New Jewelry Storage

I love jewelry. I love to wear it, buy it, and make it. 

Most of my jewelry was stored in this armoire*. The rest was on my dresser. And it was kind of a disaster area. 

*the furniture in my bedroom was a gift from my parents. the color inside was the color of the outside when we recieved it. we painted it “toasted marshmallow”. click here for that post. 

All the sudden, I wanted to clean it up. And organize it. And paint the inside of the doors with chalkboard paint.
In total, this project took about 1.5 hours. I purchased the mirror and the jewelry box specifically for this, but the rest of the items are things that I already had. 

I look forward to opening these doors now. And I feel more creative since I can easily see all my jewels! It was also good to go through and look at what I own (colors, length, statement, etc) to see what holes I need to fill in my collection. 
Oddly, I own a lot of green/blue statement necklaces but I don’t wear a lot of that color. I supposed that is good since I won’t be too “match-y”. Also, I’m a big fan of gold these days, which I never thought I would wear. Now it’s rare for me to wear silver. 

How do you display/store your jewels? 


  1. Christie says

    I have a large shallow drawer in my bathroom cabinet. I keep things in crystal bowls and little china plates. It’s semi-organized.

  2. says

    Love Love LOVE this! You did an amazing job! I really want to start building my accessory collection. I have literally next to NOTHING. But seeing you’re adorable new jewelry organizer totally inspires me! :) So thank you!

  3. says

    Wow! I am so jealous of this! I want something like this so bad. I keep most of my necklaces hanging on an IKEA coat/purse rack, but I’ve run out of room!

  4. Anonymous says

    Isn’t that funny, I’ve switched to a lot of gold too and I always said I hated gold and would never wear it. My Mom still can’t believe I’m wearing it!

  5. says

    I wish I was crafty like you. I get so jealous every time I read your blog! This looks great and I read the post (well, I looked at the pictures) about your furniture, also jealous of that one. Great job, Kate!!
    Let us know how organized it is in a couple months 😉

  6. says

    I love this! It looks like a Francesca’s store :) All your little touches are the type things I need to pay attention to…like your little bowls, plates, etc. I tend to overlook those things!!!

  7. says

    Really cool!! Do you have a recommendation on which jewelry stands to use for fairs? I have wo fairs coming up and have no idea on what to use for both earrings and rings… Help?

  8. says

    You did such a wonderful job organizing your treasures. I create and sell jewelry as a hobby and I’ve found that you are not alone with the new interest in gold. My shop has more silver, but I’m slowly adding new finishes and they are the items that are selling. Your collection is wonderful and balanced. Thanks for sharing!
    Lori in Atlanta

  9. says

    Such a great idea! We definitely need more storage, and I would have never thought about using the top of an armoire. If you were any cuter or more creative,I might die :)

  10. Patrice says

    This is such a delight to see first thing in the morning. And it has me thinking about how to store my jewelry. I have a nice big wood jewelry box I purchased from overstock, but I need a better system.

  11. says

    That looks amazing! And I am jealous of your space… with the limited storage around our house I’ve got all my jewelry and makeup in one dresser drawer. Reasonably well organized (with some “junk drawer” organizers from Target, which are handy for all the different size slots they have) – but still a little cramped!

  12. says

    Beautiful! Right now I’m using cork board tiles with frames. We live in a one bed room apartment so things that go on walls are great! I hope I can display them like this someday!

  13. says

    This is wonderful Kate! Such a cute look. (And I love love love the little change you made to the site with the ads on the right. It think it flows much better!)

  14. Anonymous says

    it looks so pretty :) really like the cake plate idea…i have one that belonged to my grandmother stored in a cabinet…i will get it out tonite…it will be perfect ♥

  15. Ashleigh says

    Do you have any tips for keeping ‘less expensive’ jewelry in good shape? I’m always tempted to buy things at Francesca’s or Target but they usually end up tarnished and discolored. I’d love to hear your tips!

    • says

      Hi Ashleigh! I actually learned something new about this just this morning! I bought an adorable set of pearl rings from a boutique up in Maine while I was at a wedding over the weekend. I knew they weren’t real silver but I didn’t expect them to turn my finger green after 3 hours… ugh! Anyway, I stopped by my local Clarks Jewelers to see if I could have them dipped/plated in silver because I really wanted them to last a long time. The woman actual shared that there is a protective product called something “shield” that she could dip the rings in that was formulated to keep the copper in the jewelry from turning. And she is only charging me $3-5! I may take a handful of my favorites back to have them done too!

  16. says

    un buena idea de organizacion…. yo lo tengo todo metido en bolsas con cierre hermetico, individuales. Así la bisutería no se pone fea y no se me enreda !! pero buen consejo
    un beso 😉

  17. Anonymous says

    i love how you decorate & organize! I too find myself purchasing alot of “gold” accessories now, and for years i mean years i would not even look at it ….so i too have joined the gold club 😉

  18. says

    I love how you have the earrings hanging off the tea cup – I have a beautiful cup from my MIL that now has a chip in it so I can’t use it, but now I can give it new life! I use a photo collage wall mount jewelry box – similar to this but not quite the same and I love it! It is pretty big so it holds longer necklaces really well – but earrings always seem to be the hardest to organize and keep track of! I’m in love with your jewelry collection, I’m just not quite brave enough to wear a lot of jewelry, but I love to swoon over it!

  19. says

    Hi Kate! This set up looks great. I have a branch, approx. 3in diameter, with mug hooks that screwed into the bottom of it hanging on my wall. It’s where all of my really long pieces hang. I also have a great metal tree, with branches, that holds my earrings. I have a few other jewelry storage things going on but both of those are the note worthy ones. 😉

  20. says

    What do you do with longer necklaces if you have them? Are they just doubled up for hanging? I have quite a few and they are hanging on my door knob to my closet because they are too long for my jewelry armoire. I think with your setup I would have been tempted to upholster the inside of one of the doors and put in hooks for those long ones. :)

  21. says

    Gah! I am so in love with your jewelry collection & all your clothes for that matter!!! I’ve been looking to add some “statement” necklaces to my collection but I can’t quite figure out what to pair them with so I haven’t purchased anything yet. Let me know if you are ever in Minnesota, I would honestly pay to have you shop with me and help me put together some outfits with accessories!

  22. says

    This is lovely – I’m so glad you shared! I recently upcycled some vintage shutters and mounted them on the wall… I use “s” hooks to hang everything. But now I will need to display my rings and earrings somehow, too. Thank you for these ideas! Just lovely.

  23. says

    I absolutely love the way you chose to hang your earrings. I currently have hanging pockets which works great for my necklaces but some of my earrings are difficult to see and I miss out on wearing some of my favorite pieces! This is a must add in my life. Thanks!


  24. says

    you have an amazing collection of jewelry! i’ve always been a simpler girl, but i’m trying to slowly start amassing a jewelry collection, so with that said- what would you say is a must have “list” of starter pieces to get my collection off and running in the right direction? thanks for sharing!

  25. says

    I keep most of my jewelry semi-organized in Bed Bath & Beyond satin dividers. My rings go in a seashell on our dresser then my big bangles in plastic shoeboxes in our linen closet.

    -Brittany from :)

  26. says

    Love the earrings on the tea cup! I always throw mine in the earring pile and they all get stuck together. This also gives me something to do with the overflow of cups in the cabinet!

  27. says

    You made me want to super organize my jewelry collection after I saw yours, adorable BTW. I needed a dresser overhaul, since mine had become more of a “throw whatever on top” look, and just looked messy – so this gave me motivation to change it up and make it look nice (finally!). I had an oversized Lady & the Tramp tea cup that sat in a ladder bookcase in my living room for the longest time, so I moved it to my bedroom and used it to put random bracelets in and some dangle earrings around – love how it looks now! Thank you for your inspiration, as always! :)

  28. says

    I was inspired and created one of my own!!! Yours is much better though!!! My chalkboard paint is not very good. What kind did you use?? Stop by and check out my blog, :) I love your blog and tutorials!

  29. says

    You’ve done a great job pimping your armoire my friend. The storage looks enhanced, and I think it has become a better spot to place all your stunning jewelry. Girl, you have loads of them! Hmm. =) I’m guessing majority of them are your creations, given the fact that you love creating chic accessories?

    Paige Low

  30. says

    Very creative. I recently got all of my important jewelry organized as well. All i used was a few plastic bins and started neatly laying my necklaces and bracelets inside them

  31. says

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  32. says

    You’re so creative person! The idea with the chalkboard paint is great and the whole idea for this storage too.I wish I had my jewelry stored in one place, but my little daughter loves to play with my bracelets and leaves them everywhere in the house. I have a beautiful vintage cupboard that could work perfectly for a jewelry storage. I could change it your way. Thanks for the inspiration!

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