August Birchbox

This was one of my favorite Birchboxes! 

First of all, let me explain that I typically buy the cheap single blade razors at Costco. When I saw this razor I was like, “cool!”
When I opened it up and actually looked at it I laughed at the sheer number of blades on this thing. It’s intense. But let me tell you. . . my legs have never been smoother. Never been softer. And never been shaved with 5 blades at once. With 1 swipe this razor won my heart. . .too far? Okay.

The Pixi blush? Pretty awesome. It’s not as pigmented as my Mac blush, so I have to use a few swipes to achieve some color (as opposed to barely touching my cheeks with my Mac blush), but I do like the color. 

I’m anxious to try this brightening cleanser! Who doesn’t want brighter skin? My skin has been dull and dry, so maybe this will do the trick.

Lastly, there was some soap and perfume. The perfume is good, and I have yet to try the soap but I’m sure I’ll like it. Who doesn’t like soap?

If you have any questions about Birchbox, click here to see my other boxes OR here to learn more! 


  1. says

    I got the brightening cleanser in my BirchBox this month, too, and have been using it every day since! You don’t need too much. Combined with the hand Oil of Olay cleansing brush, this stuff rocks my socks off. Of course, I have an extensive face regiment (gel mask every other night, microdermabrasion 2X a week and use of an exfoliant cleanser 3X a week), so combined with all this, I still see a little difference. It’s great!

  2. Jenn says

    I recently received the same razor in the mail as a free offer and my opinion is, it’s good. Actually, it’s great. Love it! ��

  3. says

    I was super impressed this month when I saw that razor in my box..those puppies sell for mucho $$! I do like the perfume too. I would have loved getting the brightening cleasnser! Please share how it does. Instead of the blush and cleanser I got a wonderful shampoo & conditioner sample and also the nicest Blue Copper 5 Elasticity Gel! Been using it for about a week and I’ll let you know how firm my eyes and neck get!!

  4. Summer says

    I’m in love with that razor too! I normally buy the Venus disposables, but I think I’m converting. The coupon that was included for the razor refills was nice too!

  5. says

    I wish I had got the blush in mine! But, I did get the Noir Kohl eye liner and I really like it. And that Juicy Couture perfume smells amazing. I also got the razor but have yet to try it and, some eye makeup remover, and a firming face lotion. I was impressed with mine too. I keep hoping to get a new lip gloss though and have yet to receive one!

  6. Anonymous says

    I got that razor too in my box and L.O.V.E. it! I’ve raved to my friend who got it in her box too but she hasn’t tried it.. I demanded she try it! hahah! – Liz McNeil

  7. Bobbi says

    My box was almost exactly the same. When I saw the razor, I was just as excited as you.. Especially when I saw the attached coupons! Thanks so much for getting me hooked on birchbox. I had no clue what it was until I started following your blog and now I’m telling everyone :) love it!

  8. says

    It’s funny that you were so excited by the razor. I too got my August Birchbox and thought, “why the heck is a razor in here?”
    I tried it on Tuesday night. Holy buckets… I have never used such a fantastic razor. I immediately got out of the shower and went to share my excitement about my new-found favorite razor to my husband. He thought I was crazy. :)

  9. says

    I guess the Birchbox phenomenon has gone crazy and they have run out of subscriptions. I am still in line to begin getting the Birchboxes. I am anxiously awaiting the email telling me it is available.

  10. says

    OK, it seems Birchbox has drastically improved since I dropped mine a few months ago.

    Good stuff!

    As for five blade razors… I heard years ago to buy men’s. They are the same but not pink and cost much less. I love them.

    • says

      My boxes have been lackluster the last few months. There is usually one product I like, but I’m not sure it is always worth $10. I can’t seem to give it up, though, as I love getting a ‘happy’ in the mail every month. In the beginning (I’ve been getting it for about 18 mos) the samples were big and the box contained quite a few things. Now I’ll get tiny portions (I’ve even gotten those cards with one shmear of eyeshadow on it) and maybe 4 samples total. I’m afraid if I give it up it will get really good again!

  11. says

    I got the face wash … been having an interesting summer with my skin – breakouts, feeling rough. This face wash was AWESOME. Makes my face smooth and silky!! LOVED it! I ordered the full size. :) I hope you like it too!

  12. says

    Hah, glad you liked yours. I thought mine was the pits. Last month too. I finally got a 25% off coupon code this month and I had 600 points/$60 off so I think I may give birchbox a rest for a few months. Just my luck, though, if I take a break the boxes will be AWESOME.

  13. Anonymous says

    You will love the Caldrea! I sell this line in my store and it is a HUGE hit. All Natural & can be used on any surface! Enjoy!

  14. Anonymous says

    I am about 6 months in and disappointed! I did get the razor(loveit), hand soap and fragrance but no blush or cleanser :{ I did sign my son up for the men and they seem to be alot more interesting!

  15. says

    I feel like a brat saying this, but I felt let down by my Birchbox! I got the razor, a very small container of shaving cream (not big enough for both legs!) and a paper packet of shampoo. I feel like I’ve gotten WAY more in past months, with better quality products!

    • says

      You’re not a brat! Or I am, too, because I’ve felt the same way! For the most part, I love it, but some months (July, for one), it has hardly anything in it and I’m not inspired at all by the products. Bummer. But the next month it usually redeems itself. I’ve considered trying another Birchbox-like company, but have never followed through. A couple bad months in a row and I might.

    • says

      Thank you! My biggest gripe is that when I filled out my Birchbox form, I said I was looking to experiment with makeup color and was adventurous with it. The ONLY thing of color I’ve gotten was a cheek stain (which is the only thing I’ve purchased from them! You’d think they’d take the hint!).

  16. says

    I received Pixi’s ‘Lip and Line’ with lipstick on one end and a matching liner on the other. It’s a soft, pretty mauve color called ‘Orchid Rose.’ It’s lovely!

    The razor IS awesome! Who knew extra blades made that much of a difference?! And it glides over my skin…there is something around the blades.

  17. says

    I have to say Birchbox has been disappointing for me. I always see other people getting stuff I would love to get like blush, full-sized eyeliners, and lip products yet I’ve yet to get anything I really wanted. This month I received the razor (haven’t used it yet but typically the more blades, the betta!) which was nice since I know they’re pricey, a tiny tub of shave cream, some Yu Be ointment that smelled so strongly of camphor it could have knocked your socks off, and a Juicy perfume sample that I wasn’t fond of. I really wish you could customize what you wanted, or even didn’t want. I’m super sensitive to perfumes so if possible, I would totally opt out of receiving them. I’ve gotten one each month! Last month’s perfume sample had broken in the box and soaked everything else in there! I stopped my subscription today. :/

  18. Mylene says

    Anyone heard of glossybox? Its a slight bit more expensive but i heard you get full size samples base on your skin tone, skin type etc

  19. says

    I love that razor, too! After years of tearing up my armpits and legs with crappy disposable razors, I broke down last month and bought myself that Schick because it was on sale at Walmart (as were the cartridges.) My pits and legs thanked me profusely, and I feel like I’m doing a nice thing for myself every time I use it. :)

    Carolina Country Living

  20. says

    Hey, I’m new to the blogging world! I’ve been an internet “lurker” for about a month now so I figured it was time I started commenting on the blogs I read!

    Anyways, I enjoy reading about the products your receive in your monthly Birchbox! I am hoping, someday soon, I will be invited to subscribe and receive my own!

  21. says

    That razor is wonderful! I’m ready to throw out my old Venus, unused cartridges and all :) I loved my full-sized sample of C.O Bigelow Lip Shine and the sample of Juice Beauty’s Oil-free moisturizer. Those three things more than made up for the Eye Rock stick on eyeliner that finally made it’s way into my box. Not my style at all!

  22. says

    I just received my August Birchbox yesterday, and was really happy with it, except for that my perfume was missing from it’s casing. It smelled like the perfume, but there was no sample bottle in sight. Sad! Anyways, I love your blog! Keep up the good work! :)

  23. Anonymous says

    I have loved my Birchboxes so far. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the coupon that came with the razor is only valid in Canada?

  24. Anonymous says

    My first subscript to birch box came for August, I did not get any of the product above. I got a brow base, lip stain, perfume sample and 2 make up remover swabs… Does everyone’s birch box vary a bit? :/ hmmmmm

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