30×30, Week Seven

This week I mainly focused on jeans. Jeans are my go-to for an easy outfit year round. I work inside, so while it’s hot getting to my car, I typically freeze to death in my studio so wearing jeans and layers saves my fingers from turning blue. 

I mixed some different colored sweaters with tops that I wouldn’t normally wear. I would naturally gravitate to a grey sweater for both the polka dot and striped top, but I wanted to add some color into the outfit!

My sister was taking these photos, and also instructing me on how to add a belt to an outfit like this. I agree that the belted version is more interesting than the photo above, but since it isn’t in my 30 items, I couldn’t officially put it as an outfit photo! 

You may notice I showed 4 outfits. This was to make up for a few weeks ago when I only showed 2 outfits. 
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Click here to read the original post! You can also find links to the clothes I’m wearing in this post. 


  1. says

    I like the teal sweater with the navy polkadotted shirt and jeans. I have a very similar top and I usually wear with a gray cardigan. I might have to try it a teal one tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    I love the polka dot & stripe tops. I rarely purchase patterns (because I’m a neutral lady), so it’d be nice for me to step out of the box. I could definitely see myself wearing these.


  3. Aja says

    love all of the outfits, especially the polka dot with teal cardigan. I sense shopping in my future..:)

  4. says

    I know the post is about the outfits but I can’t get over that garland. I loved it when you did the little DIY when you first made it, but seeing it in action on your wall like that, I am quite taken. I may just have to make one now!

  5. Anonymous says

    So cute! Can I just add that the striped top is so flattering on you! If you don’t mind me asking what type of cuts do you usually go for?

  6. says

    I have read this post backwards and forwards and don’t see where you posted where you got your clothes. Especially your jeans. Please help!


  7. says

    The second outfit is my favorite and I actually love it without the belt better! Belted is nice, but I was thinking when I saw the initial photo that it might be my favorite thing I’ve seen so far with your challenge. Have a great rest of the week!

  8. says

    This is my favorite week too!! Jeans and cardis are just so…easy!! I could wear them every.single.day! Well, almost. 😉 Thanks for the teal tip…needed another color. Hee hee. Also, thanks for teaching me to think color before “naturally gravitating” to greys, blacks and whites. (LOL on cat tail alert!)

  9. says

    Love these looks! Just so you know, the original point to Kendi’s 30 for 30 was that you could use 30 items that did not include accessories (so jewelry and scarves and the like were not part of the 30 pieces). Shoes and actual garments were part of it. You weren’t allowed to shop during the 30 days and add things (even accessories unless they were gifted like during a birthday or holiday, etc.) but you could use them to change up similar outfits with a different look. So under those rules, you could use the belt without a problem. :)
    Been loving the outfits you’ve been putting together!

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