June Birchbox

A very late post on my June Birchbox!

This box was full of summer necessities. 
The tanning wipes are a great way for pale people like me to get a little color. I haven’t used them yet, but I definitely will the next time I wear a skirt.
I was excited to see that Beauty Blender Cleanser. The Beauty Blender is a great tool for blending foundation beautifully. And the cleanser can be used on brushes too! 
The Leave in Spray is from Number 4. During the summer, I recommend that if you are spending time in the pool, or at the beach, to throw some leave in spray in your bag and spritz your hair after you get out of the water. Of course it’s best to rinse your hair with fresh water asap, but that is not always an option. This travel sized leave-in is perfect for travel. In fact, you can throw it in that cute zippered plastic bag that came in the box as well! 
The lip stain is a little dark for my taste, but is probably quite flattering on a lot of women!

Finally, they included a little Birchbox Man sample of fragrance! 

Click here for more information about Birchbox if you are interested! 


  1. says

    I got the blender cleanser last month… I too got the lip stain, but I really like it! I think though (since I’m fairly pale) it would help to pair it as both your cheek tint AND lips… My normal blush looks washed out still with just my lips done. But if I use both, it looks right.

    I am so glad I didn’t get those tanning wipes. I’d be interested to know how they work for you. I tend to have awful results with self tanner, and that gradual lotion that’s for daily application makes me itch. :( AND I look blotchy.

  2. says

    I tried the tanning wipes with shorts last weekend before I went out for the day… oops! I knew it took 3 hrs for the color to show up, but this also meant I had crazy streaks! Thank goodness they had two wipes included! The next day I was able to touch-up where I had missed the 1st time. it’s been a week and the color is still on and looking good! I love the lip stain too!

  3. Jenny says

    I LOVE the lip and cheek stain. It lasts all day as a cheek stain. They have lighter colors on their website. This will be something I buy! :)

  4. says

    I had a Stila one step bronzer (which is super awesome) and Taylor Swift’s fragance (which I actually liked and was surprised by that fact.)

  5. Martha says

    Hi Kate! I learned about Birchbox through you and just got my first one this month! Mine was a little different than yours, but loved everything in it (especially the cute Cynthia Rowley BandAids)! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    I was very happy with mine! I got a pair of false eyelashes (winks that I heard about from you!), the lip/cheek stain, volume zing shampoo, some make up remover wipes, and the zipper baggie. My FAVORITE box yet! Can’t wait to try the eyelashes!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    I wasn’t completely thrilled on the tanning wipes. The color looks wonderful, but I felt like they were hard to handle and control. The lip stain is perfect ! Im not one for color on my lips, but using it for both my lips and my cheeks works so well!

  8. says

    I love love love Staniac- I dab on a little and spread it out with my finger or wipe off the applicator and just apply a little. I find it is pretty buildable color… if you still don’t like it I really recommend looking at the other shades!

  9. says

    We got the same box! I didn’t like the Staniac at first (I’m also pretty fair) but then I just put a tiny bit on and I love it now. With a little burts bees or gloss on top, because the stain can be drying. Like Lauren said above it’s definitely a buildable color. I hope you post about the tanning wipes when you try because I’m so nervous to try them!

  10. says

    I love your blog. You and your sister crack me up and I pray that one day my girls have the relationship that you and your sister have. Secondly, thank you for promoing Birchbox. I received my first box ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Could not get much better than that! LOVE IT! I thought the same of the lip stain, as I am just a gloss kind of girl, but it gave me just enought color to fill out my lips … I would try it one more time and give it a minute or save it for those days where you get a little color. But none the less … love the blog! :)

  11. Megan says

    The tanning wipes were a bust for me…the color was nice (not orange at all) but they were so streaky and blotchy, even thought I spend about a hundred years applying the product. I used one for my whole body (as instructed) and then had to totally exfoliate and use the second one to try and cover the splotches. So not worth it for me

  12. says

    I agree with most of the comments above, the Stainiac is awesome. Initially, I thought it was a bit too bold of a color – but, it’s perfect for your cheeks. And, my complexion is darker so it hasn’t been too loud on my lips either. It’s definitely going to be my first purchase from Birchbox.
    I’m eager to see how those tanning wipes work. My friend received those and she hasn’t tried them yet either.

  13. says

    I got the same box you did too! I agree with other commenters that the lip stain works really well on cheeks! Birchbox posted something on facebook this morning about the tanning wipes asking for feedback and a lot of people have been commenting that they didn’t work that well. I’ve been too chicken to try them as I don’t want to look all streaky for a week! You’ll have to let us know if they work better for you!

  14. says

    I thought the stainiac was going to be too dark, but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. It looks really pretty! Give it a try and you may feel the same :-)

  15. says

    I have been getting my Birchbox now for 5 months and I love them! I looked into them because of you and honestly I love seeing what you got versus what I received! This month however it looks like we got pretty much the same thing! :) I’m on the fence with the lip stain, I have dark hair and fair skin so the color is alright but it seems like it just dries my lips right out! However the conditioning detangleing spray is awesome, and it smells so nice!

    • Kelsi says

      There are 4-5 different boxes Birchbox sends out each month. Some people may receive the exact same box or only a couple items that are the same.

  16. says

    I don’t do the birchbox thing, but I did want to comment on the tan wipes. I have used them and i usually come out streaky and have to wait hours for the tan to show up… BUT I do know of a GREAT self tanner that i swear by— Fake Bake! I am a fair skinned red head and couldnt live without this stuff in the summer. There are different application types, and my favorite comes in a purple box and has a mit for easy application and the best part is its instant tanning! You can put it on after a shower, get ready in your skivvies while it completely dries and then go out being tan! Just wanted to share the info.—- Amanda

    • Susan says

      I agree with you Amanda.Fake Bake is an awesome self tanning product!St.Tropez is also a winner.It applies nicely,dries quickly and you have instant color. No waiting around with pale legs/ body waiting for the color to develop. The tanning towels in the birchbox stunk and the outcome of the color( once it developed 3 hours later ) was ehh to say the least.

  17. Anonymous says

    I received the tanning wipes as well and really like them. True, you do have to be careful when applying by making sure you’re covering everywhere, but the color looks great. I used one wipe on the lower part of my legs, since I was wearing capris, and the color is still there almost a week later! If you’re nervous about the results, I recommend applying at night, then check the results in the morning to see if you missed any areas.

  18. says

    I used my tanning wipes yesterday and they worked great. By the end of te day I was like “wow my legs are pretty tan!”. Haven’t tried anything else yet but I got the tinted moisturizer and can’t wait to use it.

  19. says

    My box was slightly different then yours. I got the stainiac and love it! I am nervous to try the tan towels….I am soo white!! I also received a Mask from Masquelogy and a head band from modcloth, it is red and white polka dot and absolutely adorable!!

  20. says

    love reading each and every one of your posts :) I have nominated/awarded/ u with the versatile blogger award on my humble blog.. do check out if u have a moment to spare.. ♥♥

  21. says

    I go a different box, but it was awesome. The Cynthia Rowley BandAids are a hit around here. The little girl next door loved the sequined one when she got a scratch. And the YuBe lotion was Ah-mazing! I’ll be getting that soon, along with Staniac in Homecoming Queen. Okay, I loved it all. The eyeliner rocked. Sorry for my rambles. June was a happy Birchbox month.

  22. says

    LOVE the Stainiac.I used to use the lip/cheek stain from Body Shop, but I actually like this one better. Haven’t tried the towelettes yet, kinda nervous. I like the suggestion about doing it at night then fixing it in the AM. I also got the modcloth headband/wrap. Excited about using it on the 4th! (although, a wired head wrap is a little wierd)I also got face and body SPF lotion. It moisturized great, smelled like sun block. Wasn’t a big fan.

  23. says

    I signed up for birchbox thanks to you :-) on my third box….Maybe we can come up with a way to swap items – I love the Stila bronzer and the Stainiac product, could send someone my tanning wipes – I am way too fair and freckly to tan!

  24. says

    you have convinced me to sign up!!! i had a friend email me to do it and was on the fence. after your reviews i’m sold! random question though….can you still buy the “kate” nail polish by itself or is it only available in the blogger pack on birchbox? it looks like the best cover ever!

  25. Erika says

    I love the staniac lip/cheek stain. It works much better as a cheek stain than on the lips. As a cheek stain it gives a very natural light pink tint. You can put more on for a darker pink color. I highly recommend it!

  26. Annalyse Olson says

    How do I sign up for birch box?? I filled out the info on the site but i never got anything back:/

  27. Anonymous says

    I got a totally different Birch Box! The only similar thing I got was the Stainiac, which makes me look as though I’ve been sucking on popsicles all day. Not a good look for me. I also got the Band-Aids, which seem kind of silly. They are expensive, and not something I would wear out in public. I did get some nice face cream, but it’s over $100 for the full size version. Not really an option. I hope the next one is better. This was my first one.

  28. Anonymous says

    It’s always interesting to see what everyone gets in their box…I of course got the Stainiac (in red), Yu-Be Skin Cream, Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in brown, BORGHESE Bagno di Vita Body Soak (BEST SMELL EVER!), and a snack size Luna Bar..:) Can’t wait for July’s box.

  29. says

    Mine was a little different and I have to say that I didn’t love this month’s box. I’ve been really pleased in the past but this one was disappointing. :( Love your blog, by the way.

  30. says

    The tanning towels gave a great color on my pale skin, but they were horribly streaky! Use extra caution! I usually use tantowels and really recommend them. I guess that’s what I get for straying away :)

  31. says

    This is one of my fav boxes so far. I got a FULL size bottle of Stila One Step bronzer/primer, which I love. I really like the Stainiac lip stain. I thought it would be to pink, but it gives my lips a nice hint of color. I am not a fan of lipstick, so this is perfect. I also got the wipes which I am afraid to try. Don’t forget to go to the BB website and give feedback for the items in your box. They will give you 10 points.

  32. says

    This is one of my fav boxes so far. I got a FULL size bottle of Stila One Step bronzer/primer, which I love. I really like the Stainiac lip stain. I thought it would be to pink, but it gives my lips a nice hint of color. I am not a fan of lipstick, so this is perfect. I also got the wipes which I am afraid to try. Don’t forget to go to the BB website and give feedback for the items in your box. They will give you 10 points.

  33. Anonymous says

    Where do you go on the Birchbox website to leave feeback? I really liked my selections this month!!

  34. says

    Hi Kate! Thanks to you, I signed up and starting getting Birchbox about 6 months ago! :) I, too, received the tanning towelettes with my box. I feel like I have tried every sunless tanning product in the world and I actually was very pleased with the tanning wipes! I have pretty fair skin myself, so I’m self-conscious about streaks, orange skin, etc, and I had good results. I def recommend giving your skin enough time to dry (I always say 30 minutes to be safe) before getting dressed!

  35. says

    I thought the Stainiac was going to be too dark as well, but I used a pink lip gloss over it and the color turned out great. It has awesome staying power too. I really liked the bronzer in my box as well! It was my first Birchbox and I was thrilled. Can’t wait to get July’s box!

  36. 3monstermommy says

    i heard of birch box through your blog & I just received my first box THANK YOU!!!! I love it and have been sharing with all my girlfriends :)

  37. says

    Look at all the good stuff you got! I’m super jealous. I actually cancelled my subscription after the June box. I got the tanning wipes, sunscreen, the lipstain and a hair tie. Just not worth the $10 in IMO. My previous few boxes were pretty skimpy too.

  38. says

    I got the same box as you this time!! Which goes to show that they really must not go off of your beauty profile AT ALL because usually I don’t have a single item the same as yours! Haha :) I can’t wait to try the brush cleaner, but I have to look up how to use it still! The stainiac looks like it might be nice if you are really tan, but since I’m pregnant I haven’t tanned in ages so it looks quite clownish on me… I am going to give it to my super tan mom & see if she likes it :)

  39. says

    June was my second Birchbox, and I have to say the items you receive in yours are much better than the ones I’ve been receiving. Maybe I need to change my profile or something? I just don’t find the items they are sending me to be all that useful for my tastes.

  40. Kristy says

    I live the bronzing wipes. They cover really well and it’s not too much color. It works with your skin pigment so it doesn’t get too dark.

  41. Kristy says

    I live the bronzing wipes. They cover really well and it’s not too much color. It works with your skin pigment so it doesn’t get too dark.

  42. Anonymous says

    I got the same box! The leave-in spray worked well when I sprayed it on before going to the beach. Great texture too!

  43. says

    Hey, I love following this blog, I’ve been learning about some interesting stuff and products. I signed up for Birchbox after reading this blog. The site and my welcome email says that I am on a waiting list, does anyone know of a time frame before you start receiving boxes. (It’s been about a week) Also, the site mentions something about filling out a “profile” of the things you like but I cannot find this. They also haven’t asked me about billing information do those things come when you get off the waiting list? #help

    • Anonymous says

      Katie, I also signed up recently and was put on the ‘waiting list’. I’m not sure how long the list is, but another blogger let me know that eventually you will receive an invitation email that will allow you to enter in your profile and personal information. Hope this helps, and that we receive our emails soon. I don’t know about you but I love beauty products and think it would be exciting to receive something in my mail besides bills. K

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