Gravy finds a frenemy

 I just need you to experience something with me.

Last week, I was upstairs folding laundry and Justin was downstairs doing a bit of homework.

We heard this strange sound.

I knew it was coming from downstairs, so I yelled, “What was that?”

“I have no idea.”he replied, confused.

Then we heard it again.

And realized this sound, this unique “never-been-heard-before” sound, was coming right out of Gravy’s mouth.

He found a friend enemy. Pretty sure he’s not happy about it.

The fun begins at 00:11 seconds, he reaches a new octave at 01:31,  he begins grooming Grit’s at 03:21 for the first time ever, and then he slowly regains composure at the end.

*not sure if he’s angry or excited, but he sure seems threatened.

I went out to pet this poor cat after Gravy was finished accosting her, and she was perfectly sweet! She rolled right over and let me pet her belly. I’m thinking she may be somone’s cat in our neighboorhood.

I’m also thinking she may not come around anymore.

Gravy was not impressed.


  1. Anonymous says

    At our old house we would always get neighborhood cats coming over to visit our tiger. One visit resulted in a hole picked in our window screen (on the inside) and another hole picked in our screen on the sliding door out back from the friend/enemy :) on the outside. Same chatting was going on too! I swear they knew tiger was an indoor cat and they were just teasing him!! lol
    Thanks for sharing your video!
    Jen V

  2. says

    ha! This was enough to get my kitty to come out of her morning napping spot to check it out. I’m not sure who to feel more sorry for, Gravy in his frustration, the visitor cat in her confusion, or Grits for having to put up with it all! lol

  3. says

    Here is South Africa our cats go out and roam the neighbourhood if they like, so this happens quite a lot here! Very cute though – my cats normally end up being frightened and hiding when we have unwelcome visiters.

  4. says

    My cat is on the arm of the couch right now, watching and listening to Gravy! Ha! Thanks for sharing this hilarious video! I’m fairly certain that cat videos are the best on the planet!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness. I started to watch this right when I got to work this morning, and I was shaking so hard trying to contain myself that I had to save it for when I get home after work. Hilarious.

  6. says

    My cat does the exact same thing except he mostly sounds like he is grunting and biting the window, so you’re not alone.
    Cat’s are awesome & weird right?!

  7. Anonymous says

    I love your kitty stories! Never heard anything like that before. Maybe his mating call?! LOL. My cats ears perked up when I watched. Keep the funny cat stories coming :-)

  8. says

    LOVE it! Our Abby girl cat has her ‘boyfriend’ cat come to the window very regularly. He is one of the neighbor’s cats. It’s so funny the crazy noises she makes when he comes around. We can never tell if she’s glad to see him or wants to attack? Lol. She looks bummed when he leaves though. And both cats are neutered/spayed. It’s so funny/cute. :)

  9. Anonymous says

    Just finished watching this while laying in bed and our cat jumped up and was running all over the bed trying to find the noise. She kept stopping to look at me with this crazed look in her eyes.

  10. says

    That kind of meow could be playful or territorial. In Gravy’s case, he seems to be claiming his territory! Hahaha! It’s also funny that he groomed Grits for the first time immediately after that. Maybe he was making it clear that Grits is his?

    I love cats! My husband and I have so many photos and videos of our cats observing things outside our windows too. Hahaha! In our case, they see huge birds, other cats, dogs, and deer. Yes, deer!

  11. says

    We only have one cat and whenever I think about possibly getting another, I remember how our cat reacts to the one we call “neighborhood kitty.” He pretty much does the same thing as your little buddy here. He watches her from the window and really only starts yelling when she get’s into our front yard. He couldn’t care less if she was across the street! It’s pretty funny to watch, ha!

  12. Nancy W. says

    Oh my gosh Kate!!!! So funny!! My cat, “sassymae” was all ready to fight while I was listening to your video. LOL Oh my word…….her tail got all fluffed up and her ears went back flat like, “let’s go, c’mon” Good laugh. Going to show this to friends and see if I can get my cat in a tizzy again!!!!

  13. Teresa S says

    Ha, love it! My cat Penelope has long groomed my other cat Killer. It’s gotten to the point that whenever Killer decides she wants her head cleaned, she will walk over to Penelope, shove her head right under Penelope’s mouth, and Penelope will start licking her. The best part is that when Killer has decided she’s had enough, instead of just walking away, she attacks Penelope. It’s an odd system.

  14. Karla K says

    That is why I love Black cats! They are so vocal! And even thought they are making the noise for a certain reason, I like to think of it as entertainment!

  15. says

    I have 2 female cats & one of them is fiercly protective of me. If I have company over she makes the exact same noise & if they get close to her it gets louder. It almost sounds like a woman screaming! #crazycatlady

  16. says

    Poor Gravy! Our cats do the same thing, only the first time they ever did it was in the middle of the night, and they were knocking things over. I thought someone had broken into our house!! Have yours ever done the chirping thing when they see a bird or fly? It’s the cutest thing!

  17. says

    Oh lordy! He was so worked up and then towards the end his cries were so pathetic. Poor guy! My cat found a friend that was a robin bird and would sit all day on the window sill while the bird would come swooping by torturing her for about a month. I think my cat was secretely devistated when the robin cut off the friendship.

  18. says

    I love that! Are their tales usually that fluffy or was it because of their “friend?” I also giggled when our cats saw other cats or dogs or leaves blowing around outside. My cat, Roxy, would do this really weird noise, similar to what Gravy was doing. Only a lot funnier sounding. I don’t think I ever got it on video though. And that’s sad because I don’t have my kitties any more :-(

  19. says

    My cat will sit in the window and do that to birds. He sounds like he’s calling them. My 3-year-old came over to see what I was watching and she said, “Aw, he wants to go outside to play!”

  20. says

    This is cracking me up. Just last week at 6am, before our alarms went off, I though my 3 yr old (Will) was crying in his bed “ma-ma, ma-ma.” I go and check on him and he’s completely peacefully passed out. I come out and see a stranger kitty at the door and our cat was going ballistic and of course it was him making such weird sounds! I climbed back in the bed and we heard the “ma-ma” sound again and my husband is like “Will’s crying.” I just laughed – nope it’s the cat. He was still skeptical though and asked if I was sure. lol

  21. says

    I have had cats all of my life -that was HILARIOUS!!!! I never heard that sound. Don’t you love when the outdoor cat just sits there. Trespassing and taunting by just acting “chill” like he belongs there. So funny!!!

  22. says

    Kate, thought you might want to know why he is doing this. He is showing the other cat that he already has someone else and is protective of her. If you were to let him outside he would have ran her off immediatly. When he started grooming her it is because he was showing the other cat (outside) that he already had someone. Also, showing her that she is still his.
    When you have spent all of your life living on a farm you learn to fiugre out animals and the way they act and why very fast.
    If that cat were to come back he would do it again.

  23. says

    Aww, poor Gravy. The way he looked back at you it was if he was confused why you weren’t also upset. Love their names. You need a 3rd and call it “Shrimp.” 😉

  24. Penny says

    LOL!!! Ya, that sweet thing outside is in heat and teasing your poor male cat! We had a female stray that stayed around our home. We woke up to that noise to find that poor cat on the porch surrounded by 5, yes, 5!!! male cats. Everyone was making that howling noise. I did a little googling and found it interest that a cat can have kittens to multiple males in the same pregnancy. She put on quite a dance and show for the guys but ended up on my aunts farm with several little ones!!!

  25. Megan says

    This is so funny!! I have never heard a cat do that before-sounds like a child. My dog started freaking out and started to run around the house nervously while I watched this lol

  26. Anonymous says

    My cat, Jasmine, has done this anytime another cat is in our yard also. She has even tried to bite through a screen to get to them. Let’s just say I had the indent of a cat face in one of my window screens and had to replace it. Needless to say, we now make sure all lower level windows are cimpletely closed when we go to bed!

  27. says

    My cat Saydee does this all the time when she see another cat outside. She makes this really low growling sound and her hair on her back and tail stands straight up. My husband and I call it puffin, lol. She also has this toy that she absolutely loves. She goes into her toy basket, pulls it out, and then carries it around the house in her mouth, while making that same noise (deep guttural cry). It’s so weird, but cute, and funny!

  28. says

    The first time our oldest cat did that to a ‘friend’ outside my husband and I freaked out, and then did exactly what you did : got out the video camera. My cats were very intrigued by the strange noise coming out of my iPad when I played this video. Cats are pretty much the best creatures on earth. :)

  29. Cindy says

    Awww!! That’s sooo cute, funny, and sad all at the same time!! It sounds like Gravy is sooo sad, like he’s saying goodbye to his best friend. But we gotta love our animals – they sure do know how to put a smile our faces :)

  30. Anonymous says

    We have a few neighborhood cats that do that at night….on our lawn….while we have all the windows open!! I think they are mating! It’s quite a sound to hear for the first time.
    -Karna P.

  31. says

    My cat is a little chatty when other cats come by the window, but he’s pretty relaxed about it. He’s the same kind of cat as Grits, though, and they seem pretty social and friendly with other cats. Poor Gravy seemed pretty stressed out about the whole thing!

  32. says

    Bahahaha! My cats started snooping around the computer when they heard Gravy. Our girl cat makes similar noises when she sees another cat outside. The boy cat doesn’t do anything, but he does chatter when he sees birds. It’s quite funny to hear.

  33. Anonymous says

    To cut!!! I have 4 indoor cats and when watching this video they came to see what was going on. One attacked my laptop LOL. One of my cats only does this when the neighbour cat is walking by the window, when I let him out they play together. They are totally in love so sweet…


  34. Anonymous says

    My huge (he’s a mainecoon) scaredy cat is watching me with fear and would not jump up on my bed until the video was over! Clearly he got Gravy’s message.

  35. Jenny in Wellington, NZ says

    My girl cat Stacie also makes the same noise, as did our previous girl cat Serene. It’s them warning the other cat that this is their property and they do not belong there. And the grooming of Grits was to remind himself (Gravy) that Grits ‘belongs’ to the house and the family. I’m pleased you didn’t let him out because it would have got ugly.. ! but yes, it’s very funny to listen to! Some cats yeowl in such a way that it sounds like talking!

  36. says

    Ha Ha! I love cats.One of my cats jumped into my lap and looked into my face to make sure I was not making that noise as I watched the video.LOL too funny.Whatever Gravy was saying it must have been interesting.LOL

  37. Anonymous says

    My cat “Scooter” was watching the videow on my lap with me. He did NOT like what he was hearing. Started hissing at the computer. Now he is wandering around trying to find these kitties. Too funny. Thanks for sharing.

  38. says

    I bet the cat was in heat? Never had a girl cat, but does it happen the same as girl dogs. I know that my male dogs know when a female is in heat a few doors down.

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