October Q&A Video

It’s time for the October FAQ video!

In this video I’ll answer questions like “does a cool rinse really matter?” and “How on earth do I open a bobby pin without using my teeth!?”

I also talk about what it would be like to pet a fish. . . . I digress . . .

Each month I’ll answer a new handful of questions in a FAQ video. “Like” on Facebook to see when post the call for questions!


  1. says

    Thanks for answering the difference between ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline tools. I have always wondered what they mean exactly & if they were worth spending money on. My hair is easy to curl so I guess I don’t need to spend extra money on anything more than ceramic. Thank-you! =)

  2. Sherry says

    Love listening to you! You are so thorough without being annoying or “preachy” and you answer every question in detail. Plus you have a very calm, soothing voice. Could listen to you all day. :) Kudos to you for not making people feel like idiots too. Lol… Keep up the great work!!!!

  3. says

    So helpful! Ok, follow up on the bobby pin question–what brand of pins do you (or other readers?) recommend? If I shoved my fingertip into the bobby pin, it’d just stretch and be useless in my (very fine) hair. So maybe I have bad pins?

  4. says

    Your makeup looks great in the video, what are you wearing? Foundation?? I know you have mentioned the Stila eyeshadow lately so are you wearing it or your favorite Mac ones?? Thanks!

  5. says

    I have a follow up question on the cool shot while Barlow drying. Should you do some type of cool shot when you finish using a flat iron or curling iron?

    • says

      Haha, my iphone can come up with some doozies itself! I was thinking… Oh my gosh, am I missing out on a new great hair phase “Barlow drying”?!? Must.look.up.now!

  6. Anonymous says

    Kate, I have a question regarding thin hair. I know in one of your earlier FAQ videos you said your biggest pet peeve is when the front of someone’s hair looks good but the back doesn’t. I have very thin hair so I find that I need to pull most of it forward in front of my shoulders for it to look cute, but then the back ends up looking messy, especially when it’s curled. Any suggestions?

  7. says

    Great video! I look forward to your FAQ each month :) I’m not on FB, but have a question……how much do I tip my stylist? Do you just base it on the $total? Thx!

  8. says

    Kate, my wife follows your blog and you on instagram,, today is het birthday is there anyway I can get you to say happy Birthday to her? Her name is Heather

  9. says

    Kate, my wife follows your blog and you on instagram,, today is het birthday is there anyway I can get you to say happy Birthday to her? Her name is Heather

  10. says

    OMG. Thanks so much Kate. I needed a good giggle after a long night. Pet a fish? I love it. Another good reference for the “scales” concept would be velvet fabric. If you rub it one way it’s smooth, and the other it’s rough. Liked the bobby pin section too. I struggle with that one.

  11. Bobbi says

    Thanks for talking about the cool shot/cool rinse. I always wondered what the purpose of the button was on my dryer (besides cooling me off, haha).

  12. Beth says

    Thanks for your help with the cool rinse! It’s nice in the summer but COLD in the winter. My hubby thinks I’m crazy for doing, now I can tell him it’s so my hair won’t feel like a fish!! :) Loved the video!

  13. says

    Ok I have a question… My stylist cuts my hair perfect every time, except for one area… I like a side-swept bang and she usually cuts it blunt (straight across) and it looks ridiculous, a 1-1.5″ lip-length straight “side bang” looks just plain crazy (go ahead I’ll pause a moment while you chuckle at the thought)! I end up just touching it up myself with (hair) scissors, and while it does look better, it’s not perfect. I’ve tried countless times to get her to cut it differently without offending her, to no use. So guess my question is how I can fix them myself at home? I know it is usually not good to do it yourself (I’ve heard many a hair expert say this), but I don’t really know what else to do. I figured if I was given the “proper” way to do it, I could fix it my self. Thanks in advance for any advise!!

  14. says

    great FAQs today! i was going to ask about your nail color, but i saw you answered it earlier, so it looks amazing on you and thanks for let’s us know what color it is.

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