The Perfect Palette by Stila

I’m a sucker for a palette of eyeshadows. Although I’ve learned enough about myself that I know I always resort back to using brown’s and grey’s. I’m not interested in wearing color on my eyes other then the occasional navy blue eye liner.

But a palette of eyeshadows. . .it speaks to me. I want to go home and try them all on at once. I can’t explain it. I could look at every palette in Sephora and just drool over them. And the only “palette” type-thing that I have is my Mac duo. . .and that wouldn’t even be considered a palette.

So, I’ve written about my Mac eyeshadows that I love before (here and here). And you know I always love to find a good deal on high quality products, so here is the deal of the century.

This palette, by Stila, is only a measly $16.00. That’s only $2.00 more than ONE Mac eyeshadow.

Don’t get my wrong, I love Mac. A lot.

PLUS a lipstick/cheek color.
(I feel like the only phrase that fits at this moment is “winning!!!!”)

So I ripped the plastic off of it as soon as I bought it and tried it on immediately. The colors are really similar to my current eyeshadows and I love that since I’ll probably just buy this palette from now on. 

Here’s how I used it on my eyes:

*my lip color is Berry Sorbet by Laura Mercier–handed down from my mom whose friends’ husband worked for the company. Can’t find it on website, wondering if it was just a sample? (similar here)

I picked up this palette at Ulta, but I’m sure they have it at Sephora as well. If you are in the market for some beautiful cream and brown eyeshadow this fall, definitely check out this palette. There are others, as well, that have beautiful colors–but this was my favorite!

**I know it may sound like a sponsored post but I assure you Stila has no clue who I am. I bought this palette myself and these opinions are my own! 


  1. says

    I love how easily stila goes on! But I recently bought a 3 pack pallette and one of the colors immediately crumbled and I was left with just the base and a bronze color that I’m not a huge fan of. I loved the color that broke apart so I was really bummed!

  2. says

    Curse you Kate! I just got a new Lorac palette from Sephora YESTERDAY and like you, I’m a SUCKER for eye shadows and palettes! (Do you have Naked by Urban Decay?) So guess what this girl JUST bought online….it’s going to be hard explaining to my husband why I have so many eye shadows!!

    • says

      I know, the price is painful but the colors are awesome, a nice mix of matte and sparkly, wears great and still going strong with the amount left and I’ve had it for over a year. Granted, I don’t use it everyday, not with my eye shadow palette obsession :)

    • says

      I’ve had the Naked by Urban Decay palette since it first came out and I swear by it daily, like you I normally use the browns just to look naturally made up 😉 but seriously LOVE every color that it comes in. I know the $50 is a lot to spend but it’s definitely worth the investment and using it daily I still haven’t made much of a dent in the colors so I’m sure it will still last me a long time, enjoy! :)

    • says

      The Naked Palettes are the amaze! $50 seems like a lot but when you break it down its less than $5 per shadow – I use it several times a week (and could use it everyday but I want to show my other shadows some love too).

    • Anonymous says

      I looooove my urban decay naked palette!! I could not believe what I spent on it but it has become so worth the money! I do like the look of your eyeshadow in this picture. Thanks!

    • Stella says

      I have both urban decay naked palettes and highly recommend looking on eBay. I spent $60 for both because I couldn’t bear to pay $50 for each. If you only want/can justify one, I recommend Naked 2!

    • Amanda says

      I got naked 2 as a Xmas gift from my mother. I love it. where I go .. it goes. its my #1 go to. I love that UD products are not tested on animals. I strive to make every product in my beauty regimen., from the shower to my makeup cruelty-free (which btw aquage and kenra are cruelty free companies. redken is not )-: ). I also like the blendable nature of UD eyeshadows. I tried smashbox, and hated them. where you put then on the eye lid… they stayrdm. there was no blending or moving that eyeshadow.

    • says

      love, LOVE the naked palette, it’s still going great, and have had it since it first came out. It seemed crazy, but it’s definitely a staple and go to. And I think I used an ulta coupon, so I didn’t pay full price! lol :) :)

  3. CdnGirl says

    I am a Canadian fan…I hope they have this at our Sephora! And that it is as inexpensive…most times we pay much much more for the same products. Thanks for getting this 37 yr old Mom back into hair and makeup!

  4. Kellie says

    I’ve seen these at Ulta, and like you, drooled over them! They are PERFECT for traveling as you can just throw this in your make-up bag for your eye color, cheek color, and a lip color all in one! 😉

  5. says

    Kate, just wanted to tell you that you should def try Naked by Urban Decay. I know 50 seems like a lot, but there are so many colors in it and it lasts FOREVER. I have seriously had it for about a year and a half (using it everyday) and I still have way more than half left from each color. Plus, the colors go on so wonderful and the pigment is great. You dont need very much at all. Can you tell I love that pallette? lol.

    Just my little advice from a fan of yours :)

  6. says

    Agree with the comments above: I think you would love Naked by Urban Decay. I have both 1 & 2. I still have eye shadow in 1 and use it everyday and have had it over a year and a half(granted I added Naked 2 to the rotation 6ish months ago) I can’t decide which of the 2 palettes I like better! And they make packing for travel a breeze. this palette looks awesome too. I have always loved Stila — Kitten is the best base shadow ever.

  7. says

    Looks like a nice palette! colors look great on you. I just bought Stila In the Know palette(eye shadows only) and have really enjoyed it,so I will check this one out as well. Are you doing something different with your brows? They look nice :) your earrings too!

  8. Martha says

    Ahh! Yesterday I told myself that I have PLENTY of makeup right now and that I really need to cut back the spending. BUT, I of course just ordered this palette at Sephora! At least is was only $16… :)

  9. Heather says

    I covet the UD Naked palette as well, but purchased Physican’s Formula dupe – Shimmer Strips in “Nude.” These are a great $10 alternative to the Naked 2 palette!

  10. Shana says

    Very pretty on you. I can’t wear eyeshadow of any sort though…burns my eyes! I looooooooove those earrings. Where are they from?

  11. Summer says

    I’ve been hooked on the larger Stila pallettes lately (They come with an eyeliner too!)…I may or may not have all 3 that are currently on display at Sephora :) I normally stick to browns too, but I’m having fun integrating a few new colors…baby steps. I don’t know if your smaller pallette had this, but the larger ones from Stila come with a booklet with several looks and instructions on how to get them with the colors included…I find it helpful!

  12. says

    I love palette of shadow also. I adore the fun holiday set that Sephora puts out each year and think it the perfect gift for teen girls or any woman. For anyone who has visited my blog they would know I am a sucker for every OPI color. It is an illness, Really!

  13. Anonymous says

    I went to Ulta straight from work today (in Savannah) and they were out! They said they wouldn’t be getting any more in but I’m hoping they were misinformed. One of the employees showed me a benefit palette that I decided to try instead. I also have the naked palette which I love but I like it more for special occasions than every day wear.

  14. says

    Picked this up at Ulta today but haven’t tried it yet. I was a bit surprised when I saw it in person, the colors looked peach/brown, whereas in your pictures they look much more gray and smokey. Excited to see how it comes out tomorrow!

  15. Anonymous says

    Laura Mercier is my favorite, and the Berry Sorbet looks awesome on you! It is on sale right now at the LM website under “au revoir” exclusives for $16! UD Naked is my next purchase, just got a 10% off coupon for Sephora and will use for this purchase.

  16. Liz says

    Oh this is exciting! I use Naked 2 and love it but am definitely wanting to give this a try now. Also, this palette really accentuates your beauty-you look lovely!

  17. Anonymous says

    Since youre a cosmotologist, you should sign up for the MAC pro discount! Its $40 (I believe) per year with a 30-40% savings on product, but they savings definitely cover the cost of membership. I agree, MAC is expensive, but I love all the color choices they have!!

  18. says

    i ordered this palette the MOMENT i saw your post! it arrived over the weekend and i LOVE the colors. however, i’m having a hard time getting my results to look the same as yours….may i ask, how did you apply it? did you use wet brushes at all? your colors seem so much more vibrant than what i am getting….

  19. says

    Wow!! You have such a great blog & website! I love reading fashion and beauty blogs and yours is definitely one of the best I’ve seen. It may be called “The small things blog” but it looks like you’ve hit the big time!

    I’m excited to begin following you!

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