High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday!

This has been one of the fastest weeks of my life. 

We’ve had car trouble with our otherwise perfect Ford Escape. I was driving to NC State’s campus to take my husband a cord he had forgotten while he was representing his company at a career fair, when the Escape started rumbling at a stoplight.

It always rumbles a little, it’s a ford after all and they aren’t exactly known for a smooth ride, but this was shaking so much that the keys hanging from the ignition were jingling. The light turned green, I accelerated, and the car died. 


So I throw it into reverse, slide back down a little hill out of the intersection, and am able to crank it up and get to the side of the road. I call my husband and he’s on his way to come help me. I manage to get it to our street, but as I’m turning it dies again and won’t restart. So I leave it there and walk 25 feet home. 

My husband gets home, gets in the Escape, drives it to the driveway, and after several attempts he ended up pushing the back of the car while I floored it to try to get it up the driveway. That’s a scary moment because I just know, in the back of my head, the car is going to suddenly work fine and we’ll slam into our rental home.

“Oh hey homeowners who we rent from. . .yeah, we love the house. . .we ran into it today. . .with our SUV– BYE”

Thankfully that didn’t happen, but the rest of the week has been just a hassle dealing with the repairs. It could be much much worse, and it really is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

OKAY! On to the top 5 things of the week!

1. Target is killin’ it this season. I’m loving a lot of their tops and sweaters AND their shoes! I picked up this cute lace top the other day. If fits like a dream and I love the subtlety of the lace.

1. Top 2. Skirt 3. Shoes

2. Every October a group our friends gets together and head out to a corn maze. At night. And race to the finish. We look forward to it every year! We’ve been to Clayton Fear Farm, but were not impressed, so we are looking for a new maze this year! If you live in the area (Raleigh/Durham), I would love to hear suggestions!

3. I ordered my iPhone 5 case. . .but still have’t ordered my iphone 5. Sure hope I can get one so I can use my cute new case!

4. I’m doing my sister’s color today! It never feels like work when she’s in the chair. We’re trying something a little different too–so our creative juices have been flowing,

5. The weather is supposed to be beautiful next week! <–this is my way of not complaining about how awful this week’s weather has been. Although. . .I think I just did complain, didn’t I?

Link up your High Five for Friday post here! 

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll have a NEW HAIR TUTORIAL on Monday!  


  1. says

    That’s a cute skirt from Target! And about the iPhone 5… just order it. My friend ordered it last week and the delivery’s set for the very end of Oct.

  2. says

    Ok, well I think I’ll be buying this outfit from Target. Or at least the top and shoes, though you do seriously motivate me to wear skirts! My husband may have some work coming up soon in Raleigh. If I come with him, will you do my hair? 😉

    • says

      hey! I own one too!! :)

      They just aren’t known for a smooth, gentle ride! It WAS totally reliable until this little break down so we love it for that!

    • says

      Haha! :) Well I have a Thunderbird so it’s a little different, and it’s pretty smooth. I actually wanted an Escape but Dad wouldn’t let me get one. haha :)

  3. says

    I was just at Target last night and I didn’t see that pretty top. I swear different Target stores carry different things. I want. I want. Very pretty outfit.

    Hoping things look up for you next week :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Which iPhone 5 case did you order? I’ve been searching for quite a while. I finally ordered the Otterbox Commuter in grey/white. I figure it will suffice until the Kate Spade cases come out in December! :)

  5. kristy russell-smith says

    What ended up being wrong with your car? Mine started shaking the other day when I would stop at a red light! Hope we both get our vehicles in good working order, VERY SOON! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    I love this top! You look adorable in this outfit!

    What case did you get for the iPhone? I got my 5 a few weeks ago and have been on the lookout for a cute case!

  7. Anonymous says

    always look forward to you high five friday. you are always so funny and its nice to have a laugh in the morning before work. by the way such a cute outfit. i double checked out that top at target last night but sadly i dont think it is right for my body shape

  8. Grandma of 2 says

    Amen for Target! I purchased 4 pairs of shoes in there yesterday. Two of them were even marked down :-) Yippee

  9. says

    I hope your car troubles get worked out soon and it’s not too much of a hassle! Love the Target clothes though, can’t believe how on they are right now!

  10. says

    Car troubles are awful. I have to say though, I have a 2005 Escape and she’s been perfect. So, fingers crossed she keeps on being that way. I love her. She even has a name :).
    I too am curious as to what iPhone case you ordered.
    I love that Target top! My Target doesnt have it either but I may have to order it. So cute!

  11. says

    I had the same issue with my Escape about 3 months after we bought it. It died on me 2 times in one short drive but the next day it started up just fine. About a month after that it died on my husband and he couldn’t get it going again. It only needed minor repairs and was under warranty thank goodness. Love my Ford!

    Love that outfit and your style! So cute!

    I recently got my hair cut and took a picture of your hair in. Its not exactly like your but close to it. Maybe next time I need a cut I should just make a special trip up your way haha

  12. says

    We have also had car trouble this week! Yuck. Luckily ours died in the driveway!! It still hasnt been fixed, but my dad is on his way to check it out! Thank goodness for good dads. Love all your outfits and I enjoy your blog each and everyday. You are such an inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  13. says

    We have also had car trouble this week! Yuck. Luckily ours died in the driveway!! It still hasnt been fixed, but my dad is on his way to check it out! Thank goodness for good dads. Love all your outfits and I enjoy your blog each and everyday. You are such an inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  14. Anonymous says

    Car trouble is so stressful. My beloved 02 Escape just died a month ago. Unfortunately the problem had nothing to do with the transmission I put in earlier this year and to repair it was too costly – my mechanic told me it was time to let it go. Glad yours can be fixed!

  15. says

    I want to get that shirt from target but am wavering on the Small vs. the Medium. Never sure which size to get. I’m built a lot like you/ Can I ask which size you got in that cute lace top? Thanks!

  16. says

    Kate, I don’t know what stores you have in your region but we have a place called Car Toys here. My fiance heard from a coworker he had managed to find an iPhone 5 in stock there and so he went and sure enough they had one!! He canceled his preorder (which was still saying 2-3 weeks). We both were able to get ours there and they said they had plenty to access in their warehouse so they could get more in. I had called numerous Best Buys, AT&T stores, Radio Shacks, checked Apple store availabilities, none of them had any or was even to say when they WOULD have them in. Nobody apparently thought to go to a car accessories store to buy their iPhone. :)

  17. Anonymous says

    Your blog is bad for my budget LOL! Love the Target outfit, I had ordered the shoes last time you posted them and snatched up the skirt and top today, thank you!

  18. Sarah says

    We’ve done both Ken’s and Green Acres…Green Acres is really very good. Not to take away from Ken’s, but Green Acres is definitely superior. It actually was pretty tricky at times and I, er, the kids got worried we’d never get out ’til we realized the farm is under a flight path to nearby RDU, so obviously you didn’t wander into the absolute middle of nowhere. OH!!! And Green Acres has a corn cannon! Or maybe it was a pumpkin cannon, but that was so much fun! For the kids, of course. 😉

  19. says

    I know what you mean about the iPhone! We ordered ours last week (they won’t be in until Oct. 26 – wah wah) but my pink Otterbox came this week. I keep staring at it praying the order will be in early, lol.

    Did I mention that my current phone is a 4 year old Blackberry Storm (where I can barely load Facebook and have to literally click the screen in) because my third graders dropped my phone in the stairwell last week and the screen broke?

  20. says

    K, so I had a 2008 Escape (when they revamped the body style)…bought it brand new. My first mistake was taking it to JiffyLube for oil changes. After mine did something similar to what yours did…after TWO tows and TWO shops, they figured out that when JiffyLube changed my air filter, they put the wrong size in! That created a gap where a dragonfly (LOL) got through and burned out my fuel injectors! UGH!!! So, seriously, it was like 2K before we were done with that problem….you know, because it was all labor charges since they had to essentially tear the thing apart to get to the area to work on it. Grrrr!
    Anyway, I LOVE your blog and love that you’re in NC! I’m originally from Wallace, NC…just quick hop from the RDU area. I’m in Charleston, SC right now and getting ready to move to Nowheresville, Oklahoma….:( So, keep the awesome blog posts coming!

  21. says

    I found that shirt at my local Target today, got it in gray… very nice! I may need to go back and get the mint green or cream colored ones sometime down the road. I ended up going with the small, but could have easily gone with a medium. For some reason, the top sleeves looked more swoopy in the M than the small. I am excited to wear it!

  22. says

    I bought that same top on my last trip to Target and wore it to High Point Fall Market this weekend. I love the glitter and it was a much more affordable way to rock the lace trend than the Eddie Bauer sweater I’d been eyeing.

  23. says

    I’m curious like Tara…did your shirt shrink when you washed it? The medium fit me perfect, but I don’t think it would if it shrinks any. I dry everything around here. Too much laundry to worry about line drying anything. Let me know! Thanks!

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