High Five for Friday

Hey. It’s Friday.

My morning was going great, all 5 minutes of it, until I read the ending to The Dark Knight Rises from someone’s Facebook status.

Yeah, seriously. 
On the day of the release.

Anyway, I’m going to stop talking about it so maybe I can forget it between now and Sunday when I go see it.

There were five great things of the week too.

1. Whipped up with “pantry meal” on Sunday night–love it when I have enough food to make a meal without going to the grocery store. I also started meal planning for the first time in my life and it’s made a huge difference. I love it.
Oh and there was Rosemary Bread involved–yum. 

2. You know those weeks when you really can’t find anything you want to wear? And then you have those weeks when you can easily find something? I had one of the latter weeks. 

Top: J. Crew Outlet (similar), Cropped Pants: J. Crew Outlet (similar)

Top: Old Navy, Cropped Jeans: The Loft,  Necklace: c/o Very Jane, Sweater: Gap Outlet 
3. A particularly moving sermon on Sunday given by our campus pastor.

4. Homemade pizza with my sister, and chats about our new endeavor (we’ll fill you in soon).
pizza dough recipe here

5. Heading to the local flea market for the first time ever tomorrow! And SO looking forward to it! 

Hope you had a good week! Link up over at Lauren’s blog if you write a High Five for Friday post


  1. says

    that pizza looks AMAZING. i have been on a homemade pizza kick myself! i also attempt to meal plan (attempt is the key word) and i found this great print out to use that really helps me when i am planning my grocery shopping trips.


    also – just a FYI, the big baby consignment blow out sale is happening at the fair grounds tomorrow so things might be a little crazy at the flea market!

  2. says

    I hate movie spoilers!!! And on Facebook, for everyone to see? Oh! I just had to go see it at the midnight release so that I could avoid that nonsense! I enjoyed the movie last night, but this morning my thoughts and prayers are definitely with the people involved with the Colorado shooting last night. I can’t even imagine.
    On Sunday, I hope you enjoy it :)
    (Who am I kidding? You couldn’t not enjoy it!)

  3. says

    Meal planning is a GAME CHANGER! I have been doing it since I was single. It’s a great habit to get in to before life gets crazier and a family gets bigger and busier! And Pinterest has made it INFINITELY easier. I have planned 4 months of meals exclusively from Pinterest recipes. Try doing Meatless Mondays as well! Adding a “theme” for a day of the week makes the planning even easier. Been thinking about doing a blog post about meal planning. Maybe I will!!

  4. says

    If you’re going to the flea market at the fair grounds, bring the largest vehicle you can! Love that place…good deals/finds…i’m sure you will find a lot of goodies since you’re so creative!

  5. says

    I swear that it’s like every other week that outfits are just flowing easily and then the next week all you want to wear is gym shorts and a college t-shirt.

  6. says

    I love #3! That’s so true. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us. :)

    I picked up a bubble necklace in aqua at Goodwill a couple months ago – 3 bucks. I hesitated for a minute at the time and now I’m so happy I did!

  7. says

    The pizza look yummy. I need to try make pizza instead of ordering one. I just happens read one of your post “Health Nut”. That is exactly what i’ve been when I was in early 20’s. I am very picky eater and don’t eat much of veggie or fruit in past. My hubby growing up veggie and fruit and he has no problem eating them now. I couldn’t but now I can because I had to for my health. I find something I like. I wanted to let you know that there is great website called “Dashing Dish” have many healthy “Picky eater’ recipes. You might want check it out.

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    I hate it when people ruin the movie! i’m sticking away from facebook for fear!!! looks like you had a fantastic week. Good luck on your new project/endeavor…anything you and your sis do is rockin!!! Happy Friday!

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    I always want to meal plan but then get distracted and don’t do it. So I end up going to the grocery store every day, which I hate. I really like the meal plan pdf the above poster linked. May try to use that for next week. By the way, I love your blog. It’s awesome!!!

  10. says

    Meal planning for the week makes such a HUGE difference! Less time at the store and less wasting food! That pizza looks so delish and I can’t wait to hear about your new endeavor!

    If you get some time today, I’d love it if you’d check out my Fab Friday Beauty Tip! Happy Friday!


  11. Anonymous says

    Did you really not think to post that your morning wasn’t ruined by someone giving away the ending of the movie, but by the massacre that occured during it? Even if you hadn’t heard at the time you wrote this blog post you have had all day to go back and update it. Just a thought.

    • Katie says

      Uh yeah. There are 12 people who never lived to finish the movie and the worse thing that you mention is that it got a spoiler about the ending on Facebook? You don’t need to dedicate a whole post to the tragedy or anything, but talking so flippantly about how horrible it is to get a spoiler and make not a single mention of the tragedy was a little off-putting.

    • says

      Please understand that I wrote this post before ever hearing about those shootings. I, in no way, intended to overlook that horrific tragedy.

  12. says

    So quick to judge that Kate blew off the shootings. Not very nice people. As you can see throughout Kate’s blog she has always been very sweet and kind hearted.just think before you speak.

    • says

      I totally agree…just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Yes, it was very sad and I pray for the peoples family but life goes on. My grandmother died of lung cancer 3 years ago…it killed me inside but you have to move on. With all things hurtful in life, you can either dwell on it forever or move on. Sorry if that sounds hateful but its not at all. Shootings happen every minute of every day..if you’re going to be so rude about one..be that way about all of them. Until something like that happens to you personally, you won’t understand I guess.

  13. says

    Kate…if you see this…you need to follow me on instagram because I’m constantly mentioning you and telling people how awesome you are! :)

    Follow me baileybee86

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    Kate…if you see this…you need to follow me on instagram because I’m constantly mentioning you and telling people how awesome you are! :)

    Follow me baileybee86

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