It’s Not a Waste

I’ve been meaning to share this with you because it absolutely struck me when my friend shared it with me. It was timely, in fact, because she sent me an e-mail about a day before my talk at the Becoming Conference and as soon as I read it I knew I had to incorporate it in to my sessions.
It’s just so simple, but so accurate.

The full quote is:

So we are, on a finite level, people who can create. Why does man have creativity?  Why can man think of so many things in his mind, and choose, and then bring forth something that other people can taste, smell, feel, hear, and see?   Because man was created in the image of a Creator.  Man was created that he might create.  It is not a waste of man’s time to be creative.  It is not a waste to pursue artistic or scientific pursuits in creativity, because this is what man was made to be able to do.  He was made in the image of a Creator, and given the capacity to create- on a finite level of course, needing to use the materials already created- but he is still the creature of the Creator. 

I struggled a little bit with my career path, and the fact that it is an industry that revolves around vanity. I didn’t want to spend my life focused on changing a woman’s appearance and that being the end of it. It seemed empty. So I struggled, for about a year or so with my love for hairstyling, makeup, and, in general, the beauty world. I tried to search for something that would “mean” more. 

But God showed me, during this time of questioning, that my desires and love for the beauty industry were not an accident. It was not a mistake or a misdirection that I loved styling hair, and seeing women’s eyes light up when they see themselves with a fresh haircut or flattering color.  It wasn’t wrong of me to like these things.

It was, instead, exactly how He planned for it to happen. And I’m seeing that more now than ever. It would have never even crossed my mind that I would have this platform to teach so many women how to style their hair. I mean, what a gift! I get to do what I love, and what God has given me the ability to do, and teach women across the world to do the same! 

So this blog, this little computer that I sit and type at, has affirmed in so many aspects that my love for the beauty industry was not a mistake. It wasn’t about vanity, or about finding your happiness in how you look. It was, instead, getting the wonderful opportunity to meet so many amazing women in my chair. . .and now from across the world. 

I’m so thankful. And so, so blessed by it. Joyfully overwhelmed. 

So, I say all this as an encouragement to you. If you are pursuing a creative career, a path toward something that may seem empty from the outside, don’t ever underestimate the Lord’s power to use it for something greater. I believe He has already set up your path and it is your choice to use it for something more.

I remember a client telling me, in a casual, off the cuff sort of way, that she always wanted to pursue a career in the music industry (managing artists, not singing) but it seemed so empty. She wanted to “do something more”. So, she went down a different path and is now doing something entirely different for her day job. 

I don’t know if she lies in bed thinking about the career she didn’t pursue, OR if she’s completely happy and fulfilled doing what she’s doing now, but when she told me that, I was so disappointed. And it made me want to tell her, over and over, don’t change your deepest desires because of how it looks on the outside. God gave you those. Use them! They are intended to be used! And BE the person in the music industry that doesn’t focus on the money or the fame, but instead the gift of using your talents and how great it feels to share them with the world. 
Don’t stifle the things you love. If you feel convicted that it isn’t good enough, or isn’t meaningful enough, consider instead that the Creator–the Giver of these desires and talents–did not mistakenly place them in you. 

And use them, with joy, for something more.


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    I am seriously crying….haha. I sort of mistakenly chose a career path that I know isn’t my calling. I have been feeling a very strong nudge to follow my dreams and passions to help women be beautiful on the inside AND out. Just last night, I asked God that if this was His nudge and a desire that He has for me, that He would confirm it. And this is the first thing I read today. Thank you so much for not only helping women be all that He designed us to be, but for listening to His prompting to post this today. You have blessed me beyond belief. :)

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      Katie! sorry I made you cry! :)

      Glad to hear, though, that you are going to pursue your dreams–sounds like this was written for you!

      Thank you for sharing this!

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      You are just precious! I found your sweet little blog about a month ago, and I am 44 years old and have been able to fix my hair just like I have always wanted to! Your videos are so helpful and I tell all my friends and their daughters about you and how I love learning and they would too!! My sons (who love pretty hair) now say “mom did you learn that from that girl?” and then….”I like your hair like that!”

      I love this post b/c when I read the Old Testament it talks (I think in Nehemiah) about how the Lord used the best skilled craftsmen to build the Temple…..He created us to be Creative and make His world beautiful…….that is what you do, and most importantly the beauty is also inside and I know why…….it’s Him! :) Thanks for helping this 44 year old Wife and Mother to be the best I can be!

  2. Anonymous says

    I have to say that you have change my life doing what you do. I have become more confident in the way I look. I have three kiddos a 6 year old, a 18 month old and a 4 month old. I could have fallen into the slump of busy motherhood but you inspire me every day. My hubby even notices and loves the way I do my hair now. You are an inspiration in many ways.

    Thank you,

    • Anonymous says

      I agree with Caty! A friend (who is a stylist and who, very seriously, adores you, haha) turned me on to your blog and your videos! I’m a wife, mother of (only) one, daughter, employee…and I could just FEEL myself falling into that rut of looking like the frumpy wife/mom! I keep my laptop in the bathroom on the days when I want something extra special, but simple to do! I like how you take (what seems to ME) a very complicated way to do hair and turn it into a clean, polished, and “heck yeah, I did my own hair” look!! Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work! (and thanks for helping me out of my “mom rut”!)

  3. Pamela says

    Kate, this is why I love your blog so much! You said it perfectly as beauty is inside too and helping to make us pretty on the outside and confident is not vane! I have been following your blog for over a year and have to say is one of my favs and have also starting following From My Grey Desk as well!

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    This is so fitting for me this week. I lead a small group of 7th grade girls and our lesson this week was on figuring out the different talents and passions God has given us and how to use them to bless others and glorify Him. He blesses us in so many different ways, and I love seeing Him at work! Thanks for sharing this!

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    Alls I can say is WOW!!! Kate you truely are an inspiration. I am a stay-at-home mom of 3; I came across your blog about 5 months ago and you have literally changed my life just. I use to sit around in yoga pants and a tee but since I have been following you I get up and do a hair tutorial, put on makeup get dressed. Just those simple things made me feel more like a “woman.” I think it is so awesome that you are a woman of God and you spread his word. Thank you so much for being you, you are an angel from God!

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    Kate, I love this post. I have wondered for a long time if my interest in fashion and “pretty things” was just a sign of my shallowness. :) But thanks for the reminder that God made us the way we are, talents and interests included. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our hearts! What an awesome thought! This was a terrific post from a wonderful blogger :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Taylor Campbell says

    This is so perfect for today! I have been considering a career change from doing what I went to school for to doing something completely different where I will be make much less money. I actually have an interview today for a position and I have been so nervous about the change. Thank you for this post! It is helped me see that it is okay to change jobs in order to do something I love! You are wonderful Mrs. Kate Bryan :)

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    This is beautiful. Trusting in the gifts God has given us is sometimes so hard but always the right way to go.

    Also, I hadn’t really connected “Creator” with “creative” in my mind before now–what an amazing new perspective!!

  9. Lauren P says

    Kate! It’s funny how He works, isn’t it? Just the other day when you posted on facebook about having 30,000(?) fans, I thought I should send you a message and forgot!

    I thought: wow, she has an incredible opportunity here, as a woman of faith, to share a bit of it with this incredibly large audience of women who now know and love her via her videos.

    Thank you for sharing your faith perspective today! I hope your message brings one woman to God today. I can’t believe sometimes all the amazing ways in which He works!

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    Kate, I HIGHLY recommend the book “walking on water” by Madeleine l’engle. It’s a Christian book about the connection between art and faith (and creativity). I heard about it years ago when reading it Nichole nordeman found it so inspiring for one of her albums. Anyway think you’d enjoy(:

  11. Ashley says

    Wow – I’m sitting here at work in my office right now bawling my eyes out (yes, I may be just a little bit emotional now but that’s not the point! lol) – I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and I absolutely LOVE what I do but since the economy tanked, business is extremely SLOW because that’s one of the first things my clients, unfortunately, had to cut out to ensure they made their mortgage payments. Obviously I can’t fault them for that but now I’m struggling to pay my own mortgage. I’ve been sending out resumes for full time positions, all the while muttering under my breath “I don’t want to do this….this is not what I’m meant to be doing…” – but your post truly inspired me and hit me to the core – I’m putting my trust in Him to show me the chosen path for ME! So thank you so much for your truly inspiring words!

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    I grew up in a hair salon and I loved it! My mom was a manager for a place down in the south called First Place. She was good at what she did and it brought me up differently, looking at things differently especially in the beauty industry. In my 20’s I had ran from it but also was drawn to it. I still am contemplating going to school for it now that I am in my early 30’s. I don’t know… But I am hoping I will become more and more open to the idea and embrace it instead of letting it continue to be a scar for me.

  13. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your post today. It was inspired, beautifully written, and so meaningful to the thousands of us that can’t wait to get up and read your blog every day!

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    Oh, thank you. This post meant a lot to me this morning. I have an art business and art blog and this is something I’ve struggled with as well. We’ve started something at church on Wednesday nights where we try to find what the kids are already good at, and teach them to use THAT thing to praise God. I’m teaching the art track. How can I use art-making to praise my Creator? I’m realizing that I only started to answer that question for myself in the past couple of years. Hopefully I can help these kiddos find that answer sooner and turn their gifts into a lifestyle of praise:-)

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    Beautifully written. I, too, had never made the connection between “create” and “Creator” – love it! God doesn’t make mistakes; what is unclear to us is perfectly clear to Him, we just have to trust Him and let Him guide us. And kudos to you, Kate, for using your popular blog to give a testament to your faith! (:

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    I was just having this conversation with my husband last night. I feel like I’m at a huge point of discernment right now and that God and the Holy Spirit are nudging me in a direction I’m so unsure of on the outside, but so unsure of on the inside. I’m not sure how it all falls into place, but I know that God is doing a work in my heart right now and if He’s at work, it can’t be bad. <3

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    Amazing post. Thanks for doing what you love and therefore enabling all of us to be inspired by your passion. People who radiate light are contagious!

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    Kate, thank you for posting this. It really touched me. I’m a bit further down the road – raised my family and worked several jobs that “meant something” because they were ministry or non-profit and promoted important causes. But God led me away from those and I’m currently selling skin care & cosmetics in a department store. Some days it feels like “all is vanity” but then I will have an experience helping a woman feel better about herself and it will open a window to share more about our lives. I’ve had customers tell me that they felt ours was a divine appointment. It’s good to hear that you are where the Lord wants you and using your skills and gifts in this arena! Great post!

    P.S. ~ Because of your hair curling tutorial, I’ve fielded hundreds of compliments about my hair – and consequently shared your blog with each one of them!

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    WOW! This is amazing! That quote is so very thought provoking! I must do something with it at my house! MUST! And…as I sit here in my cubicle, with my all time dream job of being a hairdresser on the way, very, very, very back burner (time, school, money, child, husband, etc {EXCUSES})…I sit. Every day thinking what it would be like to actually do what I love. And pray that one day I’ll be able to do just that. Thank you for this. Thank you very much.

    PS- My younger sister is now in school at Redken, living my dream, though of course it is her own as well. But watching it does sting a little more. That makes this all a little bit more tender.

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    Wow, I realize now after reading many of the comments that this post has touched so many people. I have been really struggling with the fact that what I want to do (beauty industry too, specifically hair and makeup) feels so meaningless and empty. Lately I’ve been constantly wishing I had a passion or enough talent to do something else, to be someone else and touch people. I was feeling really depressed, doubting God, crying all the time because I have all of these people counting on me and I had no idea what to do or how to move forward. It felt like life was moving but I was just stuck and the decisions I had to make for my future were coming at me at lightning speed. Your post today seriously changed the way I thought. I honestly had never even thought about it the way you put it, that God puts the desire in our hearts for a reason no matter how vain it may seem. In the end it’s what you do with that desire that matters. I still have that nagging feeling in the back of my mind, what if I fail… that’s a huge one. But, this post has confirmed that I’m doing what I need to be doing and God’s put the passion to pursue beauty in my heart because that’s what he wants me to do.

    By the way, I love your blog. I’m in highschool and I have a beauty blog. I find inspiration through blogs like yours because you not only have amazing posts but you also aren’t afraid to share your love for Jesus with your readers.

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    Kate, have you ever read “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge? I highly recommend it! It’s all about women being godly women, but from a brand new perspective. So awesome.

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    Thanks for sharing yourself…and what God has gifted you with.
    I’ve always tried to remember this quote…
    You may be the only Bible some people ever see.

    You’re great at what you do and I absolutely love your blog – and the tutorials. I’ve always struggled with fashion and I’ve just recently lost almost 60 pounds. Love learning from you! It’s great to feel good about yourself – and thanks for helping me with that.

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    Such a wonderful post and a definite inspiration to those of us embarking on creative careers! Also a great reminder to simply enjoy creating whether it be for a living or simply just for the joy of it :)

  24. Paige says

    I’m so happy you posted this perspective. As an interior designer I have battled with the same thoughts, but this quote helps me have more confidence in God’s plan!

  25. says

    What a beautiful post. I have been following you for about 5 months now and it always brightens my day. Thank you for helping me realize that my love for fashion is not totally superficial. I needed this more than you can know. Keep it up. You are beautiful inside and out. :)

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    Such an awesome post! Very inspiring. I think the key is listening to what God wants you to do with your life, which is something I struggle with. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and for sharing your talents with us through this blog.

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    I love this post! It speaks to the creative instincts in all of us. And I love that you take the opportunity to remind us about the Creator who installed these talents, skills, and abilities uniquely inside of each of us.

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    I so agree! I work for a theatre and in that world, there are quite a lot of non-believers. I struggled with it a lot, wondering if it was where I needed to be, surrounding myself with people who don’t believe in God. But then I realized, that God placed me exactly where I needed to be so that I could be an encouragement for those people, to potentially bring them to know Jesus! Amen sister! Keep on doing what you are doing, you are helping so many people!

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    I just love this! I have a nail polish blog, and I often feel the same kind of things you mentioned. I feel guilty that I have so much passion for something so “silly” and “vain.” It really helped me in my healing from an eating disorder and I’ve met a wonderful community of people though the blog world. Being creative rocks! :) Thank you for this, it was just wonderful.

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    That was beautiful. I needed to read that right now. I have been feeling “stuck” in a career I am miserable doing but stay for the money. Silly right? I am more determined than ever to pursue my dream. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Never commented, but felt I should. A great, inspired post. I worked professionally as a national journalist, covering some amazing, hard hitting stories. It’s a “smart” career, one that challenges my intellect and informs viewers of “important” things. Recently, though, I’ve felt a little (er… Lot) guilty that I’ve gone back to school in Interior Design, so “superficial”. But, really, I’m doing it because I want to provide the most beautiful, safe refuge for what I really think is most “important” (and I think God agrees) — my family.

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    Speaking of beauty, your HEART is beautiful! I haven’t read the other posts and I’d be shocked if I’m the first to say so. There was something really touching and special about this post. Genuine. Would love to know you in real life. I’d be honored to sit in your chair and learn from you. Keep shining your light!

  33. Anonymous says

    I never comment on these but had to today! In years past I drove about 40 miles one way to my hairdresser and it was always a time of fellowship and I could go there somewhat down and feeling bad about the day or myself and because of her kindness and upbeat attitude about what the Lord was goind in her life, I always left better. I never went there that someone there didn’t tell me how good I looked or how I looked like I’d lost weight (and I never did) or just really make a fuss over me. It made me feel important and made me want to go back. If we’d all remember to shine and encourage others where we are planted…we’d all love our jobs and lives better and others around us would too!and then the greatest thing of all, those who establish strong relationships with us could easily be won to the Lord because of the joy we exuberate and because they trust us.

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    Love this post! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with my love for art, fashion, and marketing in a Christian environment where those things are often seen as empty. But the journey has brought me to a similar place where I can rejoice in creativity because that’s the part of God that I get to show people.
    I’m glad you stuck with hair. :-)

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    Very nice thoughts for the day!
    Honestly, though, I think if you spent your entire career doing nothing but making YOURSELF look good – beauty, make-up, hair, fashion, etc. then yes, maybe it would be less fulfilling – but you spend your days helping other people feel good about themselves – finding the beauty within and the outside beauty and that is to be admired! I can’t tell you how many times going to a salon has changed my outlook on myself! As women, we often tend to be really hard on ourselves and you help us find our natural ability to shine! Thanks so much for all you do!

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    Lately I just have not understood what God is doing in my life. He placed me in a career that has nothing to do with what I went to school for. I still may be confused at what to do next, but He has a plan for me. Thank you for posting this. You have touched me and so many others!

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    *tears* Thank you so much for this post. It was so timely in my life. As a stay-at-home mother of a high school teacher, there is a definite need for extra income. Rather than get a corporate job I have dabbled in the art of making baby accessories. I was recently offered and opportunity to take part in a holiday open house offering my creations. She asked for a name to post on the flyer, and that is when the inner struggle came to light even more. Needless to say, I hesitantly jumped on board for the open house, and reading this gave me affirmation that it was the right thing to do. Thank you for following the Spirit’s nudge to share this. Be Blessed!

  38. Anonymous says

    Kate, thank you for this. I was praying not even 10 minutes ago regarding this issue, asking for some guidance or sign or something. It’s funny how God leads you to messages when you need them.

    I’m pretty young in my career (I’m only 28), but I chose security over passion. I’m thankful for the stability & pay my job provides, but my heart has never been in it. I struggle with it daily and do my best to trust God that He will show me what I should do. I have a passion for food, fashion, art – pretty much anything to do with design and expression.

    I’ve been feeling the urge to start a blog – even went so far as to purchase a domain name, but have been to afraid to take the plunge. Were my desires too shallow? Misguided? What if I failed? Your words gave me a bit of courage. Maybe, just maybe I should the passions He puts in my heart. Anyway – thanks, Kate.

  39. Anonymous says

    I agree, to use the talents/passions/skills God created in each of us, not only to share our creativity with others, but to USE that creativity to lead others to Christ! To advance His kingdom! There is nothing NOTHING in this world that compares to Him and serving him!

  40. Anonymous says

    Thank you, Kate, for sharing your beautiful words and kind heart. So thankful you are willing to let God use you as a voice to inspire and strengthen and teach others. You are beautiful on the inside and out thanks in part to the love you have for the Lord and your willingness to serve. Your beauty shines through. I am thankful that I discovered your site. Continued Blessings to you and yours!

  41. says

    I loved this post. My choice in career is often thought of as common sense as it is formerly known has home economics. But I have a love for the subject and it is absolutely what I want to teach to high school students. When the topic of career comes up, I often admit the “dumbness” of my career, but this has helped me change my outlook completely and to be proud of what God has blessed me with – The ability to teach students the skills they need to be successful in life no matter what they do.

    Thank you!!

  42. says

    Kate, Beautiful words…and so very true. I had to share them with my 5th grade students because they need to be reminded that they are given talents and filled with many gifts that make them special:)

  43. says

    God has shown this truth to me recently as well while studying Genesis in my BSF group. The “rush” I feel when I create something beautiful must be what God felt when He looked at His creation and said “it is good”! It’s not vain or superficial; it is an act of worship as we reflect just a bit of God’s image in our lives! Keep on creative sister!

  44. says

    As a Christian woman who also loves fashion, hairstyling, and shopping, I love reading your blog! It is so encouraging to see the testimony that God has given you have because of your talents and your passions. You have such a unique opportunity with your job and your blog and I am thankful that you aren’t ashamed to talk about your faith. I try my best to balance my love of fashion and beauty without becoming to materialistic or too focused on this life. It’s wonderful for me to know there are other women like me in the world. =)

  45. Anonymous says

    You have found your passion! That is something to celebrate and be thankful for!
    I have been doing esthetics for 15 yrs and I have never looked at what we do as vanity.
    I love taking care of people and making them feel great, I am sure you are the same! :)
    My creative outlet has been a blessing. The people that I have met from doing my creative work mean a lot, most times when I speak of my some of my clients I am more apt to call them friends and some even family.
    Creative warms the heart!! I believe there is a lot to be said about details.
    Thank you so much for sharing ideas/details, they obviously inspire myself and so many others!
    Jennifer V

  46. Anonymous says

    Kate, I found your blog via your awesome videos on
    Pinterestt. I check your blog every day now! You have beautiful hair and are such a special person to share
    All of your hairstyles in a way that everyone can understand. Where do you live in NC? I would love to visit your salon if it is not to far me. I live about half way between Asheville and Charlotte.Ann Strickland

  47. says

    Thank you for this….. I am stepping out and starting to follow a dream I’ve had for a long time. I have worried about failure, not making money at it, or people thinking I was silly. I’ve dedicated my life to raising my children for the Lord, and wondered if I could fit something in on the side using some deep desires that I’ve stifled for 20 years. It is frightening yet exhilirating at the same time. Your message is so timely. Thank you.

  48. says

    Wow, this was just what I needed to hear today! I too am a hairstylist and I actually left Christian Ministry 9 years ago to pursue my dream! Lots of people thought I was crazy, but I’ve had more opportunity ministering directly to people as hair stylist than I ever did working in ministry. Just this afternoon I was telling my husband about how lately I feel like I’ve spent more time counseling and encouraging my clients than I actually have worked on their hair. I definitely see that God put me in this line of work to do so much more than just make women look pretty on the outside.

  49. says

    Beautiful! So encouraging! My husband actually just wrote about book for people in the creative arts and using it as a form of worship. Made me think of it because you called God, the Giver and his book is called The Great Giver (! Just thought that was interesting! Thanks again for the encouragement!

  50. says

    I going your blog shortly after having my daughter. As weird as it may sound, finding new ways to style my hair, especially were my body shape wasn’t what I was used to post baby, helped me still feel beautiful. I didn’t fall into a slump and want to hide myself while I was getting back into shape. I felt confident and beautiful and happy. I’ve lost the baby weight, but I am so glad your blog gave me something else to focus on rather than my stretched out tummy or gigantic milk filled tatas, but I was most definitely rocking my hair, and maybe it’s vain, but I needed that boost of confidence then.

  51. says

    It wasn’t wrong of me to like these things.

    Oh man, that resonates with me. At the beginning of September I was invited to come and speak to some freshmen at my alma mater. Most of them were English majors, the same path I had chosen, and by far the question I got asked the most was “is it okay to want to do this?” and “does a degree in English count?”. I told them that if they didn’t love what they did now they weren’t going to magically start loving it four years from now when someone was paying them to do it.

    After the session one student stayed behind and asked if we could talk. He told me about how much he loves speaking to large groups but felt that that wasn’t a marketable skill (is your jaw dropping? mine did). The exact phrase he used was, “I love being up there talking to groups, but I know I’m not allowed to love that. That’s not a real job.” So he had enrolled in a program for Social work even though he found small groups much harder to speak to than large ones. Once I picked myself up off the floor I spent the next half hour telling how being able to speak to groups is a very valuable skill, and yes, one that can lead to a real job. He spoke of his love of encouraging people and advocating for those who don’t have a voice and I was able to suggest to him that it wasn’t too late to switch to a major in English, or Communications or Political Science.

    I hope he caught sight of his dream again that day. I keep hearing his words, “I’m not allowed to love that.” My goodness, how did we ever teach people that?

  52. says

    I love this. So often as Christians we are made to feel that only certain professions are “approved.” But we can’t all be missionaries, or pastors, or Bible study writers. There have to be people behind the scenes, and people out with the “regular folks” living a Christ-like existence to reach the lost. Thank you for this post. It’s beautiful and perfect!

  53. Rae McCullough says

    Thank you so much for this post. I love creativity and once struggled with much the same battle as you. I desire nothing more than to reflect my Creator and in my creativity, I am able to do so, giving all glory to Him. You verbalized my very struggle so eloquently. Thank you.

  54. Kim says

    I love it. I don’t think it is vain or shallow to try to look your best each day. It makes the world a prettier place! Our Creator loves beauty — look what a beautiful world He made! Thank you for inspiring us all to keep making that effort :-)

  55. Autumn says

    Oh my goodness…YES. I have been a frequent reader of your blog for quite some time, but have never posted a comment. This post, however, has COMPELLED me to comment. I LOVE that quote. AND…I believe that just doing what God has created you to do – alone – is an act of worship. If done with the right heart. Even if you DIDN’T have the amazing influence that you do on others. But you do. And that’s what makes you so awesome. Thanks for your amazing blog and the encouraging words.

  56. says

    I love this post, Kate! I too love clothes and makeup and all of the fun things that come with being a girl. It’s not my entire world, but at times I do feel like I’m judged for liking those things. But, I think that’s one of the wonderful characteristics that the Lord gave us when He created women! I think you hit it exactly by pointing out that our Creator gave us the same gift of creativity and we should share our gifts and talents with those around us!

  57. Megan says

    I am with Autumn–I have been following your blog for a little bit now and have never commented but I really wanted to thank you for sharing this. I feel the same way sometimes that what I do is not big enough, important, or worthwhile. Thank you so much for sharing this insight. It sounds like God used you to speak to a lot of us and I really appreciate it. I am a stay at home mom and I have a small Etsy shop and sometimes feel that I am not doing something worthwhile but I love doing it. Lots to think about–thanks again for sharing!

  58. says

    It’s obvious by all these comments that God is using your creativity on a huge level! You’ve definitely inspired me! I was dx w/ a chronic pain condition 2 1/2 yrs ago. Before my dx, I was always “put together” everyday…whether or not if I ever left my house. After my dx, I struggle some days w/ even wanting to leave my bed to brush my teeth let alone fix my hair & put on makeup…but then I came across your blog, and your hair looks exactly like mine! I’ve already tried several of your hair styles & I’ve started using some of your makeup tips. S, despite my pain, I’ve started to feel pretty again, it makes me feel happier, my kids love it, and my hubby definitely loves it. Thank you, Kate, for using the talents God has given you :0)It’s obvious by all these comments that God is using your creativity on a huge level! You’ve definitely inspired me! I was dx w/ a chronic pain condition 2 1/2 yrs ago. Before my dx, I was always “put together” everyday…whether or not if I ever left my house. After my dx, I struggle some days w/ even wanting to leave my bed to brush my teeth let alone fix my hair & put on makeup…but then I came across your blog, and your hair looks exactly like mine! I’ve already tried several of your hair styles & I’ve started using some of your makeup tips. S, despite my pain, I’ve started to feel pretty again, it makes me feel happier, my kids love it, and my hubby definitely loves it. Thank you, Kate, for using the talents God has given you :0)

  59. says

    I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this! I’ve struggled with in the same way. It’s amazing how God can work through even hair 😀 How amazing is that!This post was totally an encouragement so thank you. :)

  60. says

    Thank you so much for posting this…it was very encouraging for me to read this! It is great to be reminded that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. He has gifted and equiped us in unique ways for unique ministries…how wonderful it is to use our gifts for His glory.

  61. says

    This is such a great post!

    I’m in the creative field myself (multimedia design) and I do a lot of work on advertising and sometimes get a lot of flack because people find it manipulative or whatever. But you know what? I’ve made peace because I can help small businesses find a unique style that they otherwise wouldn’t have found, and that in turn helps grow their business.

    Kate, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love that as a professional you still take the time to help people (for free!) on this blog, and just infuse a little bit of pretty and happy into your reader’s day. Because although it’s not about vanity, life is beautiful, and sharing beautiful things should never be frowned upon! Keeping on doing what you do!

  62. Anonymous says

    wow its great that this post touched so many people. but it also makes me sad that so many thought being in a creative field is frivolous or not “worth” anything… im a hairdresser and pilates instructor and i dont consider myself vain at all… i love helping women feel better about themselves. i think if all women had a positive self image, the world would be a better place!

  63. Anonymous says

    wow its great that this post touched so many people. but it also makes me sad that so many thought being in a creative field is frivolous or not “worth” anything… im a hairdresser and pilates instructor and i dont consider myself vain at all… i love helping women feel better about themselves. i think if all women had a positive self image, the world would be a better place!

  64. Karen Butler says

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. God is doing awesome things through your gifts, and I am but one of the many recipients of them. Keep walking in obediance to Him so He may continue to get the glory!!

  65. says

    AliciaOctober 14, 2012 12:57 AM
    You are just precious! I found your sweet little blog about a month ago, and I am 44 years old and have been able to fix my hair just like I have always wanted to! Your videos are so helpful and I tell all my friends and their daughters about you and how I love learning and they would too!! My sons (who love pretty hair) now say “mom did you learn that from that girl?” and then….”I like your hair like that!”

    I love this post b/c when I read the Old Testament it talks (I think in Nehemiah) about how the Lord used the best skilled craftsmen to build the Temple…..He created us to be Creative and make His world beautiful…….that is what you do, and most importantly the beauty is also inside and I know why…….it’s Him! :) Thanks for helping this 44 year old Wife and Mother to be the best I can be!

  66. says

    what a powerful post! i had a career path change once the economy took a tank in the auto industry, so i went back to retail that i knew well and could find a job to hold me over so i could pay the bills. i went to work for one of the only major bookstores around and decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Ancient History. i work for a great company, i love helping young people discovery new writers and a world of possibility that a book can afford them, but sadly i’ve had people (who aren’t my friends) around me judge me for my choices. in the end, i seriously couldn’t be happier with my tiny job that makes a huge difference in my life, as well as others. i believe the Lord found my job for me and has given me many creative gifts since when people receive my handmade cards they always put a smile on someones face. thank you for helping to remind me how lucky i (and everyone else) truly am!

  67. says

    This is amazing, Kate! And it makes me feel better about starting grad school in a few months when my family isn’t super supportive about it, even though I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

    Your passion definitely isn’t a mistake. You taught me more about doing my hair than any other hair stylist!

  68. says

    I wish I would have read this 4 years ago before I started college! I chose to forgo a more creative career and went to dental hygiene school because it was more “meaningful” I absolutely love photography and event planning. What I have found is that I still have been able to use this creative outlet while in school and has even come in handy in my dental hygiene program! I am just blown away that no matter where I am, God has continued to bless me and give me opportunities to use His gifts. Thanks Kate for this inspiring post!

  69. says

    Amen. :) As someone who has always known what I was built for, I appreciate these wise words. Even when I feel like I am less than substantial or influential in the eyes of others, I am glad to be reminded that God gave me these gifts for a purpose.

    Thank you.

  70. says

    What a great post! I don’t think that hairstyling is just about vanity. I know that whenever I get a great new cut/color, I feel better on the inside because I have more confidence and I am happier. Others around me will notice not only the hair change, but the attitude change. I see it as a trickle-down effect of sorts: get a new hairstyle, look and feel great. Look and feel great, others will notice. Others will notice, and feel inspired, too. Looking great and feeling great help us to be all-around happier and healthier individuals.

    Getting a great style can only lead to great things! And while we shouldn’t solely focus on our looks, whether or not we’d all like to admit it, looking good sure helps. 😉

  71. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to read this today as I struggle with a career in theatrical costuming but constantly feel like I’m not doing anything purposeful with my life.

  72. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to read this today as I struggle with a career in theatrical costuming but constantly feel like I’m not doing anything purposeful with my life.

  73. Amanda says

    This post is spot-on on what my sister needs to hear. She is so unbelievably talented in drawing and painting. She can capture that special something that makes the person in the canvas come to life. And yet she’s too afraid to take it anywhere. I’ve tried to tell her that it’s a waste of your God-given talent. I’ll be sure to send this her way. Thanks for the inspirational words :-)

  74. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart here! If I may be encouraging to you, I believe that you do your job and pursue your passions extremely well and in an absolute God-honoring way.

    I can’t tell you how many fashion blogs or beauty blogs I read that just seem so vain and empty, many of which I began to stop reading. And while your blog seems to have some of the same content, you do it in a way that is not empty at all. In fact, it is uplifting and encouraging and is definitely presented in a way that has so much meaning behind it.

    You do incorporate your faith in to it all, and I think that’s the key. One of the first things I read on your blog when I first found it was your About Me section where you stated that you do not find your purpose in beauty products, but in Christ. I so admired that, and it definitely shows in your blog whenever you do write about beauty and fashion. So thank you for taking a field that is vain and showing the world that it doesn’t have to be that way and can definitely be used for greater things.

    You’re an encouragement to pursue the things I love! Thanks for who you are and your blog! :)

  75. says

    I hope no one jumps on me for this as I am talking out of utmost respect for Kate and what she has written here, but as someone who is not one of the faithful and doesn’t believe in God I can only agree that you need to take pride in your talents and creativity and treasure them. Never feel that they are not good enough – and if you are lucky enough to be able to build a career from them, well that’s just fantastic.

  76. Anonymous says

    I hope youbrealize what a ministry your blog is!! God uses us in ways we don’t realize. Monday I had a mammogram that showed signs of precancerous cells…again. I went through this 2 years ago and w/ a lumpectomy and radiation all was good, till Monday. Being 48 and 15 lbs heavier than I want to be, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Low and behold I found your site and you’re so dang cute and shoedw me things to do w/my hair I never would have done on my own. I know God is in control and he sent me to your blog for a reason! Thank you so much


  77. Anonymous says

    Kate, thank you for sharing the reminder that we all need to trust in God no matter what. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree almost 3 years ago and still not finding a job, I struggle with knowing what “God’s purpose” is for my life, but I know that where I am today, God wants me to be-that this is part of my path or big plan that he has for me. It is amazing how God works in our lives. You are such an inspiration to me and so many women out there. Thank you for sharing what you love to do!

  78. says

    I am in awe… My name is Ali I’m 26 years old and a Christian and I am so happy to being seeing your blog!!! I am also a Hairstylist (in Idaho :) ) I have struggled with that same feeling and the same conclusion. It’s our gift from God!

    I kept thinking if I could share my knowledge of hair and view of making others feel good about themselves I would. So I JUST started a blog which has been a few years in the making. I heard about you from my sister-in-law when I mentioned my hair and life blog. I am VERY impressed with what you have done and very surprised that we have the same views!! Keep up the good work! my email is I would love to pick your brain! lol Have a great day! :)

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  80. says

    Hi Kate, I am just finding this blog post today, because I’m a relatively new follower of yours’, and I am almost without words as to how much this sounds like me. My dream for a long while now has been to go to cosmetology school and became a hair stylist, but I always felt a little vain about it. “How could my career purpose revolve around appearance?”, I would ask myself. Then, no matter what, I would find myself spending forever looking through Pinterest pins on hair, and watching hair tutorials online, and I knew that there was something more to this love of hair styling (and makeup). This blog post, mixed with the post you just put up today, about the story of the man with leprosy in the Bible, has just given me an Ah-Ha moment!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us and sharing your lessons with us. God has definitely blessed a lot of people, through you! :)

  81. says

    Hey Kate ,

    I’m from Holland and I’m 17 years old. I think your blog is super fun. I look every day . I have now been a few months that I have the same problem as you . I also talked with my mom and she said that it should . I have so often discussed in my prayers , but did not get out . Now I read your blog this post and saw that you were struggling here about a year . I ‘m really glad that I found this message. I would later,like you, are a hairstylist and makeup artist . I ‘ve always been that I like to do my hair (I love you hair tutorials) . Using the mode, I know now that it must , as a Christian , and that your God has shown . Here in the Netherlands it has rained all day but now I’m writing this and read your message , the sun shine and there is a blue sky. I think I made a good choice , and you have also helped me here . Thank you very much ! And God bless you and everyone who loves you .


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