High Five for Friday!

It is Friday! Although it kind of feels like a Wednesday or something. It’s hard to adjust back to a schedule after traveling. I’ve learned that about myself.

Here are my top 5 things of the week!

1. The Bieber concert! 

It was so fun to go to this concert with my sister, mom, cousin & her kids (who are 13 & 9). Bieber is such a tiny person. It surprised me how skinny and small he was! But, he’s a great entertainer and the girls loved it. So did the rest of us!
My ears rung and buzzed for about 16 hours after the concert. I was pretty sure I did some serious damage. #totallyworthit 

2. Spent some good quality time with the family. I love when my mom comes to visit in NC, but it’s great to go back home and hang with my dad and brother too. The four of us (my sister had already returned back to NC) went to the Bulls game on Tuesday night. My brother has gotten into basketball in the past year or two, so it’s a family event we can all enjoy. Justin was majorly jealous, but I cheered for Boozer like a true Duke fan would. Carlos Boozer plays on the Bulls and is kinda “meh”. He has moments of good plays, but otherwise seems heavy and old. BUT, he went to Duke sooooo I love him. Marc, my brother, isn’t a huge fan–can’t really blame him–but he does like the Bulls. But if you bring up LeBron James? Watch out. Justin and I love Baby Bron Bron, but my dad and brother cannot be swayed. We’ve managed to influence mom to join us in the Bron-love, but it will take a lot more to convince the men.

Joakim Noa has the ugliest shot in all time history. But it isn’t as ugly as his top knot. 



3. I watched a giraffe birth. 

I thought I would ralph but it actually wasn’t as graphic as I anticipated. I felt bad for the baby though as he hit the ground after exiting his mother! Talk about a rough entrance! And he struggled, OH he struggled, to stand. But hey, those legs are long. And he was about an hour old so you kinda had to throw him a bone.

But he’s CA-UUTE!

4. Some friends and I (including this chick) are running in the Color Me Rad this Saturday. It’s a 5k downtown Raleigh. My sister and I ran 3 miles when we were home last weekend so it was good to “check off the list” that I could complete that run.

It’s funny, now that the triathlon is over, I miss the intensity of training for it. I mean, I lost 10 lbs! It was hard work! I never would have thought that I would enjoy working out regularly but it turns out that I do!

5. My man is just the best. It’s good to be home. I love him. That’s all.

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  1. says

    My running friends and I are always looking for the next even to train for once one is done, just doesn’t seem the same working out without a goal. Great job!

  2. says

    I’m running the Color Me Rad race in Raleigh tomorrow too! I need to go pick up my race packet today but I am trying to figure out the right time to head out to Walnut Creek (if there ever is a right time to get out there!).

  3. says

    You’re going to LOVE the Color Me Rad run! I did The Color Run in NJ and NY in August and September. Warning: Bring flip-flops and cover your car with towels or garbage bags. Some people say you should change after the run but we all went for food in our gear to show off what we had just down.

    Can’t wait to see your recap of the event!

    xo Meg

  4. Lauren says

    My husband and I are doing Color Me Rad tomorrow in Raleigh too, but it’s not downtown FYI! Hope the rain doesn’t spoil it. 60% chance!!

  5. says

    Number 5 is my favorite–and I feel the same way (about my beau ;D)… I am so jealous that you got to go to the Bieber concert–he may be on my Pandora shuffle today! Have a great weekend. oxo

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