Tiny Braids Headband Tutorial

A simple little craft. And you can practice your braiding.

First, go to Michaels.

*it’s important that you cut the strands longer than you need them since braiding will shorten them up a bit.

*this is how I  made all my friendship bracelets when I was a child.

*use hot glue to secure the cording at the base



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    I have a question…. before you curl your hair would it curl as well if you flat ironed it first. My hair is naturally frizzy and i usually straighten it. thanx!!!!

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    Perfection! I love this idea. I need to go hunt down some supplies because I love the idea of wearing a headband but always feel like I look about three years old when I put them in. This one is so cute yet sophisticated – love!

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    Just saw this on Sew Mama, Sew! this morning and love it. Super cute! And that is definitely how I made friendship bracelets too. Occasionally I’d safety pin the knot to my jeans. And am I the only one who would sometimes forget about it and stand up and still have tape (and sometimes a half-braided bracelet) stuck to my pants???

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