Hair Q&A Video

We’re changing it up a bit this week and instead of a hair tutorial I’m going to answer a few hair questions.

I posted on the blogs’ Facebook page a few weeks ago asking you to leave any general hair questions in the comments, and thankfully a lot of you did–so I had plenty to choose from!

I tried to pick the most commonly asked questions that I get either from my clients, friends, or random strangers who find out I’m a hairstylist. 

Some of the topics covered are: blow dry temp & speed preference, home hair color, how often to wash your hair, how often to use a deep conditioner, etc.

But, while you are watching this video, keep in mind that unless I know you personally, your best source for personalized information about your hair is from your stylist. He or she would be a great resource for you to ask specific questions (ex. “should I get bangs?”). I’m offering general answers based on my experiences and opinions.

Also, in an effort to prevent this video from being excessively boring, I tried to pretend I was sitting across the table from a friend. So, pretend we’re friends sitting at Starbucks talking about hair stuff.  K? Thanks. 


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks Kate for doing this, great idea and helpfull! Look forward to more FAQ videos! And hey your so funny thanks for sharing the real you we don’t always get to see!

  2. says

    Loved the video. Would deff enjoy more of these:) I’m actually newly licensed into the cosmetology business. And I really learn a lot from watching your videos. I look forward to them each day.

  3. says

    Loved the video. Would deff enjoy more of these:) I’m actually newly licensed into the cosmetology business. And I really learn a lot from watching your videos. I look forward to them each day.

  4. says

    Thanks, that was really helpful! I love watching your tutorials and reading your blog!



  5. says

    Enjoyed it! And while watching I did come up with a question. 1) My hair has changed over to being more grey, course and sorta curly frizzy over the past year after I had my baby. I am only 31 and have to color every month. I feel like my hair is already dry enough so I try to skip washing and blow drying every other day. But when it air dries it’s sort like curly but more loose and frizzy. Any tips for a product or something I could put on the hair to make it more “leave home or work appropriate” over just looking like I was at the beach and am windblown?!

  6. says

    This video was awesome! I caught myself giggling a time or two :)

    One question I have is about conditioner. I have always been told (right or wrong) to only condition the ends of my hair. NEVER going near my crown because it will make it greasy apparently? What is your suggestion?

  7. says

    Loved the video! I always blow dry my hair on “high”! Yikes! Thanks for the update. I guess now that I think about it that would be damaging! I will never do that again! :)

  8. says

    I liked the sarcasm… Loved the video. I’ve been drying my hair on high heat for years!! Had NO clue that was bad. So glad you addressed that!

    Any recommendations on a deep conditioner?


  9. says

    Loved the video!! So helpful!

    Do you work with curly hair often? Do you have suggestions as far as how often to wash, blow dry, air dry, etc. I had a stylist tell me I should only be washing my hair once a week. Do the rules for washing hair apply to curly hair as well?

    Any advice is helpful! Thank you!

  10. Jen Christopher says

    I LOVE your lip color! What is it? I have similar coloring as you and I can’t find a red lip color to save my life. You found it!

  11. Anonymous says

    Loved the video thank you for all the tips I cant wait till the next set My question would be I see the comb you use in your video and I have checked Target and Ulta and I have yet to find it Could you point me in the rioght direction I use a pick and it doesnt seem to get the volume also I use Suave and with all the product I am using the Aquage and hairspray I still seem to have a lot of build up my stylist told me to use a clarifying shampoo any product recommendations?

  12. Anonymous says

    Loved this!!! Thanks so much and I totally understand about the at home hair color!! A friend of mine wanted a deep auburn and came out looking like the Wendy’s girl! Cost her lots more than she paid for the product to fix it!

  13. kristin says

    Great video! This was all super helpful; thanks for taking the time to film it. Also your hair and makeup look really great – I’m a little jealous!

  14. says

    Hahaha…you have friends that have competitions about how long they can go without washing their hair…hahaha…wonder who that could be?


    (ok…it’s a little about pride…but it’s more about laziness)

    • says

      Allyson, wanna race? My longest was 8 days but it is because my stylist did an awesome blow out and I knew I would never ever be able to replicate it.

      Normally it is…. every other day or every 3 or heck, every four. When I sweat!

      Next blogger meet up, we can compare. :-)

  15. says

    This was seriously great…I am going to go get myself some deep conditioner. You should definitely do more videos like this…I grabbed my morning cup of coffee and watched it and I feel like I got some girl talk in for the day which is great cause I am a stay-at-home mom and I NEED it! :)

  16. says

    This video was awesome, Kate! It was really informative and fun to watch! Thanks for taking the time to answer our most pressing hair questions! I’d love to see another video like this one!

  17. Amanda says

    yay – you answered my question! (the wet hair thing!) i was kinda expecting your answer but i was hysterical with the crickets!
    loved this video and would love if you could do this again!
    ps love your choice of intro and ending music!!

  18. Anonymous says

    Hey Kate! Love your blog and it has helped me do so many more things with my hair! I have curly hair I would love it if you could recommend products.. Also, when you say to you have to blow dry hair, do you think its okay to wear it naturally curly sometimes? Thanks!! Kait

    • Anonymous says

      I also have natually culy hair and like to let it air dry, but when I blow dry my hair, its somewhat straight but frizzy and I feel like it I’m damaging my hair. Do you also have this problem?

  19. says

    Hey Kate – loved the video,, I am 43 years old and have learned more about my hair and how to style it from your blog than I have my whole life. I usually just let my hair air dry before going to bed and then styling with curling iron or straightener in the mornings. Do you think thats a good idea? I also had a question about the deep conditioner.. I’ve never heard of doing this. Is this something that can be bought at Walmart, Target, etc or from a stylist? Thanks so much for doing the video. Cant wait to see the next one.

  20. says

    LOVED this! And it felt like we were chatting ha!
    Following your blog has completely changed my life (hair life that is)!
    Thanks for all you do for your followers!

  21. Briita says

    I’m curious how to find a stylist! I don’t have one stylist I go to. I try different places to find a good one. Maybe it would help to know how to pick out a “good” stylist! :) Also, is it worth spending the money on more expensive products? I usually just buy what’s on sale or suave professionals. I don’t use the same brand every time-does that matter? Thanks for all the help!!

    • Anonymous says

      I agree its REALLY Hard to find a “good” stylist! Especially in my situation where we just moved from another state due to my hubby’s job and I don’t know anyone or the area.

    • Jen says is super helpful when you have moved to a new place and don’t know where to go. It’s rated by city (obviously) and by the customers. So search by your city and take a look at the top rated ones and go from there. Start with a blowout and not a cut so you can get the feel of the person before making a major commitment.

  22. says

    What eye shadow do you use (color/brand). I love gray and wanted something that was not sparkly but more matte. Love love love your blog and tutorials. My hair especially loves you!

  23. Anonymous says

    Good video. I’m a hairdresser and agree with all your answers. But I must say, “I love that corner of the room you’re filming in.” Would you come help me decorate my home office, please?? 😉


  24. says

    I wish I could hear what you said in video. Im deaf and Im sure there’s other deaf people would love to hear what you said in video. I know it might take lot of your time if you will type text in your blog in the future what the video says because I enjoyed learned many thing about hair, beauty, fashion and lot more from your blog. Thank you for understanding!

  25. says

    Loved it! And I would love to see more like it. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for natural/organic hair products. I am trying to reduce the number of chemicals I put on myself (e.g., parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol) due to the findings that have come out about their links to cancer and effects on genes. But the “Organix” brand conditioner I tried works terribly, and leaves my hair a tangled mess almost every time, which is unfortunate because it smells amazing. These chemicals are in EVERYTHING (not just hair stuff, but cosmetics and body products as well) so I’m trying to minimize exposure as much as possible. Any suggestions on shampoos, conditioners, and styling products would be much appreciated!

  26. says

    Such a fun video! I would love to see you do a consult with a client, even if it’s your lovely sister! That way we could really know what a high-quality consult is and what we can expect from our stylists.

  27. Anonymous says

    Thanks for all the hair help! Loved the video. I need to start deep conditioning; any product suggestions that are not too expensive? Also, where did you buy your cute striped shirt? :) Thanks!

  28. J says

    What is the best shampoo/conditioner for oily and flaky hair? I use Head & Shoulders with conditioner, but I can’t run my fingers through my hair after the shower like you mentioned you should. If I try to get all of my hair sort of combed out while running my fingers through it while still in the shower, a large amount of hair always comes out (which is no surprise I lose hair all the time- brushing, washing, styling, etc) While my scalp is flaky (hence the Head & Shoulders) it is extremely oily so I can’t normally use too many products or run my fingers through my hair too much, have to wash every day, and so on.

  29. Anonymous says

    Awesome, helpful video. Please do more! And I MUST know what lipstick you are wearing. Gorgeous!!!!


  30. Anonymous says

    Awesome video – the funniest bit was the question about not having time to style your hair after you wash it

  31. says

    I loved the video. I would like to see more like these. I often start blow drying my hair on high for a few minutes, then move it to medium for the majority of the time. I thought the heat was drying it quicker. I’ll try just doing it on medium to low.

  32. says

    I liked it too! I didn’t know I shouldn’t dry my hair on the hot setting! I will stop that imediately! Also, thank you for putting it out there that it’s ok to wash your hair every day. I totally have those friends who try and go days and days between shampoos and it makes me feel like a loser for needing to shampoo more often! You are so cute and fun to listen to! I love your blog and my hair thanks you!

  33. says

    Thank you for saying it is ok to wash your hair every day! I do that anyway, but glad to hear you say that. Loved your sarcasm too lol. I’ll have to admit I have colored my hair using a box from Walmart a couple times and it was awful!! I believe I learned my lesson!
    Thanks for posting this video! Looking forward to more of them. By the way, I love the lipstick you are wearing.
    -Kristen @

  34. says

    I just learned SO much from this video! I always blow-dry my hair on hot! I just thought it dried my hair faster! Yikes! Thanks so much for this.

  35. Anonymous says

    I haven’t commented on here before but I have a HUGE respect for you and how in your profile you immediately say that you are a Christian, I knew then you were a good person and someone worth listening to! My and my husband’s families are Christians and it’s so nice to see other people in different states who are proud followers like us! However, sadly, we have become the minority in the U.S. so by you stating that in your blog and with people reading it daily (guilty) there is no telling how many people you have inspired by simply stating that you love the Lord. So thank you because we need more Christians in the world! ~Love sent from a sister in Christ

    P.s. I thoroughly enjoy your tutorials, you are so funny!

    • Anonymous says

      Funny you mention this, because I felt the sameway when I first started to follow her blog about 3 months ago!!!

  36. Anonymous says

    I really enjoyed the video! As a previous poster wrote, I feel like I got some girl time chatting with a friend! Your tips and tutorials are so helpful! Keep them coming!

  37. says

    I really love your blog. I live in NC too. I am hoping to go into hairstyling when I grow up. I am still finishing high school. Pretty much anything you post is wonderful.

  38. Caroline K says

    Great video and advice! I style my hair wet all the time. Is it bad for your hair to do this or is it just a personal preference that you don’t recommend styling your hair wet?

  39. says

    Loved the video…….. have to say that I’ve been coloring my hair at home for about 10 years (same as my natural color – just to cover gray). I’ve never had any problems. I cannot afford to go to a salon every 3 weeks (which is how often my gray roots become noticeable!) and never heard of anyone having any issues with home hair coloring.

    • Anonymous says

      I loved the video as well, but had the same thought about at home hair color. I agree that if you are going a completely different color going to a professional is probably a good idea, but I have been doing the at home color for years as well and have actually liked the results better than when I have given in to spend the money at a salon.

  40. says

    As a hairstylist, THANK YOU for touching on at home hair color. It is one of my goals in life to get people to understand how horrible it is! Nothing worse then a client coming in and you having to fix their box color!!!

    • says

      This is a serious question……… why is it so horrible? Again – see my post above. I’ve NEVER had to have my stylist fix my color and I’ve been home coloring over 10 years. My stylist actually has told me I do a great job on my hair!

  41. Anonymous says

    Hi :) i have a few questions for you. i have a loose perm and every time i go into a hair salon they always tell me im using the wrong shampoo. i use panteen usually. they always mention the parafin wax in it and all that lol. what im wondering is, does that really make a big difference? the reason i dont use the better shampoo is because i cant afford it. so if i should be using the better shampoo, what kind should i be using that is pretty inexpensive. my budget is about $5-8 per bottle. thanks :)

  42. says

    The video was great! It was very helpful! I’m not sure if this is even possible, but do you have any low budget recommendations for hair care?

  43. Ruth says

    Hi Kate, this video was amazing and I hope to see more soon! Also, do you use any homemade hair repair recipes? I just wanted to see if it works before I try it. And what deep conditioner do you recommend? Thanks!

  44. Anonymous says

    In regards to shampooing…I stopped in a JCPenny salon today looking for Anti-snap. The stylist then proceeded to tell me that if I had dry hair because of heat, coloring, etc., that the anti-snap would do much and that I shouldn’t shampoo every day. Funny because I tend to trust you. She said that I could shampoo/condition on a Friday and then just rinse for the rest of the weekend and my hair will feel amazing. My question is–is that true or crazy?! I can’t imagine getting through the tangles when it’s dry because it hasn’t been conditioned. She mentioned I could just use Moroccan Oil or a serum after the rinse before drying. I don’t know..sounds odd to me.

    • Anonymous says

      Oops..she said that the Anti-snap would NOT do much..and I’m better off just not shampooing/conditioning.

    • Anonymous says

      Be sure who you were speaking with was actually a hairstylist. JCPenney Salons employ front desk people that usually interact with walk-in customers and (in most cases) are not trained, professional hairstylists.

  45. says

    I really love this video. Most of the answers weren´t new to me but the best part about this video in my eyes is to watch YOU because here your character really shows trough. Your so funny and adorable! Keep on filming dear! I stay tuned!

  46. Anonymous says

    Great video and made me feel like I got to see more of your personality than is in your hair tutorials. :) Loved it! Keep ’em coming!

  47. Anonymous says

    Enjoyed the video! A general hair question for a future video, maybe…
    Do you recommend perms under any circumstances? I have never had one but am thinking of getting a loose/wavy one. (I have medium length hair.) Mistake? or possibly okay?

  48. says

    I really enjoyed this video! I have noticed that your hair has gotten longer since you first put up the curling your whole head tutorial. Would you be able to tell us how you curl your hair now that it is longer? Do you use a different size curling iron? I really like the way you curl your hair now an would love to know how you do it! Thanks

  49. Katie says

    Loved the video!!! Yes, this was very helpful and YES please do another one VERY SOON!!!! P.S. & BTW….Thanks for all the time you put into this blog it’s super helpfull!!!

  50. Anonymous says

    loved the video and i love your blog!!! very helpful and enjoy the different things that you have on it!!

  51. Amanda says

    Hey! I’m “ghostly pale” and I have chocolate brown hair! I don’t see anything wrong with that. :(

    • says

      I think it’s quite beautiful on a lot of women–it just doesn’t work on me. See my old drivers license photo from the post “”

    • Amanda says

      Okay :) There really wasnt any major offencetaken on my part – I just had to get a shout out to my pale brunette peeps. Love the blog – have taken many of your recommendations inclusing Sephoras wrinkle filler, Aquage uplifting foam and quote possibly the ultimate answer to my prayers: Mac Pro Longwear concealer.

  52. Anonymous says

    Firstly- I am with Amanda, I am “ghostly pale” with dark brown hair- almost black. I was born with this skin color and hair color. It’s call natural and its perfectly fine. You were a little offensive.
    Secondly- this FAQ was not informative at all. I felt like you picked questions with no true answers, offered no guidance, and then made fun of the askers. I wouldn’t recommend doing another FAQ video. I guess it doesn’t matter though, because I’m done following you.

    • Anonymous says

      Tell us how you really feel! I think it’s your comment that was offensive.

      I think she was merely saying as a natural blonde, the tones of her skin wouldn’t look good with brown/dark hair. Your tones are probably different. It must be hard to be so sensitive that you lash out at someone who is trying to help people in a fun way.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree, your criticism is a little much. I make fun of myself for being “ghostly pale” and having bags under my eyes that you could pack to go to France in. Life is hard enough without picking silly battles!

    • Ashley says

      Always going to have a negative reader. I’m pretty sure that she was referring to herself not looking good with chocolate brown hair…not every “ghostly pale” person. So rude..

      Kate- thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to help women with new hairstyles and everyday beauty tips! Some of us really appreciate what you do and look forward to reading your blog daily! I found this FAQ to be very helpful! :)

    • says

      I think chocolate brown hair on pale skin is beautiful, it just doesn’t work on me. I was referring to myself on the video-like I stated.

      Also, if you have specific questions with specific answers I recommend you ask your stylist. I mentioned this above the video. I can’t be really specific since I am not working with anyones hair and I’m speaking to a large and broad audience.

      Lastly, I try not to take myself too seriously, and made the video very light and casual. If you are looking for serious, straight forward and “fact-only” information, I recommend you speak to your stylist.

    • says

      Kate don’t even dignify any negative posters with the courtesty of a response- same goes for all the positive people that follow you as well! They are looking for a reaction and if they don’t get one I GUARANTEE they won’t return. Keep up the great work!

  53. Britni says

    I loved the FAQ time :)

    I do have a question for you- what do you know/have heard about the hair care line wen?

  54. Kelly says

    Loved it. Those that thought it was “offensive,” needs to watch it again. You were clearly referring to yourself that chocolate brown hair wouldn’t look good with YOUR skin complexion.. Anyway, awesome video…and your advice rocks as always. :)

  55. says

    wow that last person that commented anonymously was not very nice. if you’re going to be like that, at least claim your negativeness to be polite. sheesh!

    i loved your tutorial. i think you should keep doing them — it was nice to have your professional opinion because sometimes i feel like stylists just say things to get us back into the salons — which isn’t the case apparently. :-] thanks for sharing!

  56. Anonymous says

    I am ghostly pale with brown hair (with highlights), and born this way. I was not at all offended by this and loved this video. She was talking about herself and how she would feel. I would definitely love to see more FAQ videos. Kate, I always love all your posts!

  57. Cassy says

    I loved it! I didn’t think I’d get much out of it but I actually really did. It was fantastic and such a great idea. And I think your humour was obvious and great and I loved that you added your personality into it because I think you’re absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the time you take to do these blogs and tuturials you have literally saved my hair rut 1 million times over!!

  58. says

    I have brown hair/pale skin too! yay :) I liked your video Kate! A lot of the questions you answered were ones I’ve been meaning to ask my stylist too! Thanks for using your time to help us!!

  59. says

    Very helpful – I especially appreciated the advice not to use super hot on my blowdryer. Will have to remember that for next time.

    *Future question for a video: If you had to choose which items to buy the more expensive salon brands and which items you can find less expensive, what would they be? i.e. If you could only afford to buy salon quality on either the shampoo/conditioner OR the styling products, what do you think is more important to spend the extra money on?

  60. Tarrah says

    I thought this was a great Q&A. Hope you will do this again. I would like your take on Keratin treatments and curly hair. I’ll keep a watch for the next time you open up for some new questions. Thanks!

  61. Anonymous says

    Love your blog and read it every day, but how odd to hear your comments regarding how often to wash your hair?! I can smell an oily non-washed head of hair from 20 paces and it’s revolting. I can’t imagine anyone taking pride in going for as long as possible without washing….yuk! Do they skip brushing teeth too?

    • says

      Lots of people don’t produce enough oil to require washing daily, and their hair still looks and feels clean. Some people, however, need to wash daily.

      It’s not a cleanliness issue, its a personal decision based on your natural oil production on your scalp.

      It’s quite good to go a few days between, however it isn’t for everyone.

  62. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate, love the video and the way you explain about what happens when you use your nails while washing your hair. I went from washing every day to washing every three, and after that really bad transition period where my scalp was still producing too much oil, it’s now working great. Healthy hair, happy hair. Anyway, could you show us some hair styles (video tutorials) for different kinds of hair — and maybe some that don’t rely on volume? I know a lot of girls (me included) whose hair just doesn’t hold a curl… and we need cute styles too. Maybe get some of your friends to sit as models — friends with different types of hair, and different aesthetics? Would love to see a variety of hair types and styles. Pouffy/feminine, modern/slick, “mom hair” rescue, black, asian…. variety! I’m hoping for anything appropriate for hair that gets flatter as more product hits it. Thanks! Love your blog, and really appreciate all your help in making me more girly. My hair has never looked better. :)

  63. says

    This video is so great!

    makes me want to grab coffee or froyo or Chipotle with you even more!

    One of these days I am going to bump in to you in Target. Not sure we can avoid it.


  64. Anonymous says

    lol…u r too funny!!! loved the video. i learned some things and i was entertained at the same time.

  65. says

    Wonderful video! I really enjoyed getting to see a bit more of your personality and found your answers to be informative and, at times, *quite* hilarious. I definitely like the idea of more FAQ vids. Thank you for all the tips!

  66. Anonymous says

    Really liked the video and learned some new things. I have two questions–Where do I buy deep conditioners? Is that something I can buy at a drug store, or do I need to purchase from a stylist?
    Also, what is your opinion of sulfate free shampoos and products like Wen?
    Thanks so much!

  67. says

    loved loved this!
    Can you recommend a great deep conditioner????

    Also, ihave red hair, and i like to get it highlighted to get rid of the grey sneaking in, i always find stylist want to do my hair a brassy yellow, it drives me NUTS.. why is this???

  68. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate, thanks for sharing. Very informative. Although, I feel ashamed that I am one of those people who lets my hair air dry after washing it. What can I say, I’m a mom of two young boys and don’t always have the time :( I really wanted to ask you if you ever go to bed with wet hair? I like to shower at night, but when I wake up in the morning, my hair is a kinky mess! Do you have any advice? Thank you so much. Love your blog!

  69. says

    I LOVED this video, thanks Kate!! I have a question that I’d like to see answered: What is your favorite curling iron? Does ceramic matter or not?

  70. says

    Love your blog, Kate! I thought this video was so fun. I am a hairstylist as well and I just love getting new ideas from you! One thing I have recommended to clients(in reference to the “how do I make my hair grow faster?” question) is to consider trying Hair, Skin, and Nails from Costco! I started using them and they have really helped me. They have also been awesome for my nails, since I am washing hair all day they tend to get soft. Anyway, it’s probably not the answer for everyone but if it makes your hair healthier than that’s one step in the right direction right? Can’t wait for the next FAQ, and thanks for being an inspiration to us all!:)

  71. Anonymous says

    Great video! I missed your initial post about answering questions, boo!! If you ever do this again, I would like to know how to make my very fine, very thin, color treated hair look thick and voluminous?

  72. says

    Hi Kate! I’d love to see a video that addresses the issues we “curly girls” go through and how to have beautiful smooth curls and get the ultimate blow out so we can use your cute styles. I know you have straight hair, but maybe you could bring a curly girl with you :) I love your videos and they have inspired me to grow my hair out. But this week in Oklahoma is 110-115 degrees and I think its going bye bye!

  73. Anonymous says

    Loved this video….please do more. How about addressing the problem us curly haired girls go through to straighten our hair every morning. The right products to use and techniques with the hair straightner.

  74. says

    Hi Kate! The video was fab and would love to see more! Very helpful and as usual I got lots of tips. I also wash my hair every day, blow dry and then straighten as I have not found a great dry shampoo yet that works for my hair!!
    Look forward to more great advice, fun and humour – plus a glimpse into your lovely decorated office! :)

  75. Jackie Elander says

    Loved your video Kate! I love your sense of humour! definitly some great tips in there :)
    please keep posting for us! and for those who were “offended”…lol get over yourselves! Kate does this out of the goodness of her heart and if you dont like it, you dont have to watch her!

  76. says

    Hi Kate,
    Fun video and a nice change of pace but I am a sucker for your tutorials. They are great for second day hair. My hair is on the curly/wavy side so your artfully messy up-do’ and pony tails are a great. One question I wouldn’t mind getting your opinion on is sulfate free shampoo’s. I do use WEN and while I like it I wonder if spending the $$ is worth it? I do it primarily to preserve the color and hightlights I get. What if I have hard or soft water? Doesn’t that affect my hair more than shampoo or conditioner? If I didn’t use WEN then I would use a shampoo and conditioner that was made specifically for color treated hair. Thanks for your thoughts.

  77. Anonymous says

    Loved the video!!! Love getting ideas from you! I loved your lip and nail color too, thanks for sharing colors/brands!!!! you are beautiful! By the way I naturally have dark hair and am really pale, I either look sick or gothic,(notice I am speaking of myself, not all people!) so I prefer to be blonde! Man people should really lighten up! 😉

  78. says

    I think this is the best video ever. Seriously. You are so funny, and this was really helpful! I promise to quit drying my ridiculously thick hair with HOT air.

  79. Anonymous says

    Love your blog and loved the video! Any chance you could share the brand of the blue and white striped top you are wearing in the video? I a love stripes and I love blue and white together, so I pretty much love the top! It looks great with the nail and lip colour you are wearing.

  80. says

    Loved it. I wanna know where you get your Redken products. Target doesn’t have much to offer and Sally’s only carries their brand and many off brands.

    I am especially interested in the Redken Quick Tease. I have bought some of your Redken product recommendations on Amazon, yet would like to find places that sell them locally.


  81. Anonymous says

    Love your blog! and the FAQ vid is great! Looking forward to more please:) Love to see more about any new products you’re using. Thank you so much for your blog and tutorials. I know that you are helping to lift the self esteem and confidence of many women(including myself), so for that God bless you and keep up the great work!

  82. says

    I’m pretty sure you’re blog is the only reason I actually get up and do my hair in the morning! You’re so talented so please keep on posting!

  83. says

    I love your blog and I loved this video! I have a question… What are you suggestions for picking a salon and hairstylist? I’m new to my area and I have yet to find a hairstylist I like. Also, what about trying a different stylist at the same salon. I found a salon I really like, but I’m not crazy about the stylist I used, how do I go about trying someone else at the salon? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings! Thanks!

  84. Stephanie D. says

    There actually is a way to do a quick fix for wet hair. Now, I have naturally wavy hair so that may be why it works for me. What I do is divide my hair into about 4 or 5 sections of wet hair and twist them from root to tip and secure with some type of small clip on the ends. Will look a lot like you have dreadlocks so you might get some interesting looks. Once it’s dry, just run your fingers through it and you will have very soft waves that are very similar to some of your loose curls tutorials. I found this technique on pinterest so I can’t take total credit for it. It’s also a great way to do hair on hot days so that you don’t have to bother with hot appliances.

  85. Erica says

    Loved this video!!! I am new to your blog and my daughter & I are hooked! We are having so much fun watching your tutorials & trying the hair styles out on each other. Thank you!!!

  86. says

    Finally watched this. Great video! I’d suggest maybe a “Question of the Week” (or two), just so I don’t have to commit to a 14-min video :)

  87. Anonymous says

    About coloring at home…. Is the color from Sally’s Beauty supply the same, better, or worse than the diy color from Target/drugstores? Also, in comparison to salon color how does this color match up? Specifically The Wella brand. Thanks. H

  88. says

    I liked it, I always appreciate your advice. I am actually going to talk pictures of you to my stylist next week to cut the front of my hair like yours.

  89. Lyndsay says

    Hey Kate, I really liked this video and I love your sarcasm haha. I just wanted to say, you really think that hair that hasn’t been styled can’t look good? I’m talking about naturally curly, or wavy haired girls. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I can get away with it looking great by just throwing some curl cream on it and at least blow drying the top portion to give some volume. I don’t like the way curled hair looks on me, because it’s way too thick haha. That’s just me though, nice video. :]

  90. Anonymous says

    Kate- LOVE your hair videos and blog! I have learned alot from you. Do you have any recomendations for a good shampoo and conditioner for blonde, color treated,dry,straight,fine hair? Also, as I get older(44) I have found that my hair is not as shiney as it used to be. Any recomendations?

  91. Anonymous says

    I realize I’m late to this video, just watched it and loved it! Very informative.
    I have a crazy question….if you don’t wash your hair everyday what should you do in the shower, try to keep it dry (pony/shower cap) or just rinse it with water?
    Can’t wait to hear what you should spend your money on if you are on a limited budget (shampoo/product) and see more videos.
    Great job!

  92. Jessica M. says

    This was great and thank you for telling it like it is on styling wet hair and home hair color. I am hair challenged and value an honest opinion. Thanks for doing the FAQs!

  93. says

    loved your video, very helpful! I have a lot of breakage and no one has ever said don’t use high heat on your blow dryer, I’ll give that a try along with some deep conditioners. thanks

  94. says

    I finally had a chance to watch this one. LOVED IT!!! Thanks very much, Kate! I was actually on the fence about trying something with at-home color. Just booked an appointment with my stylist; you’ve saved my hair, I’m sure.

    I’m ghostly pale w/dark hair and wasn’t offended one bit! Who would be offended by that?? I’d look like crap w/blonde hair, please don’t hate me. haha!


  95. says

    I was washing my 5 year old daughter’s hair tonight when she said, “Careful, Mommy, Kate said not to wash out all the conditioner!” I asked, “Kate who?” “The Kate who lives in your computer and tells you how to do your hair!” :-) Thanks for your tutorials…they’re helping all of the girls in my house apparently!

  96. Stephanie says

    Kate, thank you so much for all the info and great tips. I just found you on pintrest and you have helped me with hair so much. By chance do you want to move to Michigan to be my hair stylist? Lol.

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