The Pleated Poppy Giveaway

Today’s giveaway comes from The Pleated Poppy!

“hi friends!  i’m lindsey with the pleated poppy (shop and blog).  while my first love and priority is my husband and 3 kids, the pleated poppy keeps me pretty busy as well!  on my blog, i talk about anything from parties to home projects to “what i wore wednesdays”.  my shop is full of handmade accessories for every day – colorful, unique fabric combinations on all of my products, from flower pins to messenger bags to sunnies cases!”

You may remember the adorable zipper pouch from her in my purse post awhile back. It’s the perfect lip gloss/lipstick container. Instead of fishing around my bag for the color I want, I can just find it in the zipper pouch!

Here are some photos of the inside:

On top of this pouch, The Pleated Poppy has tons of great items in her shop!
Would you like to win a $50.00 shop credit to The Pleated Poppy?

Or, go ahead and shop now and enter discount code “Smallthingsblog” at checkout to get 15% off your entire order (now thru July 23rd, 2012)

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  1. says

    There are so many things that I love from that shop… I need a case for my new Coach glasses as I always just toss them in my bag! I love the “sunnies case – aqua dots” as it’s nice and colorful, so it would be easy to find!

  2. Erin S. says

    I love the bloom bag – hot pink dot 5. Great summer bag and large enough to throw a bottle and diaper & wipes in for an impromptu trip to the park with my two girls!

  3. says

    LOVE The Pleated Poppy. She has some adorable things. I have my eye on the iPad case – grey dot with lace and the petal drop necklace. She uses great patterns and fabrics!

  4. denise p says

    I already receive the newsletter and have bought a makeup bag and business card holder. I love them both and receive so many comments!

  5. Coree R says

    The tiny pouch-mix tape is adorable! I love the music them to that, and a few other pieces, she has! Super cute items!

  6. says

    I have never visited The Pleated Poppy until today and there are so many cute things! I love the messenger bags! Such great color combinations!

  7. Anonymous says

    I love the zipper pouch in the washi print……perfect to store all my odd and ends in my purse.


  8. says

    Little zipper bags always call my name. I love the green chevron pencil case and the zippered pouch with the navy blue dots.

  9. Jackie Rachev says

    I’m really digging the petal pushers. I could wear them in my hair, on my shoes, on my clothes….the possibilities are endless!

  10. Anonymous says

    Love the messenger bags and the little boys ties, may have to order one for our upcoming family photos!

    Faith B

  11. says

    Love Love Love Pleated Poppy! My bold green and Navy zippered pouch is perfect for carrying in the summer or to throw in my purse for all my quick to grab necessities! My eyes are now on a messenger bag but they seem to go so quick!

  12. says

    My favorite would have to be the sunnies case. I have had mine ever since I first read about Kate having them. They add flare to my purse and cute protection to my glasses!

  13. Megan P. says

    I love your cases for sunglasses!! In fact, I have one already but would love to add the zippered pouch to my purse!!

  14. Holly Lin says

    I love both the washi tape zippered pouch and wistlet clutch. I also thought the chubby button hair clips were so cute!!

  15. says

    I love the IPad cases! The Business one and all the professional ones would be great and I would feel wonderful about taking those out at a meeting. I like the messenger bags too! What a great site!

  16. says

    I absolutely love all of the patterns! I am in love with the chocolate damask and I know the zippered pouch would be the best item for me to use! obsessed.

  17. Melissa Mirarchi says

    I really like the the wristlet clutch in washi tape. Perfect when you don’t want to lug around a purse.

  18. says

    I love the Persimmon Flowers print…maybe in the sunnies case or the zippered pouch. Oh, but I’m also drooling over the Grey Dot w/Lace iPad case! Why must you make me choose?? :)

  19. says

    Love ALL of her products. Really crushing on the navy chevron messenger bag and the chocolate damask iPad case. Could live with a sunnies case, zippered pouch or a bloom belt too.

  20. says

    Love all of her messenger bags and have enjoyed following her blog for a long time and enjoying the home design and homeschool inspiration. What a busy, talented lady!

  21. Cristina says

    I love her pencil pouches (I ordered from her after seeing it on ur blog post)! I also love her messenger bags but I just wish she’d have multiples of each item on hand, like Gussy Sews, as it’s always hard to get an item before its “sold.”

  22. says

    Love the zippered pouches. I’d love the exact same one you have but she doesn’t seem to have it on her site so probably the navy polka dots bc it’s the least busy of the bunch.

  23. Abbi says

    If only Lindsey had a coral chevron pencil pouch! I like chevron a lot, but coral is my favorite color. I’d have to go with the chocolate brown chevron pencil pouch on this one!

  24. says

    I love the chevron print zippered pouch, but I couldn’t find it on her shop! So, my 2nd favorite product is the washi tape zippered pouch. I desperately need a pouch to keep up with all of my lip gloss, lip stains, & mascara. Thanks, Kate & Lindsey for the awesome giveaway.

  25. Kate says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I adore the bloom belt 88…it IS hard to pick a favorite. The boy ties are a very close second…darling!!

  26. says

    So many great items to choose from. I would probably to do pencil bag in brown chevron or the business iPad holder! Love them both!

    Thanks for you giveaway!

    Lindsay @

  27. Jessica says

    I love the posy pins and chubby button hair pins. They are so cute. The e-reader cases are very cute too! Love all her products!

  28. Anna M. says

    I love that pouch! I’ve been using something similar and it’s the perfect size for the essentials!

  29. says

    I’m in love with the chevron pencil pouches! So cute, I’d love one in all colors, but the yellow is most definitely my favorite :)

  30. says

    Side note- I have 12 nieces and nephews (On my husband’s side ALONE) and because he also has a sister named Sarah, I am called Aunt Ruffles. I Adore them, wear them all the time and I am about to die over the green chevron ruffled Sunnies sunglasses case from The Pleated Poppy! Totes Presh!!

  31. says

    Do I really have to narrow it down to just one thing? I really love the Fly a Kite pattern and would buy everything if I could justify the expense right now.

  32. says

    the set of three posy pins are my fav! however, if i had an iPad…the iPad case would be a instant purchase for myself :)

    -Rachel { A Dash of Southern }

  33. says

    You can’t go wrong with chevron so the pencil pouches are adorable and would be perfect for organizing my purse (aka the big, black hole) but the grey ruffle scarf is also pretty irresistible :)

  34. says

    The Pleated Poppy is one of my favorite daily reads. I love her WIWW posts, and she has the most beautifully decorated home! My favorite item in her shop right now is the Sweet Dots Sunnies Case.

  35. says

    I recently ordered one of her sunnies cases a few weeks back and I absolutely love it. I don’t have to worry about my sunnies getting scratched now and the case is so cute! I have a blue fetish, so anything blue of hers is on my wishlist! :)

  36. Rebecca says

    I fell in love with the messenger bag, the tissue holder, clutches. It’s pretty hard to decide on just one thing.

  37. says

    I really like the zippered pouch in chocolate damask or in the navy blue dots. I love using pouches like these to store in my bags, and it makes it easier to find things. These two patterns are cute too!

  38. Chelsea says

    I love the anchors away tiny pouch! I love a lot of things at the store but I need a new ouch something fierce!:)

  39. Anonymous says

    I really liked the washitape iPad case. I love all the different colors and patterns she uses! JoAnna

  40. says

    Since I’m in the market for a new make up bag to bring with me to work, I would have to go with the persimmon flower zippered pouch. But I love all her things so it’s a hard choice :)

  41. says

    I love the messenger bags, sunnie cases, zippered pouches, travel tissue cases…well pretty much everything! All the designs are so cheery that it’s hard not to smile every time you use one!

  42. says

    I LOVE the pleated poppy!! I have several pieces already, but I’ve had my eye on a messenger bag for some time now. Going back to grad school in the fall, it would be perfect!

  43. Anonymous says

    So cute! I like the wristlet clutch – turqouise damask!
    Amy Dillard asd42116 at yahoo dot com

  44. Kerri says

    I LOVE the chocolate brown messenger back with chevron and sash! It’s absolutely adorable and totally practical as well.

  45. says

    She has a lot of really cute stuff! I really like the chevron pencil cases… I know, I know, chevron’s so overrated, but I still love it! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. says

    I love the chocolate damask designs! Not sure if I could choose between the ipad cover, sunglass case, or zippered pouch. :) One of each, please! Julie E

  47. says

    I had never heard of pleated poppy before and it would probably be better on my wallet if I still hadn’t heard of. I LOVE just about everything. The fabrics are so fun and bright. The zippered pouches, pencil pouches and travel kleenex cases were my top picks. :)

  48. says

    I love The Pleated Poppy! I discovered her blog on your “What’s in my purse” series and have read it (and of course yours!) daily ever since! My favorite in her shop would probably be the messenger bags. So adorable and roomy! Thank you for the chance to win!

  49. says

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