models.) Do you find that the clothes are boxy? I’m curvy, so I need shape in my clothes. Is it worth a visit to the store or is it hit or miss?

    Thanks. :)

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