Pink Papaya Giveaway

Have you heard of Pink Papaya? 

Thanks to Lylith, a Pink Papaya consultant, I got to try a few of their great products! Pictured above are only a few of the many available, so be sure to check out the website.

I found their eyeshadows to be really pigmented and just as good as my Mac eyeshadows! I liked keeping the little contained of lip exfoliator in my shower so I could scrub those when they got dry. And the body scrub is super moisurizing and makes you skin feel baby soft.

Would you like to win a $50.00 gift cerfiticate to Pink Papaya c/o Lylith? Enter using the giveaway tool below! Good luck! 

Also, when you shop now, you can choose either 10% off your order OR free shipping! Send Lylith an e-mail if you have any questions! lylith.pinkpapaya (at) yahoo (dot) com

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  1. says

    I am in need of a good body scrub for the winter; my poor feet have been neglected this summer after I gave up pedicures for budgeting purposes! I would love to try any of the three products, actually.

  2. says

    I am in need of a lip exfoliator- the temperatures here just recently plummeted and I just commented yesterday about how I feel like once it gets super cold that chap stick just isn’t enough!

  3. Jessica says

    The eyeshadows look beautiful! I also am in need for a lip exfoliator. My lips are suffering this cool weather!

  4. Katie says

    I love the eye shadow colors! Plus this time of year in Wisconsin a girl could use a good body and lip scrub!

  5. Anonymous says

    The lip exfoliator sounds amazing, and perfect for those chilly fall & winter nights where I want to pamper myself a bit at home, and get smooth lips in return! (I always seem to neglect them!)
    The eyeshadow looks really great, too!


  6. says

    Ohh snazzy! I think that lip scrub sounds amazeballs. Especially since I’ve been attempting darker lip colors lately. [It’s so scary!]

  7. Andrea Place says

    I love the eyeshadow and would love to see which colors go where. Than you so much for this opportunity!

  8. Anonymous says

    Yeah its definitely time to pull out the scrubs… since its getting colder. Which means drying and cracking skin. Crossing my fingers. lol

  9. says

    I’ve never used them before so I’m not sure what my favorite would be but I would love to try the eye shadow and lip exfoliating scrub!

  10. Liz says

    The lip exfoliator would be awesome! Right now I use Vasoline and an old toothbrush- I had a feeling there was some “miracle product” out there somewhere!!!

  11. says

    I would like to try the mineral sheer tint beauty balm, steel strength hand repair, lip stain, and perhaps some body butters, eye shadows, and lip glosses. :)

  12. Paige says

    I have the mary-kay lip exfoliator, but I’ve been thinking about trying something different because my lips need it for this winter! I’d love to try pink papaya!

  13. says

    I love those eyeshadow colors! Bronzes and browns are my go-to colors for eyeshadow. They’re great because you can transition them from day to night so easily. My eyeshadow from sephora just broke :/ so I could really use a new platte!

  14. Shasta says

    The soothing eye makeup remover looks really nice. I am always looking for a good remover that doesn’t make my eyes red.

  15. says

    I desperately need the steel strength hand repair cream. My hands look like I’m a farmer or something. They crack and scale, totally not feminine at all! This stuff looks like a miracle in a jar!

  16. says

    Wow! All three of the products you showed would be amazing! I never heard of a lip scrub before your post about it recently and I realized I could really benefit from it. I also have a few dry patches on my cheeks that could probably benefit from that other scrub. I’d love to win and just want to thank Pink Papaya and you for doing this (even if I don’t win).

  17. Dawn says

    I haven’t tried any of the product, but after reading all the comments on here I can’t wait to try the products.

  18. Sarah says

    I have never tried pink papaya, or heard of it for that matter. But what girl wouldn’t want to try some new makeup?!

  19. says

    I think I would LOVE the lip exfoliator. Southeast Texas weather is so contrary and my skin always suffers. Chapstick is a must and lip exfoliator would be an awesome addition! :)

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