October Birchbox

My Birchbox arrived last week! And this one was a good one! 

I got the special goop box. This month, goop picked the contents of the birchbox! I was excited about it because the Teen Vogue box earlier this year was one of my favorites! 

I’m saving this hair mask for an evening when I can really deep conditinon my hair and then let it air dry. (disclaimer: you don’t need to air dry after a deep conditioner, I just like to give my hair a break every once in awhile!)

This Eve Lom facial cleansing cloth went right into my gym bag. I love these little samples for things like that

I can’t wait to try the DDF product. I forgot to bring it home last weekend, but now that I’m back in North Carolina, I’m going to give this a shot. 

The Chantecaille mascara smells amazing. Probably the best mascara I’ve ever smelled. It didn’t wow me, but I’m super picky about mascara. For a clean lash look, though, this will do the trick!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? If you didn’t get the Goop box, do you wish you would have, or were you happy with your original Birchbox


  1. says

    I did not receive the goop box, but I was pretty happy with mine. You will absolutely LOVE the Amika hair mask. I got it in a previous box and it is amazing!! It’s probably the best smelling hair product I have ever used and it left my hair SO soft. I’m hoping to purchase it in the near future.

  2. says

    I love seeing everyone’s big products! My big product was an Essie nail polish in a medium gray color. I can’t remember the name, but it’s lovely. I got the goop box too. Some people received a larger-sized DDF Brightening Cleanser (last month I had a nice sample of it ~ love it) and I was hoping for that, but I’m very happy with the Essie.

  3. says

    I didn’t get the goop box but my normal birchbox was pretty good. I have to tell you though, I stumbled upon another company like birchbox called ipsy that does the same thing but it came with a bag which I was pretty excited about. I have only done one month so far but I liked the product better than the Birchbox that I actually cancelled my subscription. It is nice because you actually get the put in your akin type/color/etc and it’s more customized. You should check it out!

  4. says

    I just got my first Birchbox in the mail the otehr day. I had signed up to get the goop one, but got the regular one instead. I was still happy with the products… hair powder, skin transformer lotion, perfume, hair tie, 2 tea bags, and some face brightener/eye shadow from theBalm. I have only used the hair tie, which worked pretty well! I am excited to try it all over the next week! :)

  5. Martha says

    I’m always baffled when I get a completely difference Birchbox than you. I also did the Goop box, but didn’t get any of those things. Hmmmm, interesting :)

  6. says

    I got the Goop box and it was just ok. I also got a Luna bar, a Kiehl’s eye cream and Jouer lip sample – both very, very small samples. The big winner in my box was the full size Essie in a really pretty mauve color “Lady Like”. It’s a color I would have never bought myself, but once I put it on, I loved.

  7. Sue-Ellen says

    Sigh…..very jealous. Wish we had Birchbox in Australia. Just have to live vicariously through your blog 😉

  8. Anonymous says

    I also got the Goop box, but it was completely different! I got Mighty Tea, DDF Brightening Cleanser, face serum, hair oil, and the Joeur lip gloss. Thanks for sharing yours!
    ~Lindsay W

  9. Anonymous says

    I also got the Goop box, but mine was different! Wonder why? My favorite in my box was the Sprout lip balm. It has 4 ingredients and it’s organic! I plan on ordering more Sprout products! -Amanda

  10. says

    My birchbox had a great lip balm – MOX botanicals. But even better than that I got the Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm. BEST STUFF EVER! I also receive ipsy (same concept as birchbox) and think that the things in there are sometimes better than birchbox! You get two full size things sometimes in each ipsy bag and the bags they come in are adorable!

  11. Anonymous says

    I got a different Goop box too…less than thrilled with what was in it….I’m prety sure everything in there were duplicate items from other boxes, some that I know I’ve received before and others that I’ve seen have come in other peoples’ boxes. There wasn’t one thing in my box I liked this time. Hoping that means November will be a knock-out box!

  12. says

    I also got the Essie gray polish, it is called “Power Clutch” and I can’t wait to try it! I have also gotten a Amika hair product before, but because I have thick wavy hair, I got hair oil and it is amazing! A little goes a long way!

  13. says

    I got the goop box as well. The only thing that was the same was the Luna bar. I was pretty disappointed in mine. I only had a few things and they were all TINY and not really that exciting. Your box was WAY more fun.

  14. says

    I, too, picked the goop box & LOVED it. Though, I got much different stuff than you… I received a full-size Essie polish (love the color), natural cocoa butter lip balm, anti-aging serum, and the Luna bar. <3

  15. Anonymous says

    I picked the goop box as well and received the exact box you did. I was very happy with it. I would have loved the Essie nail polish though!

  16. says

    It was my first month, and I got the goop box. I was a little disappointed, I expected more for $10.
    I got peppermint shampoo, which I’ll try, but is very small. A luna bar, which I enjoy. I got an Essy nail polish, but a color that I already own (carry on), jouer lip enhancer, and a small packet of supergoop sunscreen.
    Is it usually this little?!

    • says

      Try ipsy. It’s like birchbox but better! :) I get both, but have started to prefer ipsy over birchbox. Same price, but comes in an adorable bag each month!

  17. Tracy S says

    I got the same products as you, Kate. Wasn’t that crazy about the mascara! Can’t wait to try the hair mask! :)

  18. says

    I received the goop box too! I got a Luna bar, a HUGE DDF brightening cleanser (which is awesome, btw) some mighty teas, Caudalie face serum, Miracle Skin transformer (amazing coverage + left my skin really soft) and lip perfekt gloss sample. This was by far one of my favorite boxes!

  19. says

    I got the goop box and it was ok. The one great thing about it was the essie polish in a dark purple/blue color. I would have loved to try the deep conditioner! What did you think of the lemon luna bar? I got the same one…it was a little strange tasting to me, but then again I’m not a huge fan of lemon….

  20. says

    My first October Birchbox!!

    I got the Goop box as well! I got a Luna bar, the original beauty blender sponge, Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask, Sprout Lip Balm Flights, Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum, Twistband hair tie.

  21. says

    I got the exact same box as you. The hair mask is amazing! Love it! And the Eve Lom cleanser isn’t a cleansing cloth.. but it has a muslin cloth inside to use with the cleanser. It has very specific instructions. I just used it like regular cleanser the first time, then found the directions and did it correctly the second time. Big difference! Watch out for the smell though.. not pleasant!

  22. says

    I got the exact same box as yours! Loved the face wash, and the mascara came in perfect time because I was needing to go to the store and buy more and this allowed me a couple more days before making that trip. The only thing I havent tried is the hair mask, but I am looking forward to it. I loved my box, but my friends who also get Birchbox and also selected the goop box were less than impressed. One actually cancelled her subscription and opted to go for Glossy box instead.

  23. says

    Hi! Maybe you’ve explained this before, but I’m new to you blog. (I love it, by the way!) What is Birchbox? I did sign up, but I’m not sure what it is. Do you get free samples of products?

  24. says

    I got the Goop box too! LOVED IT!! I love the mascara!! The DDF left my skin silky as well. BUT TRY THE EVE LOM. AMAZING. My husband thought I had waxed my face – not that I do that any ways – but it made it smooth and feel amazing!! I think I used everything out of my box this time! Great Box!

  25. says

    I got the goop box, but I thought it was only ok. I got an essie polish, but I don’t really like the color. Your box looks much better! There was also a tiny sample of a cocoa lip gloss, body wash, luna bar, and anti-aging serum.

  26. says

    I’ve heard Birch Box mentioned but hadn’t really know about it until I saw it in this month’s Allure. You make it sound tempting. I might just get this as a gift for my 19 yr old daughter- then I can just “borrow” all the things I like 😉

  27. says

    Has anyone had experience gifting a men’s Birchbox? Thinking about this for a Christmas gift for hubby, but would love to hear feedback from you all on how please the guys have been with the contents of the box. Thanks!

  28. says

    I just got me first birchbox, I picked the GOOP, but got the normal one. The stuff in it seems pretty good, but was hoping for more for the $10. Maybe it will get better, I’ll give it a few months to try!! Thanks for the introduction to them!

  29. says

    I got Jouer lip enhancer and I LOVE it! It really seems to pump up my lips and makes them feel so smooth. I also got an oil for my hair but can’t remember the brand, haven’t tried it out yet!

  30. says

    I got the regular box this month, it’s my first month getting it, so I decided to stick with the normal stuff. I was happy with the selection they gave me, there is a MOX brand lip butter (pomegranate and fig) that I have used every day since, and I love the twistaband they sent also.

  31. Meredith B. says

    I got the goop box this month too, but it was the first month that I have not been wowed by my birchbox (I got different samples then you did). Although, I did get that conditioner in a box this summer, and I was impressed.

  32. says

    I got the original birchbox and it was just okay for me. If the next box doesn’t wow me then I may consider canceling. I’m signed up for a few other beauty programs and compared to those ones, birchbox is just okay. You look like you got some cool goodies in yours though :)

    Rosie xo

  33. says

    I hadn’t heard of Birchbox before…I’ll be signing up so I can get a treasure box each month also.. :) I loved your loose beach waves video! I tried it and it worked beautifully. I need to get me some texture spray tho. I look forward to trying your other tutorials. Do you or are you doing a Linky party for those of us who try your videos so we can show our pics to you. That would be fun! :)

  34. Kathy says

    I ordered my first Birchbox after I read that Goop was collaborating with them. It seemed sort of skimpy… I did like the Essie polish, and the lip balm was nice (but small). Also received the tiny anti-aging serum and the peppermint shampoo sample. No Luna bar.

  35. CandisL says

    I didn’t get the goop box but really like the tiny jour lip enhancer and absolutely LOVED the Vitiva vitamin capsules day/night – they made my skin look and feel incredible. My luna bar was a choc/pb….and it was delicious.

  36. says

    I was actually disappointed with my box :( I feel like we are getting less and less for our monthly subscription. I used to be OBSESSED with my birch boxes. But this latest box actually made me cancel my subscription. I am subscribed to MyGlam now known as Ipsy.com and I have loved every single month. Your goop was better than mine though! I love your blog too!

  37. says

    I got the Goop box but my products were a little different- I got a facial oil and a tiny lip gloss instead of the mascara. But I received that deep conditioner a couple of months ago and it smells AMAZING.

  38. says

    I got the Goop box also but mine wasn’t near as good as yours! Fiber bar, body wash, TINY lip gloss, face serum, and Essie nail polish in an almost black shade.

  39. says

    If you like birchbox, check out QVC’s beauty test tube. It comes with many great sample and FULL size make up products, detailed descriptions about each product, and a new beauty magazine. It ships every 3 months for $29. Great bonus is if I don’t like a particular item, I can gift it to someone special. Products I’ve got include: Wen, Mally, Bare Escentuals, Ojon, Josie Maran, Algenist, Bliss, Smashbox, Laura Gellar, and many more.

  40. Anonymous says

    The Eve Lom was INCREDIBLE! My face glowed afterwards and had a such an amazing feeling! Definite two thumbs up!!

  41. says

    That Eve Lom was the worst thing I’ve put on my face since I was a teenager making masks I found in magazines. Who the heck has time to apply product and sit with a cloth on your face three times every single day? I was able to get three uses out of the hair mask, which was great. I love Birch box and just signed up for Glossy Box.

  42. says

    So funny…my Goop box had the EXACT same items. Our profiles must be similar. Really like the DDF pore minimizer. As always enjoy your blog and videos. Oh, and so does my 8 year-old daughter. She has tried many of your hair techniques on me. :)

  43. says

    what kind of mascara do you like? I am very picky with my mascara and the last tube i got i really dont like but i hate spending money and not using it so i am just using it right now and need a new one very soon!!!

  44. says

    what kind of mascara do you like? I am very picky with my mascara and the last tube i got i really dont like but i hate spending money and not using it so i am just using it right now and need a new one very soon!!!

  45. says

    I got two wrinkle products (I’m 31, fyi). And I’m paranoid about wrinkles. And both products were $80+ bucks. So. What I’m hearing Birchbox say is that I’m just going to have to suck it up or get ready to get old?


  46. says

    I got the same box as you! I haven’t used that mask yet but I want to!! The face cleaner is so awesome it works well, the mascara is fab but at 42 big ones a tube that is way too pricey for me I am a Maybelline Full & soft or Clinique Long Pretty Lashes those are my fav. I was really impressed with this box and the Luna bar was ok. :)

  47. says

    I got Hair Powder, Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè, Naked Princess Lip Gloss, and a Luna Bar. I was disappointed with the powder shampoo, but the moisturizer is wonderful, and the lip gloss is pretty great too! I can’t wait to try the mask.

  48. says

    I got naked princess lip gloss, Luna chocolate raspberry bar, Kiehl’s Orange Flower and Lychee body was, Joanna Vargas daily serum and last but not least essie power clutch polish!

  49. says

    I got naked princess lip gloss, Luna chocolate raspberry bar, Kiehl’s Orange Flower and Lychee body was, Joanna Vargas daily serum and last but not least essie power clutch polish!

  50. says

    Mine came in today and I got the Transformations box. It had MOX lip butter, A large sample of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur (smells AMAZING!), a twistband, 3 in 1 highlighter by theBalm, Lulu Organics hair powder and a tili bag. Loving everything so far!

  51. Anonymous says

    I got a perfume, face vitamins, Luna bar, lip balm, and a Balm eye shadow/highlighter. Love the Balm highlighter and perfume I received.

  52. says

    I got the Goop box this month, was not NEAR as good as yours! :) Got an Essie nail polish. Got Kiehl’s eye cream that made me break out pretty quickly. :( I was so looking forward to it too!! Loved the Jouer lip balm. It is aweeeesome!

  53. Hannah says

    I opted for the Goop box, but I got the regular box. I was actually pretty disappointed. I got an Eyeko liquid eye pencil in navy that I like and use, but I got quite a few things that I’ll never use, like these gold glitter lip tattoos. Literally, you cut them out and stick them on your lips. I’ll never use them. I was extremely disappointed, and I wish I would have gotten the Goop box like I signed up for :( I didn’t even get an Essie nail polish!

  54. says

    I got the goop box and got almost the exact same products as you, Kate. I did not like the lemon Luna bar, but it did inspire me to buy their chocolate peanut butter version and I have that at 3pm at the office when I hit that mid-day “wall”!

  55. says

    I’m a Birchbox gal as well! I opted for the Goop box this month and really liked it. I keep telling my family and friends about the brand and how any product junkie needs to be getting this every month. Love!

  56. says

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