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Other than my wedding band/engagement ring, there is no other piece of jewelry that I wear daily. 

Until this necklace entered the picture. I’ve worn it since the moment it arrived on my doorstep (other than at night, of course!).

I am usually not one for monograms. In fact, I barely remember seeing monograms growing up in the north. After living in the south for a few days, I realized monograms are a big deal down here.

So either I’ve been influenced by the perpetual initialing of all your possessions, or my eye just settled on this necklace and brought forth the deep desire for everyone to know my husbands initial. . .either way, I loved it. 

And I have big plans for my Maya Brenner jewelry collection. When Justin and I start a family, I will request a new necklace with two initials. Or maybe just one with the baby’s initial and I’ll layer them. Who could ever know.
 I actually considered getting a necklace with 2 “G’s” for my cats but that really pushes the crazy cat lady envelope. So I stuck with the more socially acceptable husband initial. 


I walked into Tj Maxx for a sports bra and left with a cake plate.  (how many times has that sentance been uttered?)

I also found one of these beauties for $6.99. I saw these in a Pottery Barn catalog recently and thought, “I bet something similar will turn up at Tj Maxx or HomeGoods”. 

I was right.

Think of all the possibilities! 
You could use it as your “gift wrap” when giving jewelry. You could fill it with candy. You could fill it with paper clips. You could fill it with bobby pins. You could fill it with glitter. You could fill it with cat treats.

The options are endless. 

That’s all for today. Oh, and Happy Halloween


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    I love your necklace! And for the record, I would NOT judge if you got one for your kitties. Does she make bracelets?? You could get your G&G on dainty bracelets…as not to compete with the J. 😉

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    All my growing up years, my mom had a glass box like that. My Dad had made it for her when he worked at a glass fabrication company in college.
    In our house, it was “the ribbon box.”
    It held all sorts of colorful ribbons to be used in our hair, in our doll’s hair, as sashes, as whatever our imagination could come up with.
    It was beautiful and fascinating, and definitely something I want to have in my house when I have kids some day.
    Thanks for the reminder of that good memory!

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    Hey Kate – World Market also has those glass jewelry boxes for a lot less than Pottery Barn. But I love the one you snatched from TJ Maxx. You must have a better store than we have here.

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    I love those glass boxes so beautiful & the went in for a sports bra came out with a cake plate line cracked me up. I think the necklace is beautiful, and I am much like you the only jewelry I am consistent wearing are my wedding rings. I don’t think it would be a bad price for something to wear everyday especially if it is solid gold. I would rather put my money into a necklace that is good quality and will last, rather than spend the same amount purchasing several fake ones over time that are cheaply made.

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    Oh my goodness, how I love that cake plate! And that necklace, but just like everyone else, I can’t afford to spend that much. Bummer!
    But maybe I’ll get one for Christmas…with a “K”, for our newborn baby girl Kealey (she’s due 11/25)……a girl can hope, right? :)
    I’m going to the Marshalls by my house after work to see if they have that same cake plate….and maybe to my Homegoods too, if they don’t. I still have to find a TJ Maxx near our new house. 😉

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    BTW….seconding the request to know how much you bought the cake plate for. I’m going to guess either $9.99, $12.99, or $16.99. Am I right with any of those? :)

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    i think your necklace is just too beautiful for words! looks truly lovely on you! price is a personal matter and what one person thinks is worth the cost of something is different person-to-person. i love good, well made Kate Spade handbags and they are pricey, but i feel they’re worth it, so i have a few. treat yourself once and awhile to something nice i say! btw, the cake stand + glass box are to die for!

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    I LOVE that lantern! It’d be so cute with a little succulent in it :) I’ve been on the lookout for a tiny gold necklace like that. They’re so dainty!

  9. Anonymous says

    The necklace is wonderful and I loved the idea of layering necklaces with children’s initials…until I saw the price tag. Unfortunately, the irony is once you have children, you don’t spend that kind of money on simple jewelry. At least I don’t now. Definitely something I would’ve bought pre-children! I look back & laugh at all the dough I blew shopping for all kinds of silly things:) Even though it’s 14k, I’ll have to look for a similar knockoff…not spending nearly a grand!

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    I wouldn’t judge you for having your cat’s initial on a necklace. I wear a ‘P’ on my necklace for my cat Pi every single day. Fortunately, my last name starts with a P also, which is what my husband thinks the letter stands for. 😉 Yours is gorgeous!

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    Does the J on the necklace ever sneak to the middle, since (I assume) it’s heavier than the chain It looks so cute on the side but I feel like it would look silly right in the middle.

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    I want to send you a free necklace from My etsy page Kate. You can contact me at and ill send you the link to choose which one you want. I tried to find an email to send this to you privately and could not find it. I hope this option is okay. I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write us all.

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    I want to send you a free necklace from My etsy page Kate. You can contact me at and ill send you the link to choose which one you want. I tried to find an email to send this to you privately and could not find it. I hope this option is okay. I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write us all.

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    I got the necklace for Christmas…a very very nice surprise! I absolutely love it!! Don’t know that my husband got in on the 25% discount though but still…I love it! I got mine in white gold…with a J.

  16. says

    The 25% off code still works. I ordered my daughter’s initial in white gold and received it just before Mother’s Day. Very pretty. Thanks!

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