High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday

1. By time you read this I’ll already be in Illinois. A friend of mine is getting married this weekend, so I’m flying home and then driving up to Michigan to do hair and attend the wedding. Oh and that sweet little nugget pictured below is joining me.

2. I’ve thought about full fringe intermitently. The urge struck two nights ago as I was trimming my hair. I posted this photo to Instgram. Many of you encouraged, many of you discouraged, ultimately I decided to wait. I get mistaken for the younger sister when Lauren and I are out in public so I’m thinking bangs may not help the situation. OR they may make me look really cool and hip. Who knows. Pretty much if I had Zooey DeChanel’s hair I’de be fine. 

3. Picked up this amazingly comfortable and warm sweater for a measly $24.00 at Marshalls. The brand is “red” and I can’t find a website for them, otherwise I would share the details! 

4. I recieved this sample in a little package given out at Sephora. I love it. It’s fruity and not overpowering. Very girly without being confused for grandma perfume (you know what I mean?)

5. Getting some good quality mom time. And dad! And brother! this weekend. Looking very forward to it. I also can’t wait for my husband to be finished with grad school so he can join me on these trips. Only two more years.


Happy weekend to you!  

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  1. says

    I think your hair is fantastic the way it is, but now I kind of want bangs. I have a five-head so I think it’d really help.

    Have so much fun this weekend! I’m sure everyone in the wedding will have perfect hair if you’re doing it!

  2. Jessica Jo says

    It’s just too bad our fall colors aren’t in full swing yet in Michigan. I’m from the Lansing area and we’re just starting to see some color change. Make sure to stop by an apple orchard. Even at $10/gallon this year, it’s always worth it to get fresh pressed cider and fresh homemade donuts. Yum!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m also curious where you will be in MI for the wedding? I’ll be at at wedding in MI on Saturday, could it be the same one? Probably not, but you never know!

  4. says

    Have a blast at the wedding! Weddings are always so much fun when you’re whole family is there. Sorry your hubs can’t go. I know the feeling of attending events alone all too well.. my hubs is a small business owner so is always working. no fun at all!

  5. says

    you always seem to find the BEST deals & steals! now seeing your bangs grown out makes me want to grow mine out, too. isn’t that always the case? i wanted to mix up my hair style, so i chopped it and added layers + bangs. i’m happy with it, but sometimes i miss my longer hair. enjoy your weekend!

  6. Amy says

    Illinois? There isn’t any chance you were headed down Michigan Ave. this afternoon, is there? I’m guessing it was just a doppelganger, but she had great hair!

  7. says

    I’m going to be done with my masters in December and CAN”T wait. Now my husband is considering starting his MBA in January. I’m just ready for freedom, so I definitely feel ya!

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