a bow belt that isn’t overly girly.

When my sister and I were in DC a few weeks ago, we went to anthropologie. I tend to drool over just about everything in that store, but usually end up leaving empty handed. They aren’t the cheapest store on the block, but they are also well stocked with unquie and beautiful products, from clothes to home goods. 
I tried on a striped dress that I happened to fall in love with, but I couldn’t justifiy the $50.00 price tag. I knew Target and Gap had similar dresses, and there was a good chance I could get it for less expensive. Plus, the fact that Target and Gap had similar options meant it wasn’t unique enough to be my first piece of clothing from anthropologie. I set high standards.

I asked an employee to grab me a belt so I could see how a striped dress looked with a belt. And she returned with a really cute brown bow belt. The same one you are seeing in the photos.

I loved it. I had never seen anything like it, and it was the perfect brown. So I bought it, and have tried to wear it almost every day since then.

I picked up this striped dress on major sale from the original price at Gap. The leggings are from some department store, becuase I can’t regognize the label. And once again, my favorite boots are on my feet. 
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  1. Robyn says

    Ooo love the black and brown together! I always wonder whether that works, but you make it look great! I wore my boots for the first time yesterday, and your right, super comfy!

  2. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (found you through pinterest – yay!) and I absolutely love your style! You inspire me!
    And I’m totally heading to Target next week to check out those boots. :)

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