30 with 30, week eight

I can’t believe there are only 2 more weeks of our 30×30 challenge! 
I really haven’t run out of ideas yet, but I’m going to probably be putting together some creative options by the last week!

Here are the outfits this week:

I really love pink and grey together.

An easy way to dress down a skirt? Untuck your shirt–as long as it’s fitted. 

This looks bulkier than it feels. I probably could have gone down a size in the t-shirt and it would have fit a little nicer, but I still like the look of two blue’s on top!

Are you participating in the 30×30 challenge? Link up here!

*any questions about the clothes I’m wearing? Click here for the details. 


  1. Anonymous says

    Will you do the 30X30 for Fall?? THis has really helped me trim down my extra clothes and get back to the classics/basics…THANKS

    • Anonymous says

      I agree ! The longer skirt visually appeared to make you grow at least an inch Kate. I also think by not tucking your shirt into the shorter skirt – it also lengthen your total look.

  2. says

    I’m sure this has been said 100x, but you do look great in bright colors. Have you looked at “Dress your truth” website? The course is free right now and I think you would love it. I’m a type 1 and am excited to start loving brights as I’ve been a grey and black person too.

  3. says

    Love all three….The pink and grey, the pop of blue in the necklace, and all that blue in the last oufit! You are giving this challenge a run for it’s money.

  4. says

    Very cute. Grey and pink are my fav.
    I give you props for taking the challenge. Don’t think
    I’ve got what it takes to even attempt this! Maybe one day.


  5. says

    I’ve been away with the kids on a church camp and have only just checked in – what a treat to be chosen as outfit of the week – thank you so much!! Knew those yellow shoes were a good buy! Xx

  6. says

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