Mac Duo’s

I learned a valuable lesson recently.

Check the “duo” shadows at Mac before you buy two separate shadows.
*you won’t find “This and That” online. Only in stores.

I’ve had Vanilla for awhile, and love using it on my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. I picked up Era several weeks ago. I like that it’s lighter than my usual Satin Taupe, but still adds some color to my lids.

Then I bought the duo “This & That” because it looked like my perfect shadows. I got home and realized I practically own both of these already.

Oh well, at least I’m set for awhile! 

The sandy color in the duo is slightly lighter than Era, but not by much. It would just take an extra layer or so to achieve the depth that Era creates. 

Have you bought a duo from Mac before? It seems like you get about the same amount of product as you would in two individual pods, but for a lower price.


  1. Anonymous says

    I really like M•A•C’s paint pot – Rubenesque. It’s really good for making your eyeshadows stay on all day.

  2. says

    The mineralize duos make my lids itch so I have to stick with the standard formula eyeshadows. It is a nice stand-in for the singles for those that don’t mind the difference in formula.

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