The Fancy Ponytail

I stumbled across this photo of the beautiful Julianne Hough on Pinterest. 

She’s got great hair. I have serious hair envy.

I wanted to show you all how to achieve a dressed up ponytail. It’s a sleek and polished look, without being too fussy or complicated.

The products mentioned in this video are:
Goody brand elastics
Diane brand bobby pins (professional) 

* I get a little bit chatty throughout this video. I also just assume you’ll laugh at my jokes. It’s hard to joke with a tripod.


  1. says

    LOVE this, and thank you! I’ve had this exact picture of Julianne saved on Pinterest for quite awhile but I always have problems. I think maybe I just don’t tease and lift enough but I’ll try your way using some dry shampoo or texturizer.

    • Anonymous says

      I always have that problem too! I get the teased part all perfect and then when I put the ponytail in, it pulls the teased part down and becomes just a regular ponytail. Still haven’t figured out how to make it stay…perky, for lack of a better word!

    • Anonymous says

      I get mine to stay perked up by pinning the sections of hair hidden direcly below the ponytail holder TIGHTLY with bobby pins. The pins keep the pony from sliding down during the day ~ like a charm! :)

  2. says

    Kate, you are awesome! I tried this with my hair last week off of a pic I have on Pinterest of Emily Stone…did not turn out as well as I had hoped. Your tutorial will definitely help. I need to tease more! Thanks!

  3. says

    Thanks to your blog and video tutorials I have been able to move away from always having my hair in the same three very basic styles, down, up or half up. Thank you!! :)

  4. Lizzy says

    Great pony tail! Especially for this heat in the south.I also love your blouse where did you get it??

  5. says

    omg can’t wait to try this. it’ll be my fourth tutorial to put to use within a week. thanks for all the tips. you’ve helped me break my slump of straight boring hair and its amazing how beautiful i’ve felt each day but just doing a little something different. thanks again :)

  6. Anonymous says

    Pony tail is very pretty!!!…could we see your hair straight at this new length??(please!!!) We havent seen it real.straight since the grown out bob and you have come along way frm that

  7. says

    Yay! I’ve always wanted to know how to do this style. Thank you! “Glistening (read: sweating like some sort of farm animal)” is a problem where I live, so I’ll be sure to give this a shot. Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  8. says

    Really love your tutorials. You give me hope I can do something nice with my hair! (it’s the same texture as yours, I just don’t know what to do with it!). Do you do videos on how you do your makeup?? I have the same skin tone/eye color as you as well and would really love to see how to get your look.

  9. Patty says

    Random question, but were you by any chance at Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL today? Thought I saw you at the J. Crew outlet…but wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything! LOL

    • Anonymous says

      I love that picture, too! Kate, can you tell us where you got it? I have the perfect place in my house for it. :) Love this tutorial! My ponytails always end up more drab than fab. I’ll give this a try. Looks so cute on you! 😉

  10. Kristin says

    Adore! Can you please show us how to open a bobby pin with one hand? I look like a crazy person trying to bite mine open and then it springs close as soon as I have it to my head. I hope I’m not the only one who hasn’t figured this out. LOL

    • Anonymous says

      She mentioned that in the video – you take a strand of hair from the bottom portion of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, then secure it with a bobby pin.

  11. says

    I cannot tease my hair! My hair is very thin, fine and soft. I have tried putting all kinds of product in it and it just seems to fall right out. Any tips?

    • says

      Ulta sells a little teasing brush (and a comb)–it works really well. Also like she recommends, smooth with hands and don’t brush it out. The Kenra Volume 25 hairspray is great too.

  12. says

    I was hesitant to try the Kenra Volume 25 hairspray. I liked my hairspray and I had tried Kenra gloss and didn’t care for it. I had my Ulta 20% coupon last week so I broke down and tried it. IT IS AMAZING!! I have very fine hair and it made it look so much fuller without making my hair stiff or anything. Thanks so much!

  13. says

    ok so I tried this today!!! It was amazing! I was in the HOT HOT Chicago weather all day doing wedding errands with my bestie and My hair looked amazing ALL DAY. Loved it =) Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. says

    I just want to say how much I love your Southern girl charm! You have adapted to NC life very well if you know that Southern women do not sweat – we glisten:-) Your tutorials are informative and easy to follow. I’m a teacher with a 9 month old, so time comes at a premium in the mornings around here. I love that I can rely on you to show me something quick, easy, and pretty even in our extreme humidity. Thank you so much for all you do!

  15. Anonymous says

    Great hair tutorial!! Love your earrings! Where are they from? I can only wear studs and would love a pair like yours!!

  16. becky says

    wow! I can’t believe how cooperative your hair is!! Maybe I need to start coloring mine because it just laughs at me when I try teasing it…I have TONS of medium texture hair. I just laughed out loud when I saw in your Emily curls tutorial how much hair fit in your iron. It takes me 4 big sections to do the parted (less hair) side of my head. I wonder why I even bother because if I don’t pin the curls, they just fall right out, even with mousse.

    Your hair is so cute though. I wish I could make mine cute like that…there’s just too much.

  17. says

    Hi Kate!

    Julianne has nothing on you… your hair is beautiful and you are just adorable! Thanks for this great tutorial.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

  18. Jennifer Smith says

    Loved the tutorial. My hair is just like yours so I really enjoy your blog. I would like to know how you do the fancy ponytail with extensions. Do a tutorial on that…..Thanks

  19. says

    I love this style!! I have tried this several times and my teasing goes flat and my ponytail ALWAYS slides down.. do you have any advice to get it to stay put? I live in Texas with 100 degree summers and I have a lot of fine hair :/

  20. Anonymous says

    I’ve been trying to do a teased pony tail for ages, this video explains how i can achieve it better than ANYTHING ive seen? THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  21. Marsha says

    I wear a casual, plain, ponytail most days. Partially because I work in daycare and have babies pulling on my hair all the time when it’s down, and partially, because it is quick and easy to do in the early morning and I’m not one to spend much time doing my hair. Anyways, I have a terribly low (and wide) neck line, so no matter what, there is always that ugly hair that hangs down under the pony. I’ve tried barrettes and bobby pins to hold it up, but after awhile, the hair falls down. When I asked about shaving along the neck, the stylist told me it would be better to let it grow out and just pin it up… well, I already told you what happens when I try that. Do you have any suggestions to help make it look less scary when I wear ponytails?
    P.S. I’ve watched several of your hair tutorials and hope to make use of your many tips! :)

  22. says

    I love this! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on a Christmas hair? Maybe a pony tail with something elegent on the side and a red bow instead of a pony tail?:)

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