1. Summer says

    I’m wearing a top today that would look fabulous with those wedges, and I can think of at least one more in my closet now that would work too. AND, I cleaned out my shoe “collection” last weekend (NINE large paper bags of shoes walked out the door to my mom’s church, and I still have way too many), so there’s room for new ones. I’m THERE!

  2. says

    oooh, i’m obsessed with target. that bag looks awesome, i may need to make a trip back to see if my target has it. i can’t get enough of their $8 v-necks.

  3. says

    I want those shoes!! Target is my candy store. I could seriously go and walk around forever and be happy. So many cool things, and their clothes and shoes have really gotten so good!

  4. says

    I just bought 2 dresses there last week- they’re super cute right now.
    Sadly, I tried to find that Sonia Kashuk lipstick you wrote up a while back but they didn’t carry it :( boo!

  5. says

    I bought the wedges in teal, and they are fabulous! I also bought the striped dress, but the neckline is really strange. It was returned. Love Target!! :)

  6. Ryan says

    LOVE Target! I have the wedges in teal, can’t wait to wear them… I may need the orange too :/. And that bag! *swoon*

  7. says

    It’s so bad, I made the mistake of going in the other day to get a card and that card made some friends on the way out. He was lonely and needed a pretty new dress and perfect fall cardigan to keep him company! I love all of your target picks! Such a problem to have that store around and yet if it went away I’d cry.

  8. says

    I don’t know who handles the marketing at Target, but whoever it is is a genius. Every season brings new items that I just have to have. Currently, it is a pair of tan suede booties that I am just dying over. Must. Get. Them. Now. And, now I really want those wedges as well;)

  9. says

    Totally agree! I wasn’t a huge fan of their summer stuff/shoes this year so this is exciting.

    I was almost drooling over the plaid version of that gray flannel bag the other day. I’m a plaid girl, though.

    And that striped dress?!?!? I instagrammed it and an hour later a friend’s 17 year old daughter texted me that she went straight to Target and bought it. Good, good stuff!

  10. says

    Its about 80 degrees here in Sunny PA also, but like you said, Break out the fall accessories! I cannot wait to dress up in my scarves, boots and warm cardigans. My fall shopping began awhile a month or so ago at the outlets as things were going on sale. I also started Christmas shopping! So ready for the cooler weather! : )

  11. says

    Would love to see you pull together some working girl outfits from Target. I’m constantly looking for new work clothes and don’t want to pay a lot because they end up getting washed weekly, worn often, and go out of style quickly!!

  12. says

    I already bought that the strip dress, but in orange and tan stripes! and thank you for the link to those shoes. I have them in black and beige and would love a few more pairs. Right now in my Target they have them in a dark teal, so pretty. I was there tonight and they have a bunch of new earrings of all sorts!

  13. says

    My pocketbook thanks you! Or maybe not…..I bought the orange and tan stripe dress today, too cute! and another shirt dress I saw online browsing, plus 3 sale tank tops! Target was awesome today!

    I had no idea that there was so much online that wasn’t in the store. I won’t skip looking again!

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