Allisa Jacobs Checkbook Cover

My sister and I discovered Allisa Jacobs’ shop on Etsy over 2 years ago when we were searching around for a shopping list organizer. We found these, and fell in love immediately.

Since that time, I’ve bought a few pouches, a checkbook cover, and card cases. Each piece is made beautifully and she has a way of coordinating fabrics perfectly.

My sister and I were interested in a new checkbook cover, so we contacted Allisa to see if she still made them. She doesn’t make them anymore, but was willing to make a few for us and offering a limited edition to our readers!

Would you like to buy one of these checkbook covers? She’s offering the chevron pattern in grey and aqua blue (my sister has this one). 

Here are the details:
-these are a part of a limited edition collection from Alllisa Jacobs. She does not normally make checkbook covers anymore (you won’t find them in her shop)
-there are 2 color options: grey or aqua chevron
-you are entering to win a voucher which will allow you to purchase a checkbook cover ($25.00 + $3-5 shipping)
-this is not a traditional giveaway where you win an item for free. 
-voucher is good through the end of the year (2012) and will only work with purchasing a checkbook cover
-she ships internationally too!
-there are only 15 vouchers available 

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  1. says

    Would love to have the grey one!! So I can tell my checkbook apart from my fiances!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! I love following you and your sister’s blogs!!!

  2. says

    This is so stinkin’ cute! I would LOVE to have one in the grey…. especially since my checkbook cover just totally crapped out on me! Your blog is the best….

  3. says

    Would love one, the blue plastic one I have is cracking in many places from so much use! This would make paying bills a whole lot more fun!

  4. Stephanie says

    My poor check book cover is falling apart. I love the chevron pattern and have yet to purchase any thing with this pattern. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO WIN!!!

  5. Meredith Dreshar says

    These are so cute! I’d love to be able to get one. It’s a shame she doesn’t make them any more. Hopefully I’ll win!

  6. says

    I have only ever used the standard plastic checkbook cover that comes with the checks, but this is adorable and a great way to spruce up what’s in your purse!

  7. says

    I’ve been looking for a cute checkbook cover but none are as cute as these! I wish she still made them regularly because I would totally buy one.

  8. says

    I fell in love with your checkbook cover when you showed what was in your purse and I was super bummed when I found out she didn’t make them anymore!! I would love either one they are so cute!!

  9. says

    I am in love with everything chevron! I just re-covered my kitchen chair cushions with a grey chevron canvas-like material that is almost exactly the same as the checkbook cover you now have. Chevron has an impeccable ability to be both modern and shabby chic at the same time. I’ll tweet you some pics of my new kitchen decor when I get it all together. I would love to have a fab checkbook cover like this :)

  10. says

    I love the idea of this giveaway! Very different than traditional giveaways! I would love love love one of the amazingly adorable checkbook covers for when I get my own checks!!! Love love love this. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  11. says

    Love the checkbook cover and LOVE your blog. I just discovered your blog and have been trying many of the hairstyles – great site!

  12. Lynnette S says

    Would love this for my daughter. She’ll be a Senior this fall and then we have Christmas, her birthday in January and then graduation in the spring!

  13. says

    I just recently opened my first bank account, and I’ve been looking for a checkbook cover ever since! There’s just not many cute ones I can find.. But this one is PERFECT! Chevron is my favorite :)

  14. Sarah L. says

    I love these!! It would totally help to distinguish between the two checkbooks I have to carry around. : )

  15. Jennifer Stephens says

    Love the grey chevron! It’s so hard to find beautiful, handmade, accessories like this to brighten up your purse!

  16. says

    Love this! I could definitely use one. I keep misplacing my checks because I don’t have a proper place to put them in my mess of a purse!

  17. says

    Would love a cute checkbook cover, I’ve just got the plastic free one that’s cracking apart. I settled for the plain design-free free checks, so my checkbook could use a little pretty.

  18. Katie says

    Great timing–just lost my checkbook and have been on the search for a cute checkbook cover. Love these!

  19. Missy Ann says

    I have been in love with chevron for a while but have yet to actually purchase anything in chevron. These are too cute.

  20. Deanna C says

    This is absolutely beautiful… Thank you for your wonderful site and blog. I find it sooo absolutely refreshing and delightful.

  21. Allison D. says

    I love this! My checks are shoved into my wallet right now- I would love to have a pretty holder for them.

  22. says

    This is SO cute! Definitely better than those ugly plastic covers from the bank. I just signed up with a new (2nd) bank account and would love to cover up the new checkbook!

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