August FQ&A video

It’s time for my August FAQ video!

These questions were pulled from the comment section below my post on the Facebook page. If you would like to ask a question for my September video, be sure to like the Facebook page so you can see when I’m taking questions!

Questions covered in this video are:
How can I grow out side bangs without going through an awkward process?
How can I grow out a graduated bob/a-line cut?
Do you recommend perms, in any circumstances, to your clients?
How can I keep my curly hair from getting frizzy?
What products should I use to clean my hair after the pool?
What is your biggest hair pet peeve?
How do you feel about keratin/smoothing treatments?

What I’m wearing:
Scarf, Gap
Earrings, Anthropologie
Nail Polish, Essie, Wife Goes On
Hairstyle, Messy Bun
*we cannot make the earrings I’m wearing in the messy bun tutorial.

Happy Monday! 


  1. Anonymous says

    Loved your thoughts on the deep side part, I wish some of my high school students would listen to you on this one!

  2. says

    I just love your video blogs! You are fun to watch and have this very authoritative air. I’m going to a wedding this weekend and am going to try my best at a messy bun, maybe incorporating a braid? I may end up a hot mess but it will be fun trying!

    • Taylor Davis says

      Definitely think that is an awesome idea! I am also a new woman of aquage and redken body full products!! My hair’s life has drastically changed since i found your blog! Plus alot of my friend’s hair too(:

    • says

      I use the Aquage uplifting foam now too! I was a BIG fan of the Its A 10 blowdry spray. It did lift my roots and give me some volume, but Aquage is the best definately. I am studying cosmetology this spring on the Outer Banks where I live. I am opening a shop next year, and I absolutely LOVE the bouncy curled under on your graduated bob. I have a shorter version than you what had, but am growing mine out to look like yours. I am hoping my hair has grown that length by the time I open my shop. That’s the hairstyle I want for my grand opening haha. I have also been using Kenra 25 hairspray for a few months. I would flip flop back to Tigis Rockaholic, but NOTHING compares to Kenras. So I am sticking with it. I have been blogging for a couple years now on my life, my music(I am a worship leader and pianist), my husband and my family, and you have inspired to flip up my blog a little and add the “beauty sense” to it as well. It is a passion that has been in me since growing up in my moms salon since I was in her belly. She has been doing hair down here on the OBX for 40+ years and is still doing it, now out of a shop my dad built her in their home. I guess it’s in my blood. Thank you for ALL the beautiful hairstyles and the time you put in to keeping all of us updated! God bless you Kate

  3. says

    Great info!! I love how calm you talk us through the questions!

    Ehm….. *goes checking sides of her head in the mirror* (gosh I NEVER did that, except for checking if my blush doesnt look like a freeway haha).

  4. Kara says

    I’m a stylist also. So glad to hear that I’m not the only one that refers perms to other stylists. Some clients think I’m crazy for not wanting to do them. I refuse to do something I’m not good at and perms are too unpredictable

  5. says

    Great job as always!! :) Laughed about the side part! haha. You’re so right about that one, Kate.

    Quick question: do you recommend not brushing your hair at all if you have the frizz thing going on? Because my hair has curl with massive frizz, and if I brush it, it gets rid of all the curl and leaves the frizz.

  6. says

    Great video. I am terrible at styling my hair but thanks to all of your great videos I am trying more styles and hopefully getting better. My baseball hat days are getting farther apart :-). Do you happen to know the paint color of the room you are in? It is really pretty.

  7. Tori says

    I think I’ve watched all of your videos. And I try to copy a lot of your tutorials. I took your picture to my stylist and said “I want that”. (bouncy curled under pic). But she cut it a little shorter than you had it. Now I dont know how to style it. I have kinda wavy hair so whenever I wear it, it looks like a mushroom top! Help :(

    • Anonymous says

      That exact same thing happened too me! Same pic and everything! Now im sad i cant do all the styles i was getting good at! I switched to the curly style with a smaller barrel…its working…most days ; )

  8. Maria H says

    This is off the subject, but since I know you love Birchbox – have you heard of Glossybox? I never got good samples w Birchbox (granted it was when it first came out), and I’m tempted to try Glossybox.

  9. Anonymous says

    I am Lauren, from the perm question. I asked because I have been frustrated by poor scrunching results. (As a s.a.h.m., I would really like to have this option.) I have lots of body and wave in my hair, so it doesn’t make sense. A different question/answer in your video prompted me to experiment with different products for scrunching. I bought a cream last night and it seems to be working pretty well…(just in the nick of time, before I did something unpredictable.) Anyway, thanks for your good advice! :)

  10. says

    Oh my goodness.. I love you right now lol. I’m trying to grow out my bangs and I’ve been miserable. BUT, this morning I moved my part over and its genius. Its silly to be this excited, I know. But I am :) so thanks!

  11. says

    I totally agree with you about the side part being too far over. I see so many young girls doing this and I want to say “You look like you have a bad comb over! Stop it!” I’m surprised when I see their pictures all over FB, and I wonder why they don’t see how bad it looks!

  12. Anonymous says

    I have to say I have read your blog for a while and really love some of the hair tutorials. I think this may be my last stop, however. Your make-up and “fashion” choices are more suited for a woman in mid-life. You can have fun while still looking classy and not like you are going to a job interview. You would possibly get more blog traffic if you read the pages of Vogue, Glamour or Allure. Animal prints, nail art, a streak of funky color in your hair and some killer heels would go a long way. And you can do all this while looking classy. Think Sarah Jessica Parker meets Anna Wintour with a smidge (just a smidge) of Ke$ha.

    • littledormouse says

      Er, no, she doesn’t. She sounds self-assured, which is different. Being “snotty” implies looking down on people or being altive, and she actually takes immense pains to avoid any kind of blunt comment (ahem) that may offend anyone and to express herself in a humble, non-opinionated way, even when her knowledge or experience would allow her to be more authoritative.

  13. says

    Kate, I love your blog, videos, clothes, makeup, shoes, your adorable sister and mostly your hair! Your advice is great! This is my opinion. I guess the previous two comments were just opinions too. I will never understand why people don’t just move on without first saying something hurtful. May God bless them and fill their hearts with kindness.

    Have a great day Kate! I will be looking forward to your next post. Thank you!

  14. littledormouse says

    Totally agree with Jane. I feel utterly grateful to you for the effort you put in your blog (which is fantastic, by the way) and your interest in helping others in so many ways. I’m usually too shy to comment but, like so many other people, really appreciate and feel inspired by your work. Congratulations on your success as a blogger, as a stylist and as a person!

  15. littledormouse says

    Oh, and on a more trivial note: I read one of your posts about the lipstick that is “your lips but better”. Well, in my opinion, the one you’re wearing in this video should be filed under that label. I think it’s the most flatterng shade I’ve seen you wear, really nice and it looks great on you!

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