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I know I know, I still haven’t shared photo’s of my office. It’s still sort of coming together. I’m hoping to have it finished by this weekend so I can take you through and show all the details.

One of those details, however, I wanted to go ahead and show you now. Michelle, the artist behind Diesel + Juice*, has another business as well. Her website,, is full of modern and creative wall decals

I love decals because they easily add something to a room with zero commitment. They come off cleanly and go on simply. If you order from, they’ll even send you a little plastic tool to smooth out the decal before you peel the paper off. Couldn’t be more simple.

I got this sunburst decal to sit right above my Ikea rack. It comes in a variety of sizes too, but the size I chose is 24×24. 

Check out I’m sure you’ll find a decal that will fit the style of your home!
Be sure to “like” Wallums on Facebook to see the latest designs!

Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to Wallums? Use the giveaway tool below to enter!

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Or if you just can’t wait to shop, go ahead and use the code “small things” to get 15% off right now. 


  1. says

    My favorite decal is the Peacock Feather Triptych decal! I am currently obsessed with all things Peacock and this would TOTALLY tie my bedroom together!!!!!! Thanks for telling us about this site, I can’t wait to go shopping! :-)

  2. Lindsay says

    I like the headboards… what a great idea! I like the idea of spending only $40 while I find a real headboard I like for a good price… that may take awhile!

    • says

      Oh Wait! I forgot to tell you which was my favorite from the Wallums website! Silly Me!
      I really like the Fork, Knife, and Spoon. That would look really cute in the hall between my breakfast nook and my kitchen.

  3. says

    LOVE the decals! It adds a little something to what could easily be considered a bland wall! I also LOVE the “odds and ends” box you have too! Can’t wait to see more pictures!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Love the Prescott headboard decal. Would be nice for my young daughter who is just starting out…has no headboard yet.

  5. Anonymous says

    In love with the nursey wall decals. In the middle of decorating our first nursey and a wall decal would be a great idea! -Katie S

  6. says

    I love the headboards! I currently don’t have one because I just couldn’t make up my mind as to which style to go with. I love that they peel right off since I tend to change my mind as often as the wind blows :)

  7. says

    I love all of these but the headboard is just great. I’ve lived in my house for a year now and cannot make up my mind about my headboard. These would be great since they just peel right off and are inexpensive enough for me to switch it out when I need a change

  8. says

    Since my hubby and I don’t have a headboard I think one of those would be great. But I also like some of the inspirational quotes….and the starburst one…..and the set of wall frame decals…Ok, so its kinda hard to chose.

  9. Anonymous says

    …too many to pick from! I have a couple of fav’s – Mustache Cupcakes (super cute) and Deluxe Modern Lanterns.
    ~Angie H

  10. says

    I love the headboards! We don’t have one and I’ve been wanting one, but it’s just not in the budget. One of these could be though!

  11. says

    I love love love the headboard!!! I just got a new mattress set and need a headboard al I may just get it! The gift card would sure help!!!

  12. arplockhart says

    I loooooove the “This is the day the Lord has made…” decal! It would be perfect for my office!!!

  13. says

    I love the branch decals! I’ve been looking at them for awhile now but haven’t made the leap. Would love a decal to put in my spare bedroom.

  14. Jessica says

    I love the jungle vines, all the whimsical decals especially the skinny leafy decal, the alphabet decals and my SIL is doing her bedroom in exotic birds and the peacock decal would look really cool in there.

  15. says

    They are all my favorite but if I must pick one it would be the Keep Calm and Sew on one. I seriously need to remember this when I am sewing.

  16. says

    My favourite is definitely the chevron stripes!!! I’m obsessed with chevron at the moment! Oh the things I could do with those right now…I would love to deck out the back of my pantry – paint + chevron decals = happy happy pantry :)

  17. says

    Do I have to choose only 1? I like the entire Nautical collection, but Deluxemodern Studio Frame Wall Decal Set would look amazing in my art studio – on my hot pink wall!!

  18. Angela Myers says

    Oh my, what don’t I like? I love the grap vine and the bare whimsical tree. I feel an addiction coming on! Ha

  19. Kara says

    Wow…I love so many of them and have definitely found a new favorite place to shop! I tried my best to pick my favorite one, but could not narrow it down between the Poppy Flower decal and the Birch Tree Trunk decal.

  20. says

    i really like the bird house with swallows! i would put it up in my toddler’s room. one of his favorite things to do is sit and watch the birds at our bird feeder!

  21. says

    I absolutely adore the one where it says the wedding date! I am getting married next year and I am definitely considering getting a few to decorate my bridal shower(s) and keep one just for the wall at home after the wedding :)

  22. says

    Goodness! My head’s gonna explode picking just one!! But for me I would really love the Hamlet quote, “to sleep, perchance to dream”.

  23. Anonymous says

    Definitely the dining cutlery silhouette! I’ve wanted this for my dining room wall for years!

  24. Erin S. says

    I love the Jumping Sheep & Stars Nursery Wall decal. My daughters nursery is done in sheep and it’s EXTREMELY hard to find decor that fits the theme that isn’t blue, brown, etc.

  25. Jess says

    I love the sunburst and the sunburst with circles! I actually love everything in the store and that you can order whatever color you like!! Great!

  26. says

    I just went to Wallums blog, love it all and already wanting to order a headboard for my daughter! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  27. Jennifer Nuss says

    I loved the home sweet home or the other be it ever so humble home sign. There are so many to choose from!! :)

  28. Anonymous says

    Too hard to choose a favorite, they are all AMAZING!!! But I think one that really caught my attention was the “Be YOU tiful”

  29. says

    Thanks Kate,
    I have just lost an hour of my day…haha…..
    I love the whimsical trees, scriptural quotes, dandelions, poppies….
    You get the idea :)

  30. Paige B. says

    Those decals are amazing! I’ve always seen the ones at Target and dismissed them — you know, the cheesy ones that give inspiring quotes. But these are adorable. My favorites are the birdcages, peacock feather and bird house with swallows. (Can you tell I like birds?)

  31. Anonymous says

    I love the Laundry room decals! That’s the next room in my house that I hope to “spiff up” :-)

  32. says

    Super cute stuff and very different than most decals I’ve seen! I really like the organic trees and flowers, but I think I like the “Wine is poetry” quote the best!

  33. Adrian says

    Pretty much loving EVERYTHING in the nursery & kids room section, but if I had to choose my favorite.. I would go with the “fairy wishes” its just tooo cute!

  34. says

    I can’t chose one favorite because there are 3 that would be perfect for the wall I have in mind. Tropical leaves, cherry blossoms and swallows flying. Beautiful!!

  35. says

    I love all of the decals..the sunburst one you have is really cute! Other than that I love the Keep Calm and Carry On one!

  36. AmbiaC says

    Love using these in my decorating. So versatile and changable! Really like the “Flowers and Vases”

  37. Kristyn says

    So many great options to choose from! My favorite has to be the Newfield Iron Headboard Wall Decal. This could be a dangerous new addiction!

  38. Tifanie Cole says

    I LOVE the “Windy Tree” decal! I would like to put this in my sons bathroom and put 3 brown hooks on the branches to hang towels! :)

  39. says

    There’s just so many to love! The kitchen and laundry room ones are great, and all the quote! I especially like the house rules one!

  40. says

    Wallums is new to me and they have a lot of different designs that I haven’t seen before. I like wall decals because it can freshen up a room without being permanent. I use them in my classroom to cover pain damage on the wall. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win.

  41. Cassandra Imms says

    I ‘moustache’ you a question HAS to be my favourite!!! it’s awesome, it would make me smile every day :)

  42. Michea says

    I love that you can get it customized–I’d have to go that route in either the Windsong or Scrpitina font.

  43. Kara C says

    I work at a school where an owl is the mascot so I really like the owl on the branch. Would be super cute in my room :)

  44. says

    I love the one that says, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” It’s under inspirational quotes. The sunburst you have on your wall is cute, too!

  45. Michelle page says

    I love the one that says, “I know God will never give me more than I can handle, I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and expecting baby #2 and I have to remember when I’m overwhelmed that He will never give me more than I can handle!

  46. Anonymous says

    so many awesome ones i could never pick just one! I’d have to say the most creative ones though were the ones that looked like headboards! how cool!

  47. says

    I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start my own blog. I have been following your blog for about 6 months now and I LOVE everything you do! I just started mine on Monday and feel so proud of myself! I’d love for you to check it out and give me any feedback if you have any free time at all. I’d also like to maybe link up with you for High Five for Fridays!!!

  48. Elee says

    I love these, so great for rentals when you aren’ allowed to paint….I think the chevron stripes might soon find a place in my house!!

  49. says

    OMG I would definitely buy the chevron stripes, probably in brown or grey and do them on the entire wall behind my bed!! That’s exactly the look I have been wanting so glad I found their site :)) Thanks Kate and Wallums!!

  50. says

    I loved everything!! But, my favorite was Chevron Stripes Style 3 Wall Art Decal – very modern and could add a little flavor to any room!

  51. says

    Thank you for sharing this website and offering a giveaway! My favorites are “Grace–the definition” and the House Rules!! I love a good quote and both express my life!

  52. Lana says

    I love the jumping sheep & stars decal – our little girl’s nursery is done in the lambie collection from PBK, so those would look absolutely adorable over her crib!! :)

  53. says

    i love the headboards! We want to get a bigger bed someday and I don’t want to invest in a headboard before then. This is a perfect solution!

  54. says

    I love the peacock feather decal! We just moved into base housing and can’t paint, this would be perfect to add some color in my bathroom! Thanks for the code, I am off to look for something cute to add to my son’s playroom!

  55. says

    I just moved and have two concrete walls in my apartment! I’m at a loss for what to do with them and this is the perfect solution! I honestly think I would pick the same one you did but I do love me some chevron too!

  56. says

    I love lots of them but would love to put the baby and mama elephant in my daughter’s room! Of course the boys will be jealous so I’ll have to find one for them too! 😉

  57. says

    I’ve never heard of this website before. I love it! It’s exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to wall decals. I like the Swallow Birds decal and I would get them in yellow. I recently painted my bedroom a soft gray (Cavern by Martha Stewart). I plan on adding accents of turquoise and yellow so these decals in yellow would be perfect!

  58. says

    I love the brother and sister penguin wall decal…if I had a baby tomorrow, I would be all over that! For me, I like the two color peacock feathers wall decal.

  59. says

    Love the idea of making my own! Customize is a great option. I’m purchasing my first home so this would be a great way to add personal touch!

  60. says

    There are so many I love, I don’t know which one to pick as my favorite. I’d probably get the Whimsical Love Tree Wall Decal but I’d also want a monogram or the Custom Name in Brackets Wall Decal. So many to choose from!

  61. Keerthi says

    I m not able to choose a favorite. Many of them are very cute. I think , “Butterfly Tree Wall Decal” would be perfect for our living room.

  62. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love all of these Wallums! But even more so- I’m obsessed with your wall color. What is the name of the paint?

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