Lightly Curled Hair Tutorial

A few of my readers asked for a hair tutorial on the way my hair was curled in this photo:
It’s a little bit softer and smoother near the top instead of my usual tighter curls. While there is only a subtle change in the way I curl it, it’s worth a new tutorial!
Scarf: Gap, unavailable online, but here is one of my other fav’s!
Lipstick: Chili Flake


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    Love it! I recently found your blog via Pinterest and love all of your tutorials! I was about to chop all of my hair off into a pixie cut because I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything with it. After discovering your blog I’ve decided to let it grow and give some of these styles a try!

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      Me too! I have saved lots of short hair styles on Pinterest because I was finished with my hair. I like the length but have what I think is ugly kinky curls. I’m going to invest in a curling iron and try her way before I chop it all off!

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    I’ve been looking for the shirt here in Wisconsin and they are all sold out. They still have some in IL but i need the style number which is on the tag on the inside. It’s after a 6 digit number with a dash and two numbers after it. Would you be able to look at see what the number is and let me know? Thanks so much!!

  3. Breanna says

    Thanks for the tutorial! Your eye makeup also looks fabulous! Is it new or is it the same one that you have the tutorial for?

  4. Brittni G says

    Now that your hair has grown out is your cut still as a grown out bob? My hair is similar length as yours, but when I curl my hair the way your curls lay never look like mine!

  5. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the new tutorial – love your hair! I struggle with static in my hair all the time. I’ve never noticed in any of your videos that your hair has static. What can you tell me that would help with this area? I feel like I am unable to fully get the look I want because of my static, fly away hair. I’m desperate!

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    Thanks for the tutorial Kate! I have a short graduated bob haircut, so I don’t do too much of the curling, but I do the “bouncy curled under” with the Aquage uplifting foam and I also back-comb like you have shown on another one of your great tutorials! Thank you so much for the hairstyling tips. I am going to cosmetology school in the spring and am super excited to use your tips when I open my own salon! Also, what blush do you wear? (color; brand) God bless!

  7. Anonymous says

    Sort of have the same question as Brittni. I have grown out hair with I think not as many layers as you. What would I tell my stylist if I wanted to have a few snips done? And, do you ever wear your hair straight since it’s been longish? 😉

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    Love your tutees, Kate! I have been a follower for nearly a year. Loved watching your site grow and change. YOu have helped me as a 52 year young woman embrace who I am and NEVER unstyle my hair!
    Love your love of family, country and God…I read your blogs and share them with my fam and friends.

    As a business woman and partner in a successful Avionics Company here in Nashville, I thank you for helping me to keep a polished look. Lastly, am so EXCITED about my Birchbox arrival! can’t wait… thanks to YOU. Hope you get the referral, I mentioned your blog.


  9. Anonymous says

    You are stunning! What lipstick are you wearing in the last few photos? It looks great against your skin tone! Do you have any advice on how not to let your hair weigh down your curls? Thanks love you blog!

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    I have you let you know that I am in love with your blog. I found you on Pinterest and love coming to your blog. You give out such helpful tips. Your hair is super cute and I hope to one day be a styling queen like yourself. Thank you!!

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    Cute! How long does it take you to curl your hair? I want to try this but have to be at school at 6:30 and time in the morning can be limited somewhat. Thanks! I love your blog!

  12. Fanchon says

    Looks fairly simple. Will it work with a drug store curling iron? I notice we has the same type of hair. Love the blog!

  13. Anonymous says

    Another great tutorial, thanks :) I am now using Aquage and the Kenra spray and love both. I have fairly curly hair and it can get frizzy so I also use a curl serum from Aussie but sometimes I get that “crunch hair product look”–any advice on how to avoid or deal with that? The orange top and blue scarf look amazing on you!!!

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    This is always my goal but the end result tends to be tighter. I think I need a bigger curling iron…it’s more than an inch but must be smaller than I originally thought. Love your orange top, I have the same one! (also in blue, and green…hehe)

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      I’ve been looking for that orange shirt. Do you think that you can look at the tag on the inside and let me know the numbers so that I can Old Navy customer service to find a store that still has that color. Thanks so much!!

  15. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this – will have to try it out at home. My hair was very similar, but longer, to your sisters. For a change I brought one of your current photos to my stylist, but she took 8 inches off instead of the the 4 I was expecting. The cut is good, but I can’t seem to style it to save my life anymore and have been living in a ponytail. (Usually love my stylist…) Hoping this will help!

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    I really love your style and the hair tutorials are wonderful! I’ve attempted a few of the styles, and they are so easy to understand – definitely makes my mornings a little easier :)Also, I love your style – being a Christian myself, it is hard to find style role-models that are modest and still look great – thank you!

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    looks lovely as always Kate! Think your layers make the curls work a little better? Still figuring out my shorter locks & how to make them work=)

  18. Anonymous says

    hi, i love your blog, and i am trying to grow my hair a bit longer, like yours now. could you please do a post of your longer haircut besides (not instead of) the one you already have of your haircut? i would really appreciate it!

  19. Anonymous says

    I love your hair! I recently cut 4 inches off my hair because I was so frustrated with it and the day after, I found your blog. If I had your styling tips, I wouldn’t have cut so much off. I have the Bouncy Curled Under length now and am looking forward to growing it out again now that I have some great styling ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Amanda Wells says

    Thank you so much for doing this tutorial! I am one of the readers that asked for it and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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    HI Kate! Love your blog-it is one of my daily must reads :) I wash my hair the night before because I have a very short time in the morning (work by 7, have to drop the baby off at daycare first and the commute is 30+ minutes so you get the picture…) Any tips on products or something I can use to get more volume? My hair is fine and straight with long layers. Thanks!

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    LOVE this tutorial. I have been using your original tutorial on curling for about a year now. My only problem is that I have curly hair that isn’t “good” curly hair (curly in some sections, straight in others, kinky curly in others) I also have a few cowlicks thrown in too. How do I get around the cowlicks? I feel like they kind of ruin the top part of the curl. My other problem that I just cant seem to get around is that I have ALOT of hair and a side part, it always ends up looking way poofy on top and I end up clipping in back to hold it down.

  23. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! I’m 16 years old and my mom introduced me to your blog because I love fixing my hair and my little sisters who are 7 and 9. I’d say my hair is naturally wavy and medium to thick. I’ve tried curling it with a curling iron and setting the curls but they always seem to fall out. I’ve also tried the aquage uplifting foam but I feel like it doesn’t give me as much volume as I’d like, the same goes for teasing my hair. Any tips?
    PS- I’m in love with your blog and your hairstyles! You’re beautiful! :) xoxo

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    I just found your blog. Love the curling iron tutorial. I have just started using one and this gave me some instructions
    thank you
    added you to my Pinterest too (ibc)

  25. Anonymous says

    Kate, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have had fun and success with your hair tutorials. One thing I can’t seem to get right though is the curled look. My curls look good for a couple hours, then combine back together to to “pre-combed through”. I hope that makes sense-I curl, pull each curl apart with my fingers, then eventually they end up as a few big curls again. Any advice?

  26. Anonymous says

    I found your blog via Pinterest and felt compelled to write. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of beauty. I know many people would not want to give away their personal “secrets” especially in your line of work. You seem to be a very giving person and I was drawn to how open, fresh and just plain NICE you and your blog seem to to be.
    Please keep up the work and know that you are helping challenged hair everywhere!
    Take care!
    Deanna from WI

  27. says

    Hi Kate!

    I found your blog last year after I chopped my hair! I was searching for medium length hair styles on Pinterest and saw a link to your blog! I absolutely LOVE all of your hair tutorials, this one is my favorite! :) My hair has grown out quite a bit since I first started following, and looking at all the cute short hair styles makes me want to cut it short again!!!

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and inspiring to do more blogging of my own! :)


  28. Catherine says

    I’d love a tutorial on how you blow dry your hair !!! How do you blow dry upside down? I can never seem to get mine as voluminous and set as I like (like yours).

  29. JenniB says

    I really would love to know how your hair is cut!!!! You have an amazing website! Thanks for all you do! :)

  30. Taylor Matthews says

    I feel like trying to get “effortless, beach waves” is one of the hardest tasks for my hair to do. It’s too curly, too loose or looks like I tried too hard. I’m so glad I found this blog post and will definitely be trying this in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

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    I really appreciate the tips here, Kate! The video gave me some good ideas. How long does your hair stay curled up for? I was reading on about some of the rod-based curling irons, and it seemed like they tend to last longer. What are your experiences with them?

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